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Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.
Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.
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      Anne-Marie Schaaf on June 1, 2017

      Congratulations and Thanks for your blog. I read regularly when I was unemployed with 3 school-age children, and it gave me a connection I badly needed, expanding my horizons and providing honest adult conversation. My contribution reflects my appreciation for you--and for Linda Goldstein Knowlton (I admire her Whale Rider and Somewhere Between and have found them to be very powerful media experiences for my 3 girls). Best wishes for a wonderful film. I'll be cheering for you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Stone on May 30, 2017

      So excited for you on this venture ! Congrats

    3. Missing avatar

      Bea Anderson on May 30, 2017

      Rebecca, I have been reading your blog and watching your children grow up for many years. We're about the same age, but I feel like I have learned a huge amount from you. I was so excited for you to have this opportunity and on anxious tenterhooks waiting to hear the outcome! So, so thrilled for you. You are a lady of innumerable talents and I have no doubt you will SHINE on this new adventure. Go, sister! X

    4. Missing avatar

      Beth Young on May 30, 2017

      I am so excited for this project, mostly to see what I know will be an awesome film! Go be amazing Rebecca!

    5. Christine Cuccia on May 30, 2017

      Good job chasing your dream!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelly Graham-Scherer on May 30, 2017

      Really happy for you. I have been reading you for years and admire your drive. Used to blog years ago as Don Mills Diva but live in LA now and work in the film industry. Have lots of connections to crew etc here and while I'm sure you're covered, if you get in a bind on anything feel free to reach out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Komal Minhas on May 27, 2017

      So proud to be a backer and so proud to see you guys CRUSH your goal!! WOW!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Amanda Stoddard on May 20, 2017

      I've been reading GGC since before Fable was born. Having read thousands and thousands of Rebecca's words it's an absolute no brainer that she should be making a film, and a tremendous reward for all of us that she's making THIS film. Hoping beyond hope that we can pull this off. Go team!

    9. Missing avatar

      Leah Crane on May 19, 2017

      GGC was the first mommy blog I started to read in 2010, I've been planning to support this project since day one, im so happy my donation gets doubled by the angel today! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      youknowwho64 on May 15, 2017

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Deborah Hollister on May 12, 2017

      I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Bo and Revi and always find your words brave and powerful. I can only imagine what you'll do with words and pictures!

    12. Mali Mish on May 12, 2017

      We believe in you, Rebecca!

    13. Mina Nasseri on May 10, 2017

      best of luck adam, greg, and co.!

    14. Missing avatar

      marcel SARMIENTO on May 9, 2017

      Happy to support this project!

    15. Christa Boarini on May 8, 2017

      Let's make it happen! <3

    16. Missing avatar

      Derek Hoffman on May 8, 2017

      Great video. The intention of the piece really comes through. Here's to you getting to tell your story.

    17. rachel walker
      on May 8, 2017

      Wow, this project sounds awesome!! Happy to support it :)

    18. CL Keyzer on May 8, 2017

      You've got this! Cant wait to see this movie. Its going to happen dang it.

    19. Jennifer Caleshu on May 8, 2017

      Girls to the front - we're not sorry and it's our time for our stories. ❤️❤️❤️

    20. Missing avatar

      Sarah Moray on May 8, 2017

      So excited for this! Good luck and congrats!

    21. Suz Curtis on May 1, 2017

      Go PANS! ❤️❤️❤️