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Thank you for making Flash Point: Fire Rescue even bigger and better -  the Extreme Danger & Dangerous Water expansions are being made!
Thank you for making Flash Point: Fire Rescue even bigger and better - the Extreme Danger & Dangerous Water expansions are being made!
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Stretch Goals 1.0

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Things are certainly fast and furious around here – thanks for all the great support, it’s hard to believe all that has happened in less than 24 hours! I appreciate all the great ideas that have been proposed in the comments section – please keep them coming, I really like the creative original ideas and hearing people’s opinions of each idea. My goal is to provide you with the items that you value most and the comments have been very helpful as I formulate stretch goals for the remaining 29 days of this project.

These are the first set of stretch goals. To reach these goals I really would like to get your support in helping us reach them! First, please “like” us – to date it’s been less than 20%, I would like to get at least 1/3 of you that are supporting this project to “like” it and would be elated if that hit 50%. Another easy thing for you to do is thumb any of the pictures that have been posted on BGG for Extreme Danger (,,,

I also want to recognize those that are doing the most to promote this project and helping all of us reach these stretch goals (and ones that aren’t yet announced or even thought about yet!). Please post your stories of promoting the game in the comments section – your great ideas might serve as inspiration to others, and this spirit really exemplifies the concept of crowd sourcing and crowd funding! Kickstarter doesn't let you run any contests, but you never know what I might be inspired to provide to those that are giving it all to make this a success!

So without further ado, here are the first set of stretch goals:
$45K – False Alarm promos – Extra false alarms tokens to deal with the inevitable coloring differences between print runs! Any shade differences won’t immediately identify which POIs are a victim.

$60K - Replacement d8 – This idea came out in the build-up to this project, and is meant for those that have been supporting Flash point since the first printing of the first edition of the game. If you’ve been in this from the beginning, you have a very special, collectible die that doesn’t work so well when you need to flip it. We’ll correct that for you, and include a d8 that works as intended (along with the d12 that is already coming in Extreme Danger to handle the Attic & Basement boards)

$70K – Colored Bases for the miniatures – While it’s pretty easy to differentiate between the different specialist miniatures in Extreme Danger, we will also include removable bases in each of the six player colors to allow you to tell at a glance who is playing what character.

$80K - Explosive Objects – Things that go boom! Explosive objects are items that act like the base game hazardous materials on steroids. They take more damage to make explode, and impede movement until they do – but when they go, they go big and cause a lot of damage. You’ll want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Explosive objects come in two flavors, a car for the mechanic’s garage and flammable materials for the laboratory (which of course could be used in any other building if desired).

$95K – Hazardous Equipment/Chemical Spills – Dangerous equipment that you really don’t want to get damaged. For the laboratory, when this piece of equipment is destroyed the chemicals pour out in unpredictable ways leaving a mess that only your hazmat specialist can clean up and knocking down any firefighters caught in the way. Chemical spills can dramatically alter the landscape and require even more situational analysis to get the game right.

$110K An extra exclusive promo copy of an Explosive Object/Hazardous Equipment – the exclusive promo pack will include an extra copy of this token, and the associated chemical spill tokens

$130K - Rescue Dog – I really liked this idea that was started yesterday, and have some specifics that I am already testing to make the concept come to life. This reward will be included as a promo for kickstarter supporters, but will be sold separately at retail and include a specialist card and corresponding miniature. Rules will be available online. Keep the ideas like this coming!

425 facebook “likes” - Lightly Wounded Victims – These promo items are a similar concept to the Critically wounded victims, but when you discover a Lightly wounded Victim, they will be ready for you to lead them to safety (as if they were treated by the medic).

650 facebook “likes” - Realistic versions of the Critically Wounded and Lightly Wounded victim tokens – these exclusive promos are an alternative rendering of the promo items that have already been announced!

I’ll be getting fancy looking graphics to announce these stretch rewards, and posting pictures of either the final product or the prototypes as quickly as I can. Thanks again for all the support, and for keeping the conversation positive!

Feeling down, not getting enough or having a bad day? Don’t let your emotions bring us all down – channel that negative energy into this thread:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Cordes on

      Last week, during our schools Spring Break, I had the opportunity to entertain several hundred teenagers during a summer tech camp. About three hundred campers gathered to play one of multiple copies of "The Resistance" I had purchased to share with them (with such a large group it made sense to bring a game that could support a large number of people). Some of them noticed I had Flash Point in my backpack and asked about. I decided to play several side games with interested campers. It turns out one of the campers lost their uncle a few weeks ago in a local fire. He was a veteran fire fighter and died courageously in the line of duty attempting to save two of his fellow firefighters. I was so moved by his story that I gave him my copy of Flash Point.

