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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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3,890 backers pledged $434,703 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. barry morgan on

      @paul - I have really enjoyed playing this with my 10 year old son as well. you appear to have backed a lot of the same games as me, most of them also being played with my kids!

    2. fifini on

      @kevin , will I have the option to buy some extras or to change something on my pledge?

    3. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @fifini - You won't need an update pack for depths + nameless because you are getting the new version of them via your pledge. You will still need the update pack for your base game Aeon's End.

    4. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Rich - there are plenty of ways you can upload a photo without making an account. for example doesn't require an account.

    5. fifini on

      @Razoupaf mate, thanks for your time, but I didn't understand your answer. (English not my native language,)

    6. Rich

      @Namit, photo for Proof of Purchase is fine, but requiring us to create an account at a third party site to host the photo file in order to include a link is very bad. I don't want to have to create an account and get bombarded with more junk emails, nor have to deal with the time to create and verify accounts, then remember to go delete it weeks/months later.

    7. Razoupaf on

      @fifini you even won't be able to add as you need the first version of the game to purchase the update pack.

    8. fifini on

      Hello, i have the basic game(not KS edition) and i backed the 95$ reward level. I also backe3d for theUpdate Pack, but as i understood from update #16 , i don't need it. Will i have the chance to spend the extra money for somehting else?

    9. Paul Davies on

      @Travis, cheers that's good to know. I finally got to play the original game this week. My 10 year old son watched all the how to play videos and taught me! So proud! And the game rocks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      I absolutely *love* this last-minute surprise! (I mean the 3 Nemesis cards.)
      THANK YOU!

    11. Peter Hofland on

      Odd. I've pre-ordered from the APG website, order 3505. But when I ask for a reset of my password on the APG website it no longer registers my email adress and after a few attempts it gives a message 'too many attempts'. I still have the orginal mails for the order conformation.

    12. Blake Curry on

      @Abel he sounds nasty! Can't wait to thwart it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Namit Kaura

      @Rich why? It's basically a proof of purchase which seems reasonable to me. What's wrong with that?

    14. Rich

      Photographic proof requirements for retail buyers are ridiculous.

    15. Abel Kim on

      @Blake one of them is a power that, if you dont disable it, kills the player with the highest hp. Unless they changed it.

    16. Travis 32-time creator on

      @Paul Davies - Kickstarter now assigns every backer a unique identifier number. That number doesn't change if you change the email address you use for kickstarter

    17. Travis 32-time creator on

      @Steven Smolders - from the update "If you bought either the Depth or Nameless expansions then get either those expansion boxes or the Nemesis mats from those expansions (Horde Crone - Depths, Wayward One/Blight Lord - Nameless)"

      If you don't have the expansion boxes, take a picture of the box and the nemesis mats from the expansions you've bought.

    18. Blake Curry on

      Can we get a look at those new cards? :)

    19. Paul Davies on

      What do you use to check for backers of the original? I went all in last time, but have changed my linked email address on Kickstarter so the one I use now will not match the one I used to back last time.

    20. Steven Smolders

      I bought aeons end and all of its expansions and i have orderd the update pack aswel but i can only take pics of the box of the base game. I don't keep boxes from expansions. Do i take a photo of a boss or so for both expansions ?

    21. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      cool! thats a great final SG