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Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures.
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Update 1

Posted by Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited (Creator)

Hello Backers

This is our first post KS update. :)

Molding: We have agreed with our caster to complete molding in two waves. The first wave starts production next week and will see all the remaining base figures we need molded. The second wave will be made up of the stretch goal and extra figures from the Subs Pack.

Figure Design:  Our figure designer is currently converting the renders of the new figures into STL files to pass on to our caster. We agreed the height comparison of the figures this week. It takes around a month to produce these (just in time for wave two molding).

Counters: We have been ordering more counters. Due to the success of the campaign, we have now been able to cost in perspex counters for every counter. So no cardboard counters at all. We are having "Fatigue" and "Time Out Counters" made in perspex. The down counter, will remain in wood.

Card and Board Manufacture: We have been in discussion with a board and card manufacturer. As a result of the KS campaign doing so well, we are discussing higher quality options for the manufacture of the cards. He is sending us his design ideas for the board and examples of the higher quality cards next week.

Rules: I'm typing. And this week written rules will start to feed out (in parts) to our plays testers and editors. Once these are agreed, we will move on to fully play testing and writing the rules for expanded teams. We will also send out Beta test rules before going to print. As we would love to know your views.

Further development of the game:  We will be attending Salute! and the UK Games Expo this Spring. In both cases we will be promoting Fourth Quarter Football.

Let me know if this is a useful way to update.



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    1. Andy Cahard on

      I second the opinion on the need of blind testing a lot !!! It is crucial to a good rulebook writing...

    2. Missing avatar

      Øystein Eker on

      Great news

      Rule book advice:
      You have probably learned away the game to a lot of gamers, with valuable feedback on play.

      Important next step is blind testing:
      Let a group play the game with no knowledge to the game up front.
      Debrief the group after play of what the group struggle with and what rules they misunderstood.

      Observe a group playing the game -learning from scratch.
      You are not allowed to answer questions or comment.

      Do this multiple times and revise rule book accordingly.

      This is mandatory work and must be repeated after each revision.
      You will be surprised of what you take for granted are missed in a newbie group. And spell a disaster for customers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Oliver C. Eckardt on

      Thats a great way to update. Really like that much information on your work with the game. Keep that up!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Roberts on

      Good news on the quality upgrades! Hopefully will see you at Salute!