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Rebellion - same Coup rules, now with 25 characters to choose from.
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The Resistance - a new look coming soon

Posted by Travis (Creator)

We posted some information about the new look coming for The Resistance - and now that this new look is almost here we wanted to give you the full details! 

What has changed?

The Resistance has a new look - we've upgraded almost all of the illustrations: new card art, new tableau art, new box art. The game has a cleaner look across the board and illustrations fit better to the new art that Jarek Nocon has done for us in the Resistance expansions, One Night Revolution and Coup games. These art changes are also being made to some of the character cards in the reprint of The Resistance: Hidden Agenda.

And we are replacing the "Plot Thickens" expansion with the "Inquisitor" expansion. The Plot Thickens was introduced in the development of the game as a way to better balance the win rates at larger counts and introduce variability from game to game. The downside was that this expansion was a significant step up in complexity from the base game. The Inquisitor was developed after the release of The Resistance, and introduces the same partial information that balances game play with significantly less complexity.

As The Resistance is getting more and more mainstream it made a lot of sense to include an expansion that met the changing needs of our customers.

When does this change happen?

The new look Resistance will start to appear in stores soon and it will be the version that we ship if you "add-on" The Resistance to your pledge rewards. If you wanted to get the older version, please visit your local gaming store or online vendor quickly - the older version of The Resistance has been out of stock at the publisher and distributor levels for over a month. What is out there right now is the older version but once those are gone, there won't be any more ;)

As there is no change in the product codes between versions - some online vendors may experience a period of time with mixed inventory starting in mid-June. So again, if you order right away you should be getting the older version, if you wait you may get the newer version even if the online images so the older (or vice-versa).

Of course the easiest way to ensure you get the version you want is to buy in person and look at the box!

Thank you again for your support and your help in making The Resistance such a popular game.

Travis, Indie Boards and Cards

If you have a question, and want to get that question answered by me - be sure to "Contact Me" >>>>>

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeison Salcedo Lagos on

      How can i add this new version of the resistance? I cant find.

    2. wolfkin on

      @Angela Fieldhouse - No you're in the right place. The Resistance is a popular game brought to us by the same people who are bringing Coup G54. Travis thought that information on the new Resistance might be of interest to backers of Coup and hence this message.

      @Chew Xiong Le - Yeah I'm lucky I'm on the other side. I really need to get a new Res because my tokens are almost scratched bare and I think this may galvanize me.

    3. Cole Feeser on

      Based on what I am seeing in the image provided it looks like the "Inquisitor" expansion that is replacing The Plot Thickens is the same Inquisitor expansion that was/is included in the Hostile Intent expansion.

    4. Angela Fieldhouse on

      I'm confused, I thought this Kickstarter was for Coup G54, why did I get an update about The Resistance? Did I back the wrong page or is this advertising?

    5. Chew Xiong Ie

      Wow. I... am kinda speechless. Haha. I just recently got a replacement for my old Resistance and now this. .__.

    6. wolfkin on

      hey @Mike, long time no see. and no the manager hasn't gone out that i can recall.

      @Emanuele Lillo sounds like it yeah. RIP Plot Cards.

    7. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      will G54 artwork also be assimilated?

    8. Pre on

      Based on the description, I'm guessing no. Travis mentions the new art is done by the same person who did the expansions, so that should all be in the same style as the expansions instead of the old colored, hard light style.

    9. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee

      +1 @LunarSoundDesign. I feel like we only just received Hidden Agenda/Holstile Intent. Are those going to be "outdated" already?

    10. BoardGameRevolution

      What about the other Resistance expansions, will those be getting updated as well?

    11. Michael Sprague

      I'm trying to remember here... has the survey gone out for this (G54) - I mean the one that allows us to do add-ons?

    12. Emanuele Lillo

      Looks nice. So is the Plot Thickens going to disappear completely or be part of a future expansion?

    13. Kenneth Spond