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An Indie board game looking to make it big. In 2009 I sold 350 hand-made copies, in 2010 I will re-release the game with new art at Essen (mid-Oct)
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The game is printed. I need your addresses!


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Promo Video and Final Notes

Thanks all for your support. here is a great little promo video that the artists put together to promote the game-

I am pretty excited to get this far, everything. I should be getting the first proof copy of the game early next week, I'll post pictures.

Delivery of the game is still scheduled for August, so you should be getting your copies well in advance of the Essen release date.

Thanks again everyone!

The box!

I am really excited about this. All the art is done and at the printers - now its a matter of waiting to get the games.

Thanks all for your support!

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Sample from the Manufacturer

I got my first sample from the manufacturer - even though it doesn't have the artwork (its a white sample) it look fantastic!

I was very impressed with the quality - the feel of the linen finish on the box is incredible, I know part of that is just pride on my behalf but its so cool to feel it in my hands.

Cards are also very good, I am going with a thicker card stock and was worried that they might be difficult to shuffle as cards that are too thin or thick don't have good feel. These were perfect, have to say that they hand just the feel that I wanted and of course a nice linen finish to make sure they last even if you choose not to sleeve them.

I have been trying to keep the game in a small box. I know a lot of the first edition owners liked the smaller size of Triumvirate so they can keep it with them, in a glove box, purse or backpack, etc. I am a bit worried that a game with an MSRP of $25 might look overpriced in such a small box, but I hope the artwork and gameplay will draw them to it.

Speaking of Artwork - the last of the illustrations is just about done. Everything continues to look fantastic. I'll post more when we have some new pictures to post.

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