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Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures.
Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures.
155 backers pledged £17,297 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Thanks for the feedback. I am excited to play the game and paint those minis

    2. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Hello Christoph,
      We have addresses confirmed from your backer survey. BUT we will ask for an confirmation when we are ready to ship.
      We had two massive deliveries expected this week, so we were holding off an update to show you those, but neither has arrived yet. It's really annoying, as we know both will really cheer backers (and us) up.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hey andrew,
      At which point do you need the adress details? Will you send out a Mail according to that?

    4. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Hey Russell,
      Things are moving along. We are very close to receiving all the remaining figures. Full update on that when they arrive. The team and I have late July and August booked off for picking items so we are working hard on getting everything done.

    5. Russell L. on

      Hey Andrew how are things going now? 2weeks since last post and 2weeks till August. I am looking forward to hearing about the progress. Thanks

    6. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Hello! I’m just getting it ready for today. Sorry for not replying, we were trying to get in to photographer of choice and We were holding on for snazzy photos but there was a delay there. Instead, you will get some less than professional shots tonight.

    7. Russell L. on

      Several posts have went unanswered and no update followed like stated?? Starting to wonder if August is even possible..I mean we still haven’t been told if the rules are finalized. No updates on cards,box, graphic design...I know Andrew had an accident and I’m understanding but someone can type an update geez.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hmm... i am wondering why there is no reaction🤔

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Stork on

      What about the announced update? Any news?

    10. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Are we still on schedule? Until August it is only approx 1 1/2 month 🤤

    11. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      A full update will follow later this week.
      But we thought you would like to know now that we took delivery of examples of the production figures of the stretch goals on Friday. We showed them off to people there. As soon as we can get a decent photo taken of them, we will post it up.

    12. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      I have put in another update.
      Short version:
      Dice have arrived
      Figures are in full production.
      Game cards are properly designed. Player cards soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Hennessy on

      Thanks Andrew, appreciate the follow up. I have just sent the email again to you. Other stuff all sounds good, very keen to get the final product and want to manage expectations. Hope the injury heals quickly

    14. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Hey Chris,
      I am really searching for your pledge manager email thing, can you resend it to and I will get straight on it.
      All the stretch goal figures are part of "wave 2" of production. These will be ordered when we have confirmed the numbers required and are in receipt of all the wave one figures from the caster. This was to aid production as they already knew they could mold large quantities of the first figures. There were images of original figures on their sprues on the kickstarter. I will post up some pictures of lots of counters and figures tonight. The figures will come on individual sprues ala companies such as Forge world do. As mentioned in the update, I was unable to type much for the last month, but I'm doing some now. So updates should be quicker. Since the last update I have agreed to send the beta rules to the proof reader at the end of the week. Hope this helps to alleviate your worrys a little, although I accept some photos would be better. Andrew

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Hennessy on

      Great timing - Are you able to advise on all of the other items which I asked about? We have been promised rules as a minimum by the end of April

    16. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Full (as can be) update coming out now. My apologies for the delay.
      Short story: we had a couple of delays, but we are still in for an August release.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Hennessy on

      Can we get an update please? Counters were delivered, some pictures would be great. Beta rules were working hard to have by the end of April. A copy of these to provide feed back would be great. You already had most of the core minis cast up before the kick starter, can we see the sprues for them? I can't imagine designers wouldnt have assembled stretch goal figures yet either, so a look at those would be nice. What about the cards? What about both of the boards? What about a response to my pledge manager email thing that I send? Can I get a response to that? Shipping date, production update, writing updates, anything?

    18. Russell L. on

      Well going a month between updates is
      Not exactly idea...I guess I’m just not used to going this long and not being filled in with progress...I’m all for letting people work but we are 3 months out and haven’t been filled in on a lot...that has me worried...there should be pics of the new counters up (Andrew said they we there), new molds had to have a test run by now? Progress of the game board? Card updates? Oh has there been a box design and art?

      I know I am the only one complaining at this point but with an investment comes expectations. Just hoping to hear a lot of news very soon!

    19. Russell L. on

      Looking forward to an update myself...a little over 3 months out from expected delivery date..any chance we can see box cover art, molds from the stretch goals, counters etc??? Looking forward to hearing from Andrew..he should have a lot to feel us in on..

    20. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hey andrew, how are things working out? Do you have any Update for us?


