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$10,474 pledged of $60,000 goal
$10,474 pledged of $60,000 goal

Hackability ...

Yes this robot is very hackable ... so much so that the user can change the electronics, the program and even add mechanical devices. 

The BallBot1 robot is targeted towards young children (pre-Scribbler) ... I think the BallBot1 is much more fun than the Scribbler robot too ... definitely much easier for them to use and learn from.  But with all the "hackable" adaptions I'm hoping to see these things become contestants in the Table Bot challenges (visit the HBRC - Home Brew Robotics Club) even as well as other competitions.  It's all up to the users to figure out how to add the improvements onto the robot to perform other tasks ... those secrets won't be revealed until after the BallBot1 robot is in production though. 

ITMT, those lucky enough to get in on the "Hacking the BallBot1P" secrets will have the advantage. 


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