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Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures.
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Mid August update good and bad news.

Posted by Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Right, good news and bad news time. 

Good news: more figures arrived last week, and the rest are on the way for arrival this week. We will start picking in earnest on Friday. At this point we will be ready to ship for the customers who ordered the figure only "Fantasy Football" pledge. Sending these out will allow up to test how robust our systems of packing and mailing are and mean we did fulfill pledges in August.   Here is the massive box that we got last week

That's not a box of miniatures...that's a box of miniatures!
That's not a box of miniatures...that's a box of miniatures!

 Good news part two: the bases and extra counters we added in play testing are being shipped today. 

Good news part three: version three of the rule book is out with some trusted people for editing and proofreading. We have another photo session booked for Friday to add some images it needs. Then it will be off to the printer.

Mixed news part one: the manufacturer of the board and box is moving along, but this has been slower than we expected. A lesson we learnt here, is we need to be more decisive when given lots of options. But they have also taken on the graphic design work for the box and front cover, as we were not happy with what we had so far and they do brilliant boxes and covers for other companies. Getting this printed is the last hurdle but it is going to be slightly behind what we hoped.

So we are sorry. We expect to be posting at the end of September. I apologize for the delay. 

I hope you are all having a great summer. 



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