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A quick playing card game of bluffing, bribery and manipulation for two to six players.
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Day one!

Posted by Travis (Creator)

Thank you for the tremendous support.  And patience as I roll out our stretch goals - lets say that you've gone through many of the things that we we were looking to add as part of the rewards, but I am super excited about what we have to offer beyond the already great set of promos. 

When Rikki Tahta designed and published the 1st edition of Coup, he really focused on small but very elegant game design.  I wanted to keep to that tradition - not only by not changing any of the game's rules but also keeping the game size to as small as possible.

The first stretch goal that we have already hit is our box upgrade.  As you might be aware from my comments about the art style & direction I wanted the game box to make a bold statement (take a look at this image on BBG, and give it a thumbs up if you get a chance:  That is a bold look, and I really like the art work that Jarek has done for this project.  But has unique as that box art would look, it really wasn't enough to make the box stand out enough while keeping it as small as I would like. 

So while I had this as a basic design, I also had an upgrade box design that I wanted to do but it would cost more money to make.  That design was inspired by some tremedous innovations that the book industry is doing with covers - and by far the most eye catching cover on the shelves today is the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series - Catching Fire.  That cover has a very unique foil finish with the same elegance in appearance as Rikki's design.  So our first stretch goal is to upgrade the Coup box with a very sharp foil finish cover.  Our graphic designer, Luis Francisco, really knocked this design out of the ball park - it is so compelling that a mere image isn't enough to highlight the effect.  So please take a quick look at this video loop to see what he has done to make this game really come to life:

This isn't the only stretch goal that we've hit already, nor is this box final (Rikki's name will be bigger for one!) - but its very late here, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to give everyone an update on what else you have to look forward to when your rewards arrive.

So thank you again, keep positive - and most importantly please help us get the buzz going.  Your facebook likes, posts on reddit, something awful, penny arcade and bgg are really going to drive us into the highest possible levels.  The "super supporters" that are out there helping make this happen are the true heroes of this project - a special thank you from all of us to them!


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    1. Chankster on

      @Brendan - I totally agree on the tokens. That was one of my main complaints with the original version, the "coins" just looked cheap and crappy.

    2. Brendan on

      Box looks great.

      Looking forward to more stretch goals (especially ones that let the game support more players or add more roles).

      I'd also like to see some sort of token upgrade goal!

    3. Burn Pelton on

      Joakim, because there's no reason for a small card game box to be that large. I try to consolidate as many games as I can fit into one big box (Dixit and Tsuro are my main carriers, and I have Cards Against Humanity, Gloom, Dixit, The Resistance, Incan Gold, Munchkin, Fluxx, Kill the Overlord, San Juan, Carcassonne, Creatures, and a standard deck of cards in those two boxes so I'm prepared for any game group, just about.)

    4. Jonathan Schindler on

      LOVE the new box, and I'm glad it will be smaller. Fantastic!

    5. Gergo Tothmihaly on

      Looks great and I'm glad to hear it will be a small one! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Joakim Schön on

      Why don´t do the box the same size as Resistance 2:nd ed. and Avalon?

    7. dajebriza

      I'd really like to see another box upgrade to include a magnetic clasp like the box that the new card game Ghoooost comes with. That would really upscale the packaging of this game. Since the game itself is only a very small number of cards, the box itself is a very important aspect of the game.

    8. david fillis

      Box looks great. top notch.

    9. Travis 30-time creator on

      yes, same size as the 1st edition of The Resistance

    10. Matthew H. on

      Is it 1st edition Resistance sized?

    11. Dérek Boily aka MrLeRobot on

      According to BGG:

      Size: 6.00 x 4.00 x 1.25 inches

      But considering the box is being reworked, I guess it is subject to change...

    12. Travis 30-time creator on

      It is smaller. The Coup box is about 4"x6"x1.25", about 1/3 the volume as the 2nd Edition of The Resistance.

    13. Robin Lees

      Hi Travis,
      How does the size of the box for Coup compare with the box for 2nd edition Resistance? Is it the same size, bigger, or smaller?

    14. Peter on

      Awesome box design. Looking great so far Travis.