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M. Shaw's collected short stories and novelettes, 2008-2011. "Should not be as compelling a read as it was." - Fangoria
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M. Shaw

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And finally...

Thanks everyone for your patience in dealing with this book's requisite amount of elephant stool. After a good few weeks of confusion about who has your money and why they have it, we have finally gotten the "oops, our bad" from Amazon payments and are pushing forward with the PR campaign on this monster. We appreciate that this has caused a bit of frustration for all those involved (including us, to be sure) and are doing what we can to get things cleared up as soon as possible.

In the meantime, our foul-mouthed little bastard has ventured out into the world. Fifi, Kill! is available at any bookstore with an Ingram account (which is to say, any bookstore) and is steadily popping up in eBook stores such as Powell's and Kobo and will continue to appear as we get our information out to the different sellers (Kindle and Nook are coming soon, s***head's honor). 

Most importantly, rewards are finally getting out the door. The paperbacks are in stock at Offshoot Productions, the website is going up, Peach and M. are painting their chests, thongs and special editions are on order. You'll be seeing our crap in your mailbox and via updates here in the coming days, so stick around.

Thank you all from the bottom of our rotten, putrid hearts. The clown is out of the box and there's no stopping him now.