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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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The complicated spreadsheet that shows all the content & what to do to resolve shipment issues

Posted by Travis (Creator)

Game Content

Nick was kind enough to create a very detailed spreadsheet for all the content in the base games, expansions, update packs, etc.  You can access that spreadsheet by CLICKING HERE.  There is a lot of detail in that spreadsheet - there are a lot of cards in the game - so you will need to start on the first tab (that shows which of the subsequent tabs are included in each pledge level) and then go to the revelant tabs for your reward level.  There are also tabs for contents of each of the four different update packs.

Quick Update on Shipping:

  • US - most (not all) orders have been sent.  There has been an issue with Amazon "receiving" Witching Hour, so those shipments have been delayed but will go out in the next couple of days.  All orders are sent with shipping notifications - please do not send us an email asking for shipping notification, we cannot respond.
  • US - Amazon often sends multiple packages.  Please do not send us an email saying that you are missing items, when the shipping notification says "Amazon has shipped a portion of your order"!  Please let the shipping process take time to complete.
  • Outside of US - all the games have arrived in Canada and/or UK, and all the shipment information has been sent to Snakes and Latte and/or Board Game Quest.  We do not have definitive dates when shipping will be beginning, we are hoping soon and will let you know when that happens.  As others have pointed out, its a busy time for other major kickstarter projects so there may be delays.  Both Snakes and Lattes and Board Game Quest are professional shippers and should be able to get these out soon.


While we hope everything goes smoothly for all our backers, we know that there are always some issues when it comes to sending this many games out. To receive replacement parts and/or games or for any other issue, please complete all of the following steps:

1) send an email to

2) Include your kickstarter email address & user name (this lets me know who you are)

3) Include your current mailing address (this lets me know where to send replacements). It really helps if you include your name as part of your address, and that you use separate lines instead of commas.

4) Tell me specifically what you are missing and/or damaged items. (this lets me know what you are missing). Please check everything so I can all replacements at one time. Please be specific - "I am missing everything" isn't specific ;)

5) if applicable, attach pictures of damaged items and/or packaging. This is required if you want a replacement box - so please don't throw away damaged shipping boxes until you have taken pictures.

We will send a response email to you within 7 days - after the last email you send, sending multiple emails will delay our response to you.

This is a very busy part of the kickstarter process. Having gone through this many times in the past we are confident in our approach, but know that not every package will arrive according to plan. We ask for your patience in advance, and your understanding that we will work with you to resolve issues.

Thank you again for your support, we truly hope that you enjoy the games that you will be getting in the coming weeks.

Travis, Indie Boards and Cards

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    1. Mortaneous on

      The Nameless tab:
      1. Blight Lord/Wayward One token quantity field is blank and I am missing this token. Just wondering if this is by design? I doubt that it is so I may be missing something.
      2. Row 36 to 42 are Randomizer Cards not Player Cards.

    2. Sean Wheeler

      Is there just one spread sheet where all the player cards are in one list all the nemessis are in another. Have a lot of issues because the same cards is in more than 1 list. For example?
      Nemesis Cards Nemesis Hatch 228 1 Aeons End
      Nemesis Cards Nemesis Hatch 228 1 AE Update Pack
      Nemesis Cards Nemesis Hatch 228 1 AE Depths update pack
      Nemesis Cards Nemesis Hatch 228 1 AE Nameless Update Pack
      Nemesis Cards Nemesis Hatch 228 1 AE Depths and Nameless Update Pack
      One list for each type of card to go through and tick everything off would make card checking easier. I am trying to do a single list now. I thought I had so many cards missing? While I do have some missing it's not as much as I thought?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pang Zhi Han

      Greetings from Singapore. Got my copy safely today. Here's to hoping everyone else does too.

    4. Chris Webb on

      @Konrad the Void expansion should be in the the War Eternal box it is not packed separately

    5. Chris Webb on

      Im in the UK mine arrived Thursday :) just got through checking everything and sleeving the lot! missing a few bits but will send an email with the info requested, cant wait to play my first game!

