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Storm the Gate: A Tabletop Dexterity Game's video poster

A fast-paced and chaotic game, handcrafted from high quality solid woods. Read more

Denver, CO Games
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This project was successfully funded on March 7, 2013.

A fast-paced and chaotic game, handcrafted from high quality solid woods.

Denver, CO Games
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About this project

Thank you to all who were a part of this project! If you missed out on backing Storm the Gate, you can buy it on TinyLightbulbs:

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What Is Storm The Gate?

Storm the Gate is a high-quality tabletop dexterity game. It is handcrafted locally from solid woods.

An Ode To Unfortunate Felines

In medieval times, townsfolk enjoyed a game in which tokens were launched back and forth in a furious attempt to rid their side of all pieces. Unfortunately, no bungee cords or rubber bands existed during this period, so creative measures had to be taken to find a suitable instrument with which to launch the tokens. This suitable instrument was found in the form of...

Cat intestines.

The cat intestines, when wet, would provide the elastic spring that the townsfolk needed to propel the tokens toward their opponent.

Thankfully, Storm the Gate takes a much gentler approach. We've modified the design, dimensions, rules, and, luckily for kitties everywhere, we do not require any organs.

How Is It Played?

We suggest watching the video above first, as it demonstrates the overall concept of the gameplay nicely.

Storm the Gate is a two person game, with each player sitting at opposite ends of the board. Each player begins with 8 tokens on their side.

The object of the game is to get rid of all tokens on your side of the board (your camp) by shooting them onto your opponent's side (opponent’s camp) through the gate in the center of the board. This is accomplished by pulling the tokens against the cord in your camp and releasing. 

Once a player no longer has any tokens in their camp, the game is over.

However, this is just a portion of the rules. There will be many twists and additional gameplay options revealed as the project develops.

Special thanks to Revolve who provided us with a dolly to shoot our video.
Special thanks to Revolve who provided us with a dolly to shoot our video.

Who Is This For?

Everyone. Since putting together the first prototype of Storm the Gate, we've had countless friends, family members, coworkers, and strangers test it. Their responses have been unanimous - they absolutely love it. 

We believe that Storm the Gate brings a charm that immediately intrigues anyone who sits down and plays for a minute or two.

What Are The Funds For?

We will be using the $6,000 to purchase the tools and equipment needed to allow us to mass produce Storm the Gate. The funds will also go toward completing the artwork that will be included in the rulebook, as well as purchasing the materials for the game.

You can see the rewards we've put together below or on the right:

Stretch Goals

While we are already overwhelmed at the support you Stormers have shown us, we can bring you all even more awesome rewards if we are able to push past our primary goal of $6,000. Below are some stretch goals we've set - as we reach each of the funding goals, the reward will be unlocked for all backers who have pledged $59 and above. 

The expansions add new gameplay modes on top of the traditional battle mode by including additional (styled) tokens that come with a new set of rules. They're basically two more reasons to never stop playing STG. 

The iPad/iPhone app is currently being developed by a professional app developer, and will be a virtual incarnation of STG (for those times when you can't fit the standard game in your pocket).

Where Are We In The Process?

For the past six months, we have been prototyping to make sure that the final version of Storm the Gate is just right. We've tested different measurements, materials, wood species, and wood stains, and are confident that the result is the best product possible.

Now that we are out of the prototyping stage, we are in the midst of the artwork and packaging design phase. We have hired on a local artist to create the artwork that will be present in the rulebook of Storm the Gate, and are currently working with local printers in preparation for the official packaging.

We will be releasing more artwork throughout the duration of the project, but here's a small sneak peek into some of the Storm the Gate characters...

A majority of the artwork has now been completed, which means that the next step is to begin mass producing Storm the Gate so that we can get it into your hands. That's where we're asking for your help.

When Will Storm The Gate Begin Shipping?

If all goes according to plan, we are looking at a ship date of early May. The moment we are fully funded, we will be ramping up production to ensure that rewards are sent out as quickly as possibly. We're just about as excited as anyone could be to begin shipping these out!

Risks and challenges

Up to this point in the Storm the Gate journey, our biggest challenges have involved tweaking dimensions, materials, etc. in our many prototypes. As we've mentioned, we've already got all of the little details nailed down. As we look ahead to the weeks and months following the end of our project, we foresee rate of production being one of our primary concerns.

The way we'll be able to ensure that this challenge is handled effectively is by having the appropriate wood laser cutting machinery to assist us in producing the large quantity of units that will be sent out.

We know how exciting it is to wait for a Kickstarter reward in the mail, and we intend on delivering on, or before, the expected delivery date.

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