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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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Aeon's End: The New Age LIVE on Kickstarter!!

Posted by Travis (Creator)

“Exile: Year Three, Day 264. It is time to test the ritual again. I believe I’ve finally discovered the cause of my last attempt’s failure. The runes I devised to steady the breach could not handle the strain and collapsed partway through. The breach’s sudden closure sealed the rabbit I’d been working on inside the Void. I wonder what will become of it...but one project at a time. The runes have been adjusted to support the amount of energy the ritual consumes, and Karak has managed to capture a wolf alive to use as my next subject. A larger, stronger animal no doubt is a better candidate to survive the Void essence I must feed it. If my hypotheses are correct, the creature will adapt and grow with the Void energy, mutating into a form that can properly contain it. I must confess, I am excited. Today we might see the very future of our race. If I am successful in this attempt, I can begin human trials at once.” 

-Excerpt from Arachnos’ journals

It’s a new world, a new age. It’s time for a new adventure. 

This is Aeon’s End: The New Age

Last year Indie Boards and Cards Cards & Action Phase Games released the exciting standalone co-op deck-builder Aeon’s End: Legacy. This year we are excited to expand the Aeon’s End universe with Aeon’s End: The New Age. This expansion introduces an infinitely replayable Expedition Mode which builds on the existing Aeon’s End lore. It also includes all new mages, nemeses, as well as gems, relics, and spells that are compatible with all existing content. Aeon's End: The New Age is a standalone expansion that can be mixed and matched with the other standalone games.

The Aeon's End: The New Age Kickstarter funded in 38 minutes, and we've already unlocked 9 (almost 10) stretch goals already thanks to over 2500 backers with many more planned!  You can get all the details by clicking here.  

We hope that you join us in the new age!


Travis, Indie Boards and Cards

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