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The most comfortable iPad case in the galaxy. Now available on Earth. A stylish companion on desks, couches, in bed, and on the go.

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My name is Thomas Fulton and I have a mission: I want you to relax.

Over the past couple of years I have become a degenerate "entrepreneurship abuser" working day and night, weekdays and weekends, on my t-shirt printing business. This trend was only exacerbated by the invasive nature of the iPad and iPhone, which made it possible for me to work pretty much everywhere short of the bathroom. Ok, to be 100% honest, I actually also worked when I'm in the bathroom. 

Since I have such a hard time taking it easy, I created the Don't Panic iPad case and Don't Panic brand. The goal is to teach myself how to work less and get more done, while helping others do the same. For more info on the Don't Panic philosophy have a look at this page.


The Don't Panic case adapts to almost any leisure position.

One of the best parts is that this case allows you to relax in bed, without having to prop-up your iPad.

You naturally move around quite a bit when you're using the iPad, so having a natural reading strap is a nice feature.

The Don't Panic case adjusts to a very wide range of angles due to the magnetic adjustment strap. 


With the Don't Panic logo there's a useful reminder embossed on every case.


If we reach our $10,000 funding goal you will be able to choose from four felt colors and two leather colors. For every $3,500 beyond that initial goal we will be able to introduce another color.


My initial idea for an iPad case was actually a keyboard case meant to "enhance productivity". But as I tested various prototypes over the months I came to a painful and liberating conclusion. I actually wanted to use my iPad as a leisure device, and adding the keyboard really turned the iPad into a device for work. 

For more information on the development of the case you can have a look at this blog post.


My background in apparel has made me appreciate the quality and integrity of locally produced goods. I also find the dearth of decent domestically produced accessories for the iPad very disappointing.

Getting something made in the US is not cheap though, and that's where Kickstarter comes in. In order to offer this awesome case in a stunning number of colors, and at an affordable price, we will have to place a big first order with our materials suppliers and our domestic manufacturer located in Missouri, USA.


The Don't Panic Logo will be embossed in the leather on the back of the case:

The name of the case is inspired by the Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

If you own an iPad you pretty much have access to EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. It's a bit overwhelming. That's why we thought it might be helpful to keep a reminder nearby that would help you take it easy.


  • The Don't Panic logo will be embossed into the leather on the back of the case. If you watch the Kickstarter video until the very end you can see the location where it appears. In the video it's a black screen-print on the leather, but for production we will opt for embossing in order to make it more durable.

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    We may not all be iPad users yet, but in 2-5 years when tablets are everywhere you'll be looking for a Don't Panic case. Help turn this project in a reality! You get an honorable mention on the Don't Panic project website & access to "Backers Only" project updates.

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    The most comfortable t-shirt in the galaxy. An American Apparel t-shirt with the Don't Panic logo. Yes! Available in 11 COLORS! (International shipping please add $5 to your pledge)

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    The most comfortable hoody in the galaxy. The American Apparel Flex Fleece zip-hoody. The inside can be used as a towel during emergencies, so it will come in handy during interstellar travel and galactic emergencies. Available in 5 COLORS! (International shipping please add $10 to your pledge)

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    LIMITED AVAILABILITY - A Don't Panic case for iPad2 - We REALLY want backers to get these cases into their hands and start relaxing so we are offering only 100 cases at a lower price. (International shipping please add $15 to your pledge)

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    The best choice you will make this millenium. A Don't Panic case for iPad2. Learn to relax and embrace your leisure with the most comfortable iPad case in the galaxy! (International shipping please add $15 to your pledge)

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    Deluxe Don't Panic Kit: 1x Don't Panic Case for iPad2, 1x Hoody, and 1x T-Shirt. (International shipping please add $20 to your pledge)

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    Gift Pack! 2 Don't Panic iPad cases for iPad2. Get a Don't Panic case for yourself and a loved one in need of relaxation. (International shipping please add $25 to your pledge)

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    Los Angeles coffee tour & philosophy chat. I will take you for a coffee at one of the best coffee shops in Los Angeles and we can discuss the philosophy of idleness. You get a three Don't Panic iPad2 cases too and a out-of-print edition of "In Praise of Idleness" by Bertrand Russell.

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