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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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Aeon's End Legacy!!!

Posted by Travis (Creator)

While it’s only been a few months, the peace surrounding Gravehold since the last attack of the Nameless makes the months feel like an eternity. The brief respite has given you time to train, now you are ready to face your ordeal and become a breach mage yourself.  

The enormity of the ordeal stretches before you, and you wonder what life will be like as a Breach Mage. Then suddenly the devastation begins. First it was an earthquake, followed by screams. Now, Gravehold is aflame. A vicious Nameless has emerged from the largest breach Gravehold has ever seen, its terrible minions close behind.  

You hear the sizzle of fireballs and the cries of the mages as they bring fire down upon this Nameless. But its minions are strong. You are close enough to hear the screams as one mage is torn to pieces by a bladed warrior. Another disintegrates into a beam of darkness.  

“We are going to lose this battle!” Brama coughs as she appears out of a billow of smoke, cradling a wounded arm. “Adept - we need you to gather your wits and spells. You must hold off these creatures however you can.”  

Now is the time to muster the brave defenders of Gravehold.  

This is Aeon’s End Legacy.


Over the past year, Kevin Riley and Nick Little have worked with the team from Indie Boards and Cards and scores of playtesters from around the world to conceptualize, design and develop Aeon's End Legacy - a unique entry in the world of "legacy" games and an exciting expansion to the Aeon's End Universe.

The result is a fantastic, story driven campaign that will have you on the edge of your seat watching your mages grow from simple adepts to powerful breach mages over the course of multiple chapters. And grow they must, the Nameless will evolve as well - the most destruction Nemeses you will ever face.

The Aeon's End Legacy kickstarter funded in an hour, and we've already unlocked 11 (almost 12) stretch goals already with many more planned.  You can get all the details by clicking here.  Including Rahdo's very enthusiastic final thoughts:

We hope that you can come join us in the next chapter!

Travis, Indie Boards and Cards


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