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A cooperative game that is fun to play with friends and family.  All the players are on the same team, everyone wins or loses together.
A cooperative game that is fun to play with friends and family. All the players are on the same team, everyone wins or loses together.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Lim on

      Anyone in Singapore (or Malaysia) received their copy yet? I haven't received mine. I guess I'll just have to wait some more...

    2. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Truax on

      We are having a great time with the game and really appreciate the fantastic customer support we have gotten.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Miner on

      The game is amazing. My firefighter obsessed sons absolutely love it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Fridy

      Can't Wait to try it out.

    5. Peter Maylott on

      Just picked up my Flash Point today. So another copy in Sydney, Australia. Can not wait to play. Love the fireman meeples.

      Curious, as I pledged to receive Haggis and Resistance, I have received an extra set of cards for Resistance, I believe. Are these some special bonus?

    6. Edwin on

      Received mines yesterday! @Sao Paulo - Brazil
      Awesome art, rules and everything!
      Can't wait to play it! Good job!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pierre St-Michel on

      That was my first pledge on a kickstarter project and I don't regret it... Awesome game, awesome bonus... Not much else to say except that it might have taken the second place in my personal coop game top 10... You pretty much made Pandemic obsolete...

    8. Jacob Coon on

      I played it for the first time today with my mom and step-dad. We definitely enjoyed the family rules game and I am interested to try out the advanced game to see how that works. Oh and by the way this was the 11th project that I backed and the first one I actually got so thank you for that!

    9. Travis 29-time creator on

      thanks for all the responses.

      The d8 in the game doesn't work for the fire engine deck gun rules in the advanced game. When the die is flipped over a result of 1-4 needs to turn to 5-8, when you flip the 1 with the die in the game it becomes a 2 :(

    10. Jeremy Strickland on

      Got mine yesterday - happy Thanksgiving indeed - here in upstate NY. Thanks for the quality game - you ever got my wife's attention, no small feat.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Truax on

      Got my game the other day. Had the expansion boards and card. But no dice or meeples....Stll, can't wait to ply.

    12. Mike Tuna on

      Arrived today and I've played a few solo games just to get a feel for it -- loving it so far! Wondering, though, what exactly was the problem with the D8 in the box? Compared to the replacement one the numbers were arranged differently, but I don't really see why that would be a problem.

    13. Missing avatar

      Enrico Salvato on

      Yep mine came Monday too, Long Island NY. Thanks again for all the time and effort to get them shipped as soon as possible!

    14. Mark Ewing on

      Played it last night with my wife, first time on Family Mode - lost because of building collapse. Went to Recruit Advanced mode and won handily (although realized afterward we were using too many AP on her Calf Fighter), played again on Veteran Advanced mode and won again - after saving person #7 (and losing one) we went back in to try and save the last two victims and the building collapsed on us.

      GREAT GAME! Fantastic work! Just curious - do you want us to submit a couple typos we found for future printings?

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Rutka on

      Got mine on Monday in NJ. Thanks for sacrificing your weekend!

    16. Missing avatar

      Larenda LLC on

      No game yet - Atlanta, GA.

    17. C. Scott Kippen

      Got mine today in Greeley, Colorado.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean Crotty on

      Denver, CO -- Got mine today (11/21) too. Thanks for the drive and hard work getting this out, Travis. It is greatly appreciated!

    19. Matt Sommer on

      Racine, WI -- Got my copy today (Monday 11/21/11)! Looks amazing.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ladybug on

      Love it played twice with 6 players we had a great time

    21. Missing avatar

      Zack on

      Got the game and played it two player with my wife. We played the family/beginner version. We both thought it was solidly fun and ridiculously close to a loss (2 damage markers left cause we didn't put out many fires).

      We're gonna do one more family style, then go advanced, and then invite the group over. I think the complexity added with advanced will make this game awesome.

      I got bored with forbidden island real quick and I think this is going to be able to be played over and over again.

      Anyways first impression is great job. THANKS!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Thomason on

      So no pressure or concern Travis, but I'm just curious what the status is for those who supported at a level to receive The Resistance and Haggis in addition to Flash Point. Are those being shipped all together, or will we get Flash Point in short order with the other games to come at another time?

    23. David B on

      Just got mine too!

      Indianapolis, IN

    24. Eric V on

      My copy just arrived - I'll be playing it as soon as my fellow players get here.

    25. Mark Ewing on

      My copy just arrived, thanks so much!

    26. Mike Tuna on

      Since I'll probably never see it, I was just curious...I did the $100 level with an extra game shipped to a fire station (awesome idea, by the way). Will there be some kind of note included indicating why they received the game? I don't want credit specifically, but I'm hoping there will be some kind of explanation about the kickstarter campaign and that the game is for the whole station to enjoy.

    27. Travis 29-time creator on

      if you haven't already, please read the last two updates that have been posted on this project.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      +1. No movement on my tracking number. Would love for this to be shipped this weekend. Black Friday games!

    29. Missing avatar

      unusualoddity on

      Any news on whether everything got out of customs?

