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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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The Final Hours, The Final Countdown

Posted by Travis (Creator)

We did it!  The final hours are upon us and we've smashed through all the stretch goals.  War Eternal is going to be a great game, and because of your support it will be chock full of content.  We are very busy getting everything final & ready to send to the printers so we can meet our expected delivery dates.  Getting this game to you is our top priority.

While it may not be exciting, and it is a repeat of what we've posted before - we need to make sure that everyone that has pledged to this project knows we aren't using a pledge manager and now is the time to adjust your pledge to account for any extra copies of War Eternal, any add-ons, and any copies of other new games that are releasing at the same time.  So please read through this process below.

Note - we've changed the size of the Witching Hour box, and some of the contents - so the add-on price of that game has been reduced from $14 to $10.  Now you can get two great new games for just $20 more.  Details below.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to getting your rewards to you shortly!

Travis W., Indie Boards and Cards

