€30.00 pledged of €1,000,000 goal
By Jaap Strijbis
€30.00 pledged of €1,000,000 goal


Help me bring Dune back!

Dune has been a major player in the videogames world. I played it for years. But it dissapeared after westwood studio went the way of the dinosaur.

And that hurts gamers like me. After seeing the movie Jodorowsky's Dune i got the idea that there must be a lot of people out there that want a new Dune game. 

A new game built with a modern engine. A MMO that will bring the RTS genre back to life.

Thousands of units on-screen at any time. Massive space battles. Think of blending the turn based strategy with RTS. Politics on a galactic scale. All in Herbert's universe. 

There are tons of really good developers out there that only need to see the massive fanbase out there for this game. If i get to only half the ammount needed for the kickstarting goal and fail, i still achieve that goal. without it costing anyone a single dollar.

Is't that worth backing this crazy idea?  

 (ill be writing more soon)

Risks and challenges

It might take time getting the worthwile developers to listen.

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