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Come be a sponsor of my continuing Sacred Spaces Documentary : THIS KickStarter is for the documentation of Israel. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 7, 2009.

Come be a sponsor of my continuing Sacred Spaces Documentary : THIS KickStarter is for the documentation of Israel.

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Sacred Spaces are vanishing.

Through closure and decay, our disappearing cultural icons are losing their influence and power as expressions of the highest excellence in the arts, architecture and aesthetics. These places let us inhabit beauty, receive fresh glimpses of transcendence, and celebrate human life together. My goal is to preserve these spaces through photography and inspire a renewed value for such places in community.

Become a sponsor of my continuing Sacred Spaces Documentary. THIS KickStarter is for the documentation of ISRAEL.

Israel is packed with history while it continues to cradle a tremendous tension of ideas and culture. My plan is to stay in Israel for at least a month photo-documenting the sacred spaces of the three major Western religions (provided I am not shot). I will also capture culture of this unique country– starting with Jerusalem and moving on to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Galilee, Nazareth, Safed, Petra, etc. I’ve talked with many people who describe the indelible experience of witnessing such places of artful beauty and historical significance and some of these recounts have moved me to tears. I want to bring this experience to everyone. To illustrate the value of beauty on the human soul, the final images will be used for speaking engagements, slide shows, publications and prints

With your investment, we will create something unique, astounding, contemplative, and inspiring, preserving the past and drawing its best features, both the beauty and brokenness, into the present. Your contribution will give something to the world and you will play an important role in preserving our sacred spaces. Your pledge in this KickStarter Project offsets my travel, accommodations, and equipment insurance. Additional pledges exceeding the project goal will be applied to post production. The Israel project is scheduled for December 2009 with an eye to capture both Christmas and Hanukkah seasons as they are celebrated in the Holy Land.

To see work from the last sponsorship trip to Czech and/or if you have any questions regarding the project incentives, please visit:


Images (blog) Website with Consecrated images:

For questions regarding the project incentives, please visit: FAQ:


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    You will get email updates during the trip as well as a link to the Consecrated Space Blog where you will see images posted and reflections on the trip. You are a part of this with me.

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    I have been asked to deliver prayers to the Wailing Wall (Western Wall, or HaKotel HaMa'aravi) for a $25. token, and suggested I offer it through Kickstarter as well. This offer is separate from the others and not included with the others - it is stand alone and more a service for your prayers. Below, where the wording says "You get the above" - that refers to the $10 dollar donation. Sorry for the confussion - this offer is a late addition by request of others and since people have pledged on the $50 offer, I can not change the wording through Kickstarter..

    For $25 if you choose this, I will take your one prayer that you send to me on paper, to the Wailing wall, place it in the Wall, pray for the blessing, photograph its placement and email you the photo. "More than a million notes are placed each year. The notes are collected twice a year and buried on the Mount of Olives."

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    You get the above and a unmounted unsigned 6x9 lab print of your choice from my final sponsor print selections, mailed to you with a letter of thanks for helping make this happen.

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    For $200 and up, you will have the option to choose a professional lab print/s and size/s from a selection of 50 or more shots from the Israel project. (retail value upwards of $600). You have the option of choosing:
    (x1) 20x26
    (x2) 11x14
    (x3) 6x9.
    All prints will be shipped via UPS in a tube and signed with a letter of gratitude for support.

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    Pledge $325 or more

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    Same as above except that the prints will be professionally mounted on Gator Board and signed on the back. Shipped to you flat via UPS.

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    Same as the $300. sponsors AND you will get a special link to a limited time electronic download for the PDF version of my Israel Journal: Sponsorship Edition.

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    You get the same as the $500. sponsors. Each 1000 dollar sponsor will also receive special link for electronic download of the PDF version of the Czech Journal (due to be finished January 2010). In addition you will also have your name included under a Special Sponsors acknowledgment inside the Israel Journal: Sponsor edition You will also receive a printed Blurb Book hard copy.

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