    21. Russell L. on

      Hey guys just a few questions..I figure you all are hard at work trying to finalize the rule book I just wanted to know if it will be realeased to all backers before being finalized? I was also wondering if there are any pics of the new counters? And lastly are we still on schedule for August?

      Thanks in advance and keep grinding

    22. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      We hate to think we are not giving out information.
      The Pledge Management opened today and will run until May 1st.
      We have emailed every backer today, apart from non- specific pledge backers, who we will email tomorrow.
      Please let us know ASAP if you have yet to receive your pledge management email.

    23. Russell L. on

      Yeah some news on this front would be great...4 months out from expected delivery date and not a lot of info coming from FQF.

    24. Rippingjack 27 on

      Any news about pledge manager launch?

    25. Jeroen on

      Aahhh... I didn't notice that the *QB* fonts were also on the field.
      It's not so much the *QB* font itself but the angle. On the field it works since it's just in the middle. But on the card you notice the "offset" with the chalk font.
      Thanks for the reply :)

    26. strewth78 on

      I don't think that's a crayon font. It's perhaps a chalk font. And thematically that's how football plays were scribbled on green Chalkboards.
      But I agree, that making sure that it's readable is key, and that is an important party of the card.

    27. strewth78 on

      @ jeroen though you feel the *QB* *Form* fonts don't match the cards, compare it with the field. Though you may feel they don't match the overall card style, I would think they synchronise nicely with the design of the field design, which also uses that same design along the sidelines where cards are meant to be located.

    28. strewth78 on

      Russel's point about the field number running opposite are justified, the card is designed to look like the field and would typically work the other way around, which at first glance for afan may seem unintuitive.
      But if they did run the other way, the card would suggest that that card should be played solely when the offense is on their opponents 40 yard line. That isn't the intention here. The card can be played at any point on the field.
      The numbers on the cards are simply meant to help define where the targets are located based on the current line scrimmage, whilst thematically mirroring the look of a gridiron field.

    29. Jeroen on

      Hi all, below my feedback and some suggestions for the game card design that was sent around. In general it looks very clear, modern and professional to me. Hope my feedback will be helpful in some way.

      - I like the look and the color scheme a lot.
      - Field squares, numbers, line of scrimmage and symbols are very crisp.
      - Also like the SE+1 and FL+1 in the field. It stand out nice and is clearly to read.

      What I would change is mainly at the bottom with the info of the play:
      - The text font styles:
      -- *QB* *FORM* *SPECIAL* --> Like the font. But the angle the letters have now makes it a bit "messy/standing out" w.r.t. the rest of the card. It gives the feeling that it is nog aligned with the text behind it.
      -- Font of '3-step drop' etc: Rest of the card is very clear and modern. But the crayon font here kinda comes out of the blue and feels therefore a bit out of place. I'm afraid it is also a little bit harder to read on a small game card.

      - Bring the blue color from the top bar of the card back in the bottom part of the card.
      In the part that has the yellow border with the text in it. --> fill it with that same blue instead of the green/brownish gradient that is now in. Then you could use the same font from the top again for *QB* but with the orange shadow. Also the white text of the play would stand out more.
      - Ensure that the 'FLANKER DRAG' on top of the card has equal amount of blue spacing w.r.t. the edges. Now it looks like that it's a bit too high and thus out of line with the center of the logo on the left.

      Keep up the good work!

    30. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Thanks Timothy

      That is what I thought of too. Then I got it right

    31. Missing avatar

      Timothy Pitsch on

      @ Russell What do you mean "Run Opposite" The 10, 20, 30? If so, I think that just shows how far the play should go, which also lines up with the play field.

      @Christoph The cards are just the play you are running. Each I think has multiple targets. in the one shown on the latest Update, if you pass to the correct player that in in the bonus area, in the case of that card the Flanker would get a +1 if he is in that area when the ball is thrown and the Split End would get a +1 if he catches the ball in that area.

    32. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on


      Until now I did not get how the cards work could you explain it to me ? Do I get a bonus in the spots that say +1 if i throw the Ball there ?

    33. Russell L. on

      Just curious as to why the numbers are running opposite on the cards?? Is that to more easily show how far the designated route is down field for people not associated with American football?

    34. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hey... any news on the Game or the
      ordering procedure ?

    35. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Yes! As soon as the prototypes are in, We will post pictures.

    36. Russell L. on

      I would love to see pictures of the prototypes as the process goes along.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mitchell on

      Feedback good :) you asked if we found it helpful in the update. Yep. Regular updates of this type are good :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Oliver C. Eckardt on

      Alright! Sounds great!