    6. Trent Hamm on

      Still haven't received any of my pledge. I live in the US, in Iowa.

    7. Missing avatar

      Konrad Kaczmarek

      I`m UK backer. Received game today but missing Void expansion. Is it gonna be sent separately?

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nedeljkovic on

      Steven Smolders I've asked last week Game Quest and they've replied: "We haven't yet started shipping this project, but we expect these to go out within the next few weeks."

    9. Steven Smolders

      an other week and yet again no email with a tracking number......

    10. Missing avatar

      Joe Aponick

      I seem to be missing a Tourmaline Shard from the full update pack. I already checked for it sticking to the cards but wanted to check on here if anyone noticed it being out of order compared to the spreadsheet or something before I email for a replacement.

    11. Missing avatar

      Spoons on

      No news yet in Canada

    12. Steven Smolders

      Any news about shipping in Europe. I don't see anyone from Action Phase Games, Indie Boards & Cards replying on many ppl questions about shipping. What's going on ?

    13. Trent Hamm on

      Haven't received my pledge yet. Not receiving Witching Hour, either. Just checking in to see if there's a problem.

    14. Missing avatar


      Found the 3 cards I was missing in War Eternal, I guess that works as long as we're not intended to have duplicates.

    15. Missing avatar


      Figured out that the Pulverizing Ray came out of one of the STOP decks.

    16. Missing avatar


      I just want to make sure the World Purge, Gravity Splinter, and Menace should be absent from the Upgrade Pack (AE + Depths + Nameless)? Also I have a Pulverizing Ray card, but it seems to be new?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Brummett on

      Stoked! Got my package a couple of days ago here in TN. Just finished going through all my content - the spreadsheet was very helpful! I did not notice at first that I was missing a mage mat, because the number of mats in the box was correct, but I ended up with two copies of one mat, and missing another.
      Sent an email according to the directions for the one component I was missing.
      I was skeptical during the campaign, but with the components in hand, I can say I find the graphic update to be beautiful.

    18. Sean Wheeler

      Still no news here in the UK?

    19. Justin Boehm

      @Robert I'm guessing 5-10 are the ones that were Tabletopday promos, which I am still perturbed backers were't given, but that's not gonna change now lol.

      Also, I just got my package, haven't reviewed the contents, but it came in a box that could easily have fit 10x the amount in it lol.

    20. Robert Kamphaus II

      Also, why did we not get replacements for the Aeon's End nemesis dividers? Was it by design to have the nemesis dividers and playmats look different between Aeon's End and War Eternal or just an oversight?

    21. Robert Kamphaus II

      Why do the promos skip 4-11?

    22. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Crimson - Good catch. I updated the numbers for the stop deck and added the randomizer cards.

    23. Crimson Phoenix

      War eternal tab - the randomizer cards 1-27 are not listed in the spreadsheet.

    24. Crimson Phoenix

      War eternal tab*

    25. Crimson Phoenix

      The 'card number' for stop deck A in the spreadsheet appear to be ones used internally as they do not reflect the actual numbers on the cards.

    26. CountryYokel

      Thanks team, this update helps. I also ordered Witching Hour, so that would explain it. I was wondering if I was the only one in California who hadn't had their package shipped yet. That will stem the tide of jealousy for a few more days. :-)

    27. Nick Little Collaborator on

      @Crimson Phoenix-This has been updated.

    28. Crimson Phoenix

      I believe the spreadsheet is wrong in regards to the update pack. It mentions that there should be 4 spark cards outside of the do not shuffle packs, but the numbers listed on the cards only support 3 spark cards. They work sequentially as printed on the cards. No numbers are skipped.

    29. Marcus Cole on

      "There has been an issue with Amazon "receiving" Witching Hour, so those shipments have been delayed but will go out in the next couple of days."

      Ah, this would explain why I haven't received a shipping notification yet. However, I wasn't going to get worried until I got the "All orders have been shipped!" message.