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Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures.
155 backers pledged £17,297 to help bring this project to life.

Update 07th May

Posted by Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Firstly, I am so sorry for the delay in sending out this update. 

Good news 

We listened to the feedback we got about the board at Salute and our board printer has come up with a one piece folding board as we had originally intended. He is sending me this prototype very soon, then we will ask you guys for opinions on which option. We will then sort out the box with him. Just as our figure caster is in the UK, so is our board producer. So unlike companies that save money from ordering from China, our delivery times from the manufacturer are negligible. So this will not effect the August release date.

Good news 2

The pledge manager is now closed. We will be collating this information and making a final "Wave 2" of figure orders from our caster next week. Thanks for everyone who was so prompt with this. We will make one last quick attempt to contact anyone we haven't heard from, then we will assume you are happy with your order.

Not good news:

Anyone who met me at Salute may, or may not, have noticed that my hand was braced up and I was limping. What I thought was a strain in my wrist turned out to be a fracture. This happened when a sports car drove straight into my stationary van at a junction. To follow up this bit of bad luck I also got my foot caught in a storm drain cover and severely sprained my ankle. My years of American football training went into action and I pulled my arms in as I fell, but without a helmet, using my face to stop my fall on tarmac turned out not to be a good idea. So, being very beat up, unable to sit for long periods or type for long periods (under Drs advice) the rules have been delayed. Which is so frustrating for me, as people who met me at Salute will know how excited I was to show them off. Good news: I'm now back typing. The rules  then need some more editing and proof reading, but will be with you this month. We need your opinion, and this delay has caused me much anxiety. BUT as our printer is in the UK and I can always pick stuff up within a day of completion, this still leaves us on for an August release.

So, sorry for the delay in updates. Sorry for using myself as a crash test dummy. A  photo of me streaming with blood available (for anybody of a less trusting nature) is available on request.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hey andrew. I hope you get well soon... seems that it when from bad to worse... 🤕

      The rest sounds good. It would be great to provide us with some photos of the minis and the other materials when the stuff arrived.

      Greeting from germany and keep on the good Work. Thank you

    2. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      No Problem Daniel.
      If you could just email us at :
      as our admin for the pledge management takes it from there.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Roberts on

      Am I too late to upgrade to the neo pitch? Also, sorry I didn’t notice your injuries at Salute....was more interested in the minis ;) !