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The Film+Entertainment Industry is changing Louisiana. Tell your stories while funding a landmark economic impact study that proves it.
The Film+Entertainment Industry is changing Louisiana. Tell your stories while funding a landmark economic impact study that proves it.
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    1. Micah Haley Creator on

      Hey Everyone,

      More details on the t-shirts and other prizes soon. We've had several major bumps in the road getting them ordered that have delayed the delivery time frame. We're expecting to receive everything from the manufacturer tomorrow and will begin mailing them out then! Sorry for the delay!

    2. Missing avatar

      John Davis on

      I have not received my shirt either... What's going on Micah?

    3. Kelly MCAULIFFE on

      Has anyone received their T-shirt? I got an email saying I should have received it in Dec. It's March and still no T-shirt...

    4. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Renee on

      I can't believe I missed all of the breaking in classes.why werent emails sent out, why is it that I had to come back to this page a month late to discover I missed out.

    5. Elliott Grey on

      Cant recall if I filled out tee shirt/shipping info. Any way I can find out?

    6. Juliette Tworsey on

      ...still haven't heard back from anyone.

    7. Juliette Tworsey on

      I haven't been contacted either and my email (and phone call) has not been returned. I pledged a 152 bucks. What's going on?

    8. Kelly MCAULIFFE on

      Alyssa Renee
      I still have not heard from anyone about my shirt etc...

    9. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Renee on

      I hope I'm not the only one who still hasn't gotten an email asking for my info for my shirt...any updates??

    10. Candice Vaughn on

      Congrats! So happy it's funded!!!!!

    11. Tony Mares on

      Congratulations everyone! I am excited about having a chance to learn more and meet folks in the film industry in Louisiana! I am a long time Sr. Corporate Recruiter and I wish to learn how to transition these skills into becoming a casting agent in the New Orleans or Baton Rouge area. If you have any suggestions for me in the meantime, while the workshops and other events are planned, I would appreciate it! Happy Thanksgiving and congrats again on achieving your goal! Sincerely, Tony


      Great to hear that the project has been fully funded, hopefully the road ahead will be a bit smoother now. It's good to know that my meager $22.00 was a help with this most vital project. It was great to work on the TRUMBO shooting recently in NOLA. Seems a bit difficult to get call outs here in Baton Rouge but it's understandable with so many interested their in New Orleans. Patience is at hand and staying in tight with "My Casting Files". The future looks a bit brighter now so run with it, David!

    13. Knapsack Films on

      Congrats guys! Good to see other folks from the Boot hit their goals. Now here's hoping a kid's film that grew up in NOLA will get funded...

    14. Missing avatar

      Shawnia Willson on

      I'm also curious about how the shirt thing works. I haven't been asked my size yet I hot an email saying they were processing my credit card payment or whatever and the shirt should arrive in December sometime but no size info.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Winter on

      Congratulations on making your goal! Glad I did not miss out on helping to support your project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Susie Labry on

      CONGRATULATIONS! Micah, David, Will, and Diego. Thank you, Diego Martinez of Millenium Films for our little pep Rally Wednesday Night. 400 Likes in 15 minutes jumped from $4k to $5c. The little man (we extras of megascenes) speaks. People still to give. An honor to be a part of this great project. Here's my $2.00! \_$2_/ Susie _.l._

    17. Monica Linam on

      Alyssa, there's currently 140 of us getting the workshop and it will likely reach 200+. I believe they will offer several dates to choose from once we get this funded. I hope we do because it will be nice to do some background work again. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Renee on

      I just donated, and am looking forward to getting my shirt!! I shared this kick starter with my friends, hopefully we can get this funded! Any idea when the workshop will actually be? I'm really excited to attend the workshop and break into the Louisiana film industry, I'm from Texas so im at a loss as to how to go about breaking in.


    19. Monica Linam on

      Upgraded my original backing from $42 to $152. Work upset me, so I said screw it, I wanna do background work again. To hell with doing them anymore favors if it will only screw me over. :(
      I really hope we get this funded. :)

    20. Micah Haley Creator on

      James, thanks for your support!

    21. Missing avatar

      James DuMont on

      I have worked more in Louisiana than I ever did in LA or NY! So Yes, I am IN!

    22. Monica Linam on

      I tried to convince my Mamí that giving me $250 towards the personal trainer session was a great idea. She was having none of it. However, I went ahead and splurged on the shirt. I kind of really dig the shirt. More than 10% funded with a little less than 2 months to go. Fingers crossed it gets funded. I haven't been able to do much background work now that I'm working full time in an infant center, but hopefully I can get back into it soon. Hollywood South is if the awesome that is very. ^_^

    23. Micah Haley Creator on

      Richard, thanks for your support! There's so much to do in the film industry! You can find out what films are currently in Louisiana at and at!

    24. Richard AKA: James Monroe Coolshade on

      Hi Ms. Haley, Very happy to help out! I've been out of work for quite some time, and I'm hoping to start a new career in the film industry. I'm going to share the post on Facebook, and talk to people personally to try to help L.F.E.A. raise the pledge. Wish me good luck!

    25. Micah Haley Creator on

      Thanks for backing this project, Kelly! The way that Kickstarter does this is that AFTER the project is fully funded, we send out a questionnaire for you to fill out.

    26. Kelly MCAULIFFE on

      So happy to support this! But how does the t-shirt thing work? I wasn't asked an address our t-shirt size after I made my pledge.