    30. Dustin on

      FedEx tracking number was in my inbox. The game is closer to me than ever before! Can't wait to see FedEx say, "On truck, ready for delivery today." Excited ; )

    31. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      Hmmm... it looks like I got shipped a package from Travis. This should mean that this game is on its way?

    32. David Prieto Gómez on

      What do I need to bring to the Essen to pick the game?

    33. Jakob Frederiksen

      What do I need to show when picking the game up in Essen?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jorge Rodríguez Araya on

      Can another person pick up the game in my place in Essen?

    35. Eric Henson on

      Just filled out the shipping survey. Thanks, and congratulations!

    36. Missing avatar

      Martijn van der Vlag on

      Any information about a survey? because it is already two weeks ago the project has been funded. I really want to pick-up my package in Essen so how do you know Travis how much to bring to Essen?

    37. Adam Green on

      Any emails sent yet? Just curious since the word has been mum for a while...

    38. Lee Sweeney on

      Hey all really looking forward to play Flash Point~!
      This one has COOP as well as RPG elements, looking for it as well.

      Sad part is the WAIT, I know it takes time, just looks so good.

    39. Mike Tuna on

      Just an afterthought, but what about getting a custom microbadge just for FlashPoint kickstarter backers? This would be a fun little unique incentive that I would imagine is fairly cheap and simple. Backers could receive a code to redeem through BGG for the badge.

    40. Jacelyn on

      Oops! Scratch that! I just re-read the latest update by Travis and he says it might take 2weeks.

    41. Jacelyn on

      Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have received any emails or anything with regards to the survey for Flash Point? I'm just worried I might accidentally delete them and it would make me more relieved if no one else has gotten them either =)?

    42. Darrell Yap on

      Wanted to add to my earlier comments about rules. Disambiguation between fires and hotspots for the experienced game wasn't made entirely clear. Do they start out as hotspots and then get substituted later for fire tokens?

      Further, the hot spot/flare up stage of play sounds to be the same/similar to the flashover action in the family game rules.

      Lastly, for the experienced game rules, it might be good to revise use of the word "resolve". Over used and, for some parts of the instructions, creates difficulty in understanding of required action/step to be performed. e.g. - p7, step 5 is unclear as it reads "...and RESOLVE and explosion in the target space." Doesn't read well and is ambiguous.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Thomason on

      Only been through the first page and all the other typos I noticed were caught...
      but at the end of the introduction paragraphs at the top, "You are the brave men and
      women of fire rescue, people are depending on you." the comma should be a semi colon.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Dalton on

      (looks like I got truncated. continued from below)
      At collapse, are the firefighters inside killed? Does it matter?

      Experienced Setup - Step 8 - Roll to place *each* marker. Also, can hazmat stack?
      Step 9 - Same problem as basic setup. Counts don't match component list.
      step 9 - Place all the ?'s or just 3?
      Step 11 - Do difficulty and firefighter modifiers stack?
      step 14 - Do you mean, "...decide where to place..."?

      That's how far I got, so I apologize for not getting through it all.

      Lastly, please know that I think you've done a great job on the rules. I'm being miserably nitpicky.

      Kindest Regards,

    45. Missing avatar

      Dan Dalton on

      Hi there. First, thanks for the opportunity to comment on the rules.
      Second, I may duplicate some observations below. I spotted some, but I'm sure I missed others.
      Third, I am reading these rules as if I understand nothing about games. This is often true. Just ask my opponents.
      Components - "3 Vehicles" only two listed
      The Game Board - "...these spaces can be used in the game." This makes it sound optional.
      Family Game Setup - Step 4 says to remove 2 and 2 leaving 10 and 5. But the components list says there are 12 and 6. Either there are 12 and 7 or removal leaves 10 and 4.
      Family Game Setup - Step 4 says shuffle the ? and place them at three locations. It needs to specify one each.
      Collapse - Are the fighters killed upon collapse? Does it matter?
      Experienced Setup - step 8 - Say, "Roll to place **each** hazmat marker." Also, can hazmat stack?
      Experienced Setup - step 9 - Same problem as basic setup. remove 2 and 2. leave 10 and 5. doesn't match component list.
      Experienced Setup - Step 9 - Am I placing 3 ?'s or all of them? Need to specify.
      Experienced Setup - Step 11 - Do firefighter and difficulty level Hotspot modifiers stack?
      Experienced Setup - Step 14 - "As a group decide place..." Do you mean, "As a group, decide where to place..."?

      That's how far I got. I hope this is helpful.

      Last thing, please understand that I think you've done a great job on the rules. I'm being horribly nitpicky.

      Kindest regards,

      Family Game Summary - Step 7 refers to Engine and Ambulance "cards". They are called tokens in the next section, Setup Summary.
      Setup Summary - It refers to Intensity Markers. What are those? I didn't find them to this point in the rules.
      Actions - missing "C" in the word "Congratulations"
      Actions - Examples 2 and 3 should clarify the spent AP. instead of saying "3AP Spent - 1 AP spent" (inconsistent spacing between numbers and AP on that one as well) (also, it almost looks like a minus sign) say "3AP Spent one of which was Saved AP." Too wordy, I know, but it isn't 100% clear.
      Knock Down (pg6) - It lists Explosion and Smoke as ways to get knocked down. Shockwave can also cause a knock down.