    2. Francis K. Lalumiere on

      You guys don't owe us any stretch goals, and it's very nice of you to offer them.
      But the replacement d8 looks sort of ridiculous next to the others: I mean, it's a standard d8 that most of us will have replaced already for less than a dollar.
      If you want to make $60K something exciting, give us something we can't get anywhere else! :)

    3. Travis 29-time creator on

      If you have a specific question, please use that contact button to the right --->

      barry - pledge rewards are limited to those available, so no double pledges. This is done to ensure that delivery is as streamlined as possible. Exceptions are usually the main cause of delay and result in not getting your pledge rewards to you in a timely manner.

      If you have a suggestion for a additional item, please make it in the main comments section on the project page. The more people that like your idea, the more I will evaluate it and see if we can incorporate it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      A question: Can I double-pledge for two sets, simply doubling to $80? I'd like to get a second set for my daughter, whose (wise and discerning) boyfriend got her "Flash Point! Fire Rescue" for Christmas (she loves it).

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      i'd love to see a die-cut countersheet-thickness set of put-together fire trucks--say an engine or two, a ladder truck or tower, and an ambulance--for 3-D vehicles to go wtih the 3-D fire crew.

      A top, two sides, front and back for the engines, ditto for the ambulance, ditto plus a two-piece ladder or tower boom for the truck. If there's room on the sheet, add a heavy rescue.

      Hope you'll give it some consideration. Maybe even US types for this market and European vehicles for that market.

    6. Andrew on

      Travis, just want to point out that I accidentally liked this from my wife's facebook as well, so I doubled the likes. I think that means I should get double the promos :D

    7. Thom Goodsell on

      You want to know what Flash Point: Fire Rescue needs? Comic books. And a Saturday morning cartoon. I've been singing the theme song all morning. And each comic book would have a Fire Academy style challenge on the back page. Just sayin'.

      But I'm excited about the rescue dog, too. Indie Boards & Cards Kickstarters are an almost automatic back for me; Flash Point expansions, doubly so.

    8. Jamie Specht on

      Can you clarify the Rescue Dog stretch goal? Does that mean that we would receive only part of the retail expansion? Or the full thing? The update wasn't clear... to me, at least.

    9. Ahmad Lokman Ishak on

      $150K for a special Kickstarter Exclusive big box for base games + existing expansions + upcoming expansions + future expansions? :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      What several other pointed out about the face book button is now true. There was obviously either a problem with my browser or the site earlier as I looked there and could see the "tweet" and "<>Embed buttons" but earlier the face book one was not there.

    11. Stephen Jonke on

      Can you really take ideas in the comments and design and test them in time?

    12. Branden T. Sprenger on

      @brholder12 unfortunately for some of us we didn't find out about this project until the second kick starter so we were unable to get the replacement Dice. I know it is easy to get another one but it would be cool to have a themed D8 for this game.

    13. Richard Sandberg on

      The "Like" button is directly under the opening video on the far left of the HOME page of the project. Directly to the right of the LIKE button is says that "you and currently 310 others like this"

    14. Branden T. Sprenger on

      @ Warren ...if you hit "Home" tab at the top of this post it will bring you back to the main page for this kickstarter. Directly under the video on the left side is a Facebook like icon. Just click that and then hit post to facebook.

      It is not an actual page on facebook. It is a direct link back to the kickstarter project. It will show on your facebook page under the like section

    15. beholder12 on

      I'm confused about the d8. There was an issue with the original one not working correctly with the 'flip over rule', but in the first kickstarter for the base game a replacement die with the correct configuration was already given.

    16. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Not sure what we should be liking?
      The only thing in this campaign you seem to be able to like is the individual updates. I can't see any way to like the project as a whole and Travis (project creator) "Has not connected Facebook"

    17. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lamble on

      Sputang: the original printing of Flash Point had a D8 with the 1 and 3 (I think it was) on opposite faces. So, if you followed the rules for the truck gun, you'd flip the D8 to get into the right side of the board - and land up in the wrong side.

      Most players worked around this by changing the rules to "subtract from 9", but it was a minor niggle that detracted - very slightly - from the quality of the game.

      This was fixed in the second printing. Me, I just went out and bought a replacement D8; they aren't that expensive, after all. But it'll be nice to have one with the faces set up the "proper" way (especially if the new dices have a smoky design to fit in with the game.)

    18. Branden T. Sprenger on

      Under the video on the main Kickstarter page is a Facebook Like icon. Just click it and then just hit post. It is a easy as that.

    19. Andrew on

      What facebook page should we be liking?

    20. Steve on

      Thank you for the fire dogs!! I know we can make it!

    21. Branden T. Sprenger on

      Normal victims cost you double movement. However lightly wounded victims act as if they already have been healed by the Medic. So they only cost 1 to move with instead of 2

    22. Mike Malley on

      How is a lightly wounded victim different than a normal victim?

    23. Branden T. Sprenger on

      It is pretty awesome to see several of the ideas from the comment section already selected for Stretch goals. I hope to see the fire dog get unlocked! Thanks for listening to us!

    24. Sputang on

      What was wrong with the original D8?