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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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Shipping Update & How to handle any issues

Posted by Travis (Creator)

As many of you will have noticed shipping games out to you is in full swing!  In the US, many packages are arriving as we speak in the western & central parts of the country, and will be slowly spreading east through this week and next.  My hope is that International And Canadian games start shipping this week as well. 

Everyone should get a shipping notice when their games are sent, but that doesn't always happen.  While I understand your excitement and we all want you to get the games as soon as possible, please allow time for the shipping process to complete - not every package has been sent and some packages will take longer than others to arrive. Unfortunately we don't have resources to respond to individual requests for shipping status at this time.

Also note that Amazon is handling US shipments - oftentimes they will split your items across multiple packages.  So don't be worried that you don't receive all your items in one box.  Their shipping notice will say "Fulfillment by Amazon has shipped a portion of your order." when they are sending multiple boxes.


While we hope everything goes smoothly for all our backers, we know that there are always some issues when it comes to sending this many games out. To receive replacement parts and/or games or for any other issue, please complete all of the following steps:

1) send an email to

2) Include your kickstarter email address & user name (this lets me know who you are)

3) Include your current mailing address (this lets me know where to send replacements). It really helps if you include your name as part of your address, and that you use separate lines instead of commas.

4) Tell me specifically what you are missing and/or damaged items. (this lets me know what you are missing). Please check everything so I can all replacements at one time. Please be specific - "I am missing everything" isn't specific ;)

5) if applicable, attach pictures of damaged items and/or packaging. This is required if you want a replacement box - so please don't throw away damaged shipping boxes until you have taken pictures.

We will send a response email to you within 7 days - after the last email you send, sending multiple emails will delay our response to you.

This is a very busy part of the kickstarter process. Having gone through this many times in the past we are confident in our approach, but know that not every package will arrive according to plan. We ask for your patience in advance, and your understanding that we will work with you to resolve issues.

Thank you again for your support, we truly hope that you enjoy the games that you will be getting in the coming weeks.

Travis, Indie Boards and Cards

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    1. Missing avatar

      Federico on

      They got back to me very promptly with the following answer:
      "The Depths and The Nameless are inside the Aeon's End, 2nd edition box. The KS promos, The Void and The Outer Dark are inside the Aeon's End: War Eternal box."
      I guess I should have checked inside the main boxes before posting, but I was expecting separate boxes for the expansions. Anyway.. thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Federico on

      I got my package today (Voidwalker pledge) and it's missing ALL expansions and kickstarter promos/exclusives... I just sent an email requesting all missing items, let's see how this goes but extremely disappointed...

    3. Sean Wheeler

      Quote "My hope is that International And Canadian games start shipping this week as well." That being 18th Sept. Its now 10th October and heard nothing at all? Do they even have it, did the boat even get to the UK to unload?

    4. Nick Vallina on

      I'm shocked that Amazon is this slow. I still haven't received a shipping notification.

    5. Sean Wheeler

      Still not heard a thing here in the UK.

    6. Loyd Fox on

      I do have a damaged mage board in AE:WE. I'll check for any more issues before sending an email. Overall everything looks really good. I really like the improved design and upgraded components. Can't wait to get it to the table!

    7. Loyd Fox on

      @John Barnes.. I was just going to say that happened to me too! Then I realized you were talking about me. See you at game night in about an hour! lol

      @SD Here's a pic of my AE:WE box:
      Original game came in an actual Amazon box. So weird.

    8. Missing avatar

      John Barnes

      @SD I agree! Yes, in the US (NC). My package arrived in a box with packing material, but my friend's was just a shipping label and packing slip stuck right to the shrink of the War Eternal box. He is also in the US, a few minutes down the road into SC.

    9. SD

      @John That is WEIRD. Are you in the US? Mine was in an Amazon box with Amazon tape and the air filled bubble packing inside.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Barnes

      I'm concerned about the packaging for the War Eternal box. My friend just texted me that his pledge arrived today with NO packaging - just a shipping label slapped on the War Eternal box itself. His was not damaged in any way, but still... Hoping this is an anomaly and not the norm, 'cause I want my awesome new game to look awesome on the shelf!

    11. Lynn Mattila on

      Our Voidwalker arrived today, and we already played a round. Thank you for the AWESOME game!

    12. SD

      Shipping notification and delivery was pretty quick for me. I got the shipping notice in email yesterday, and my game (one package containing Enlightened Exile pledge + full update pack) arrived today via Ontrac direct from Amazon. I'm in SoCal. Thank you for yet another great Kickstarter and another great game! You restore my faith in Kickstarter when some other projects have severely tried my patience.

    13. Peter Scholtz on

      Dear Travis is there any possibility for reaching the PM. I absolutelly miss that in a ton of mails. Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Hogofwar on

      When is UK/EU shipping expected?

    15. chris sudweeks on

      wahoo! I've been looking forward to this forever! I can say from experience these guys do a great job fixing any problems. thanks guys I cant wait to get a copy of the game the accessory pack, and the upgrade pack.

    16. Scott Bowen

      Thanks for the mention about multiple packages from Amazon. I got an email like that and came here for exactly that answer! :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Joeri Kreikamp on

      Thanks for the update, Travis. Glad to see everything seems reasonably on schedule! That's far from a given for Kickstarters these days.

    18. Blake Curry on

      Thanks for the update. I have the "exiled enlightened" portion of my void walker heading to me now. Can't wait to get my hands on the original, expansions, player mat and accessory pack too!