    46. EWF on

      Tyler, it is possible that the building collapses, but only 2 victims are killed. Some might have already been Rescued, and the firefighters have the other Victims out of the building, but not to the Ambulance yet...

    47. EWF on

      For a "tiring" variant, perhaps use a "wear" mechanic: Start with 8 Stamina. At the end of each turn in the building (or passing through each space with Fire?), roll the 8-sided die, and if you roll equal to or higher, your stamina decreases. If you reach 0, you're knocked out... This could represent exhaustion. (or choose 6 and the d6)

    48. EWF on

      Greetings Chief!

      I really look forward to this game (my first Kickstarter contribution).

      Under LEARNING THE GAME: The first . should be a : as what follows is not a complete sentance.

      FAMILY GAME SET-UP, 4.: sentance 2 needs a conjunction such as "as" or "for", or change the "," to a ";".

      A GAME TURN / 1 Take Action / ACTIONS / Move / Carry: missing a letter c in " - ongratulations"

      A GAME TURN / 1 Take Action / ACTIONS / Move / Door: to be consistent, "flip" should be "Flip".

      A GAME TURN / 2 Advance Fire / Explosions: "Open space" and "Closed Door" should have the first letter of the text capital: respectively "place"->"Place" and "remove"->"Remove".

      Same section: Last sentance before the Explosion Example, starting with "With a Shockwave..." the last "," should be a ";" or full stop.

      A GAME TURN / 2 Advance Fire / Explosion Example, 5: the first sentance needs a conjunction ", so". The second sentance does not need a ",".

      A GAME TURN / 2 Advance Fire / Secondary Effects: The sentance beginning with "Any Firefighters..." should not have a ",", but instead a ";" or "--".

      EXPERIENCED GAME / SETUP SUMMARY - SET UP / 14. This sentance needs words akin to "where to".

      EXPERIENCED GAME / SPECIALISTS - clarification: Sentance beginning with "Each Specialist" -- "make you" would better be written as "makes them" (and change teh later "make" to "makes").

      EXPERIENCED GAME / SPECIALISTS - consistency: exactly half of the specialty boxes have a space between the AP per turn and the keyword AP. ("4 AP" vs "4AP"). I suggest all be set to "4 AP" as it is easier to parse for the number.

      EXPERIENCED GAME / SPECIALISTS - The special powers' AP costs should be consistent with the above. (e.g., under Hazmat: "...Rescued spot - 2AP") to ..."2 AP").


      Vehicles: You list 3 vehicles, but the COMPONENTS and SETUP SUMMARY - FAMILY GAME only show 1 ambulance, 1 engine. Are the tokens double-sided, with one of each on each side? To be consistent with the clarity on THREAT tokens, is there room for two of the word "side" on the Vehicles section in COMPONENTS?
      (and perhaps the Doors as well)

      Ambulance vs. Engine: The ambulance has drivers, but aren't there the fire fighters on the engine? I mean, who do you swap to for 2AP? Thus, shouldn't the Engine be radio-operated to move as well? (Perhaps radio-calling the cannon needs double AP?)

      A GAME TURN / 2 Advance Fire / Last sentance:
      Question: When a firefighter "carries" a Victim (or hazmat), that token stays on the board, right? The pawn is moved with a higher move cost to 'drag' the POI with it. Perhaps that's the simplest way of explaining it. The firemeeple can't protect it from fire. (This clarification thought was sparked by the last sentance in "Advance Fire" which metions "Carrying" a victim, which is a finite Action finished before the Advance Fire phase).

    49. tyler dewaal on

      Page 5: Explosions -> Closed Door: “remove the Door marker from the board it has been destroyed.” [Add in a “SINCE it has been destroyed.” Or maybe a comma or something]

      The GAME END: Building Collapse sounds like you are defeated, but it isn’t very explicit. If the building collapses, and you have neither 4 victims lost NOR 7 victims rescued, what happens? I assume you lose, but…

      Experienced Game->Set up-> #4- this rule is extremely confusing. I’m not sure I understand it at all. How can you roll JUST the black dice. Also, you have “target space” and “Target space.” Just be consistent.

    50. Darrell Yap on

      Rules comments:
      page 1
      - new paragraph/line break between "FIRE!" and "Moments later..."
      - comma usage -> "You must face your fears, never give up and, above all else, work as a team..."
      - full-stop usage -> "...brave men and women of fire rescue. People are depending on you."

      page 2
      - synonym suggestion under "Learning the Game" -> "...Fire Rescue has two different TYPES of rules."
      - rewording suggestion under "Learning the Game" -> "Each Player card has a QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE on the back..."

      page 4
      - rewording suggestion under "Take Action" -> " long as the AP cost spent each time that Action is EXECUTED/CARRIED OUT."
      - typographical error (missing letter C for congratulations) -> "If you carry a victim outside the building - ongratulations..."

      page 7
      - rule point 4 -> instruction is not easily understood, needs rewording/rewrite

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