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A beautifully illustrated adventure game of strategy and fortune where everyone dies in the end.

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Gauntlet of Fools

An adventure game of skill and fortune for 2-6 that plays in under 30 minutes. 

Choose your hero from hundreds of possible combinations.  You'll make ridiculous boasts to get the best hero.  And every boast comes at a cost.  How awesome is your knight with a flaming sword after you boast that he'll fight blindfolded with a hangover?

You'll find out in the gauntlet - 50 encounters that will kill you.  That's right. You will die, fool!  But even a fools wants his gold, and the monsters have it.  Roll a handful of dice, slay a monster, get its treasure.  Die with the most gold and win the game.

Contains: 30 dice, 90 beautifully illustrated cards, over 200 tokens game rules and play examples.  This is going to be a very heavy box!

Download the rules

Download the play example

If you are so excited about this game, why do you need kickstarter funding to get it made?

It is all about what we call cashflow. Making board games is a cash intensive proposition.  The time between when I pay for games (now) and when I get paid for them is upwards of 7 months, and that is in the best of circumstances. That takes a lot of money sitting in inventory, and that isn’t something that we have a lot of right now.  I have invested thousands into making the art as good as the game.  I simply do not have the money in the account right now to get these games made in time for Essen without your support - and I really don't want to miss having these games at Essen, the biggest game show of the year!

So I hope that you support this project and help bring this very exciting new game to market.

Promo cards:  To thank you, all support levels will receive special promotional cards

Promotional Encounter, Class and Weapon cards
Promotional Encounter, Class and Weapon cards

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About Indie Boards and Cards

Indie Boards and Cards started in 2009 as an independent publisher of great game designs. In 2010 we released three games, all of which have been well received by critics and fans alike. Our biggest seller has been The Resistance - a game of secret identities, deception and deduction that is now or will soon be available in 20 languages around the world. Be sure to look for The Resistance, Flash Point: fire Rescue, Haggis and Triumvirate wherever games are sold. If your favorite game store doesn’t carry our games, please ask them to!


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  • Have lots of questions on Essen pickup. This year, unlike in years past, I am not taking pre-paid orders for Essen pickup. Why?

    Well the number one reason is in the past years I have had to manage a complex task of keeping track of who paid, and how many copies of the games I need to keep set aside for pre-orders. This means I spend less time at Essen doing what I am there for (teaching people our new games). And if I do sell out (like I did last year in 24 hours), then I have to tell people that they can't buy the games that are stacked in the booth. This means people are mad, because I was one of the few, if not only booth that was doing paid pre-orders at Essen. Added complexity and disgruntled customers are two things that I would prefer not to have, and for those reasons I am not doing pre-paid Essen orders, but I am taking reservations for Thursday pick up - this is the standard for most small publishers at the show.

    So this year I am not taking paid pre-orders. If you would like to pre-order, and you want to make sure I bring a copy of expansion or base game for you to pick up on Thursday - please $1 and select the $1 reward level. If you do I will ask you want you want me to reserve for you to pick up on Thursday at Essen. If you are planning to pick up at Essen, please do not pledge more than $1, or select anything but the $1 reward level - it will not be a valid order.

    If you can't come on Thursday, or want to take your chances by not reserving a copy - please know that while I will attempt to bring enough copies to satisfy demand, I can not guarantee that I will. There is no exact science to determine how may copies of what are going to sell. So the sooner you are able to get to my booth. the more likely that I will still have what you want.

    Essen prices have not be finalized. Most likely, but not guaranteed they will something like between 10-15 euro for a single expansion, 20-25 Euros for two expansions and 30 Euros for the game itself, with some discount for buying all three, and further discount for buying other Essen releases. Firefighter figures will be available, and included in purchase of expansion(s) and again like everything else limited to stock on hand at the show.

    Hope that helps answer some of the questions and I do look forward to seeing many familiar faces this year - the show is one of my highlights for the year. Thanks again for all your support.

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