    39. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Hello! I have just sent out the latest update. In the way I do sometimes, I forgot to put the most important news. We will be conducting pledge management staring next weekend.
      This will be via direct emails and not via some complex pledge management system.
      Oliver...don't buy card sleeves yet...I are looking at very high quality plastic printed cards that don't require sleeves. I say l@looking' because the final costings haven't been agreed. But I'd hate you to buy sleeves for nothing.

    40. Missing avatar

      Oliver C. Eckardt on

      Do you yet have the final size of the cards? I wanna sleeve them right from the start

    41. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      When will the pledge manager open?

    42. Andy Cahard on

      I love those news !!! A US relaunch is an obvious choice to get this game the exposition it deserves ! With the artwork done, and, maybe all the SG minis done and nicely painted and pictured, it would be really appealing !!! Kickstarter projects pages really need to be cleanly, proffessionnally designed nowadays, to hook people's attention ! With a proper presentation, and a clear and simple pledge offer mentionning the whole content - maybe with a nice "What you get" picture right on the top of the front page -, you should hit the sky !

      I am proud to be a part of the pioneers who believed in this project from the begining,and really glad that many pore people will hear about it in the future ! I have a confident feeling that this game's gonna be a pure gem !!!

      @Øystein Eker, I'd love to post a comment or a review on BGG as soon as I play the game ! And I'm sure I'm not the only one here ! Depending on the next campaign schedule, there could be more material on BGG when the US project lanches, don't you think ? But, you're right, US communication has to start somewhen, what better time than now ?

      Can't wait to see what's coming next for FQF !!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Øystein Eker on


      -Too bad it will be only known to a small FB community. Even in the future. No doubt it deserves a larger audience. Mechanism should hit the sweet spot for US gamers.

      No video, images, reviews or pop up flyers advertisement on BGG. It really puzzles me.
      Running same time an obscure German U-boat game from a Polish designer group obtained over 7000 backers thanks to being very active on BGG.

      Anyway - Love to dive into the rulebook and paint minis next autumn!

    44. Missing avatar

      Timothy Pitsch on

      @Andrew Sweet. I have talked and showed this game to a few people at my LGS and a few local FB groups and a few players are very interested, a few missed the KS. If they like the game I am happy they will be able to get teams of their own. I am also looking foreword to multiple playbooks. I hope their is a combo of just purchasing a set of play cards and a new team with different sculpts.

    45. Fourth Quarter Miniatures Limited Creator on

      Yes, we do plan to sell teams (and,different players) after we have fufilled the Kick Starter. Plus, an American based relaunch , from an American based partner, is our plan for the US, again , when the KS is fufilled.
      Plus we have the other teams...time to get desiging. :) We are also boomed to exhibit at two big games expos in the UK in the coming three months. And we are planning for EU and US shows after that.
      I know I designed it, but I love playing FQF, it the game I've really wanted since I first played Blood Bowl in the eighties. So don't worry, this is just the end of the beginning.
      That said, I will be offline next week finishing the subs pack rulebook

    46. Missing avatar

      Timothy Pitsch on

      Yes, I dropped 200 as well so I can demo it. I am sure it will get a following, I just hope FQF sells teams after the KS is fulfilled. I would hate to be playing the game and someone asks where to get it and you cant. If I had the cash, I would have picked up 8+ teams and have tournaments and just provide the stuff, but I do not make that much money lol

    47. Russell L. on

      Currently 36 US Backers..Some what of a shock to be honest..I think sometimes people want every piece of the game complete before backing. People need to realize this isn’t a major company that has everything done, it’s a start up group using our funding to finish out the game. We are all taking a shot with FQF knowing they are a small upstart group but I believe these guys are in it to make something unique and special.. Price point also makes a big’s a lot of money if you aren’t used to buying miniatures games.. I dropped $200 and that’s way out of the norm for me but i am a football junky, the casual fan I don’t see dropping that kind of money.

    48. Andy Cahard on

      @Timothy : I'd say not enough !!! At least, not as much as one could have imagined ! ^^

    49. Missing avatar

      Timothy Pitsch on

      How many backers are from USA? Anyone from the DC/Nova area?

    50. strewth78 on

      Thats actually a good idea, Andy. Around the international series games, there's a good chance many of us will be around London and could organise some small events. Definitely something we should post up on BGG and get organised.

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