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By K. Steven Whiting, PhD
$91.00 pledged of $24,000 goal


Dr Whiting
Dr Whiting


Obesity is a national and worldwide epidemic. Efforts by the medical and dietetics profession have essentially failed to make even a small headway into this problem. In fact, obesity has been steadily on the rise for decades. Obvious factors contribute to this problem such as the Standard American Diet, inactivity and the technological age. The factors, while significant, cannot account for the massive rise in this serious health problem. The old paradigm of “calories in and calories out” has been touted for decades by dieticians and yet the problem continues to worsen. If we look at those who do lose weight we find that it is often a slow and tortuous problem, most often resulting the regaining of all lost weight and then some. This yo yo dieting is highly damaging to the metabolism and makes weight loss in the future much harder. Our research has shown that people do not metabolize foods in the same ways. There are, in fact four basic metabolic types, each uniquely different from the other. To place every overweight individual on the same diet plan will result in success for some, extremely slow results for others and downright failure for others. In spite of this the dietetics industry clings to the old paradigms and the nation gets fatter. We have developed a system of evaluations, based on symptoms, traits, and lifestyle factors that can determine how each person’s chemistry metabolizes various foods and the results from their consumption. Armed with this information we can design a program of meals and meal plans based on their chemistry. The result of which is a more rapid, safe weight loss. Once we have this information we can also design guidelines for the individual to ensure that they do not regain lost weight and more while further damaging their metabolism. Because of the nature of the program, we can also customize according to more finite needs based on pre-existing factors such as other health challenges. We have conducted three clinical trials of this program on between 20 and 30 participants each time. The results have been more than promising with an average of 82% response and nearly a 70% long term management without regaining lost weight. Our goal now it to run a controlled trial on a larger group of people, say 100, and compile that data into our forthcoming book on The Weight Management Revolution. The objectives needed to reach our goal and launch the program on ever larger scales include: A controlled trial on 50+ individuals The completion and subsequent marketing of the book outlining the program. #TheWeightManagementRevolution

Risks and challenges

At this stage of the project all risks and challenges have been addressed and overcome. We are ready to move forward with the final trial and book authorship.

Through our initial trials, we have been able to identify any logistics problems and have addressed them accordingly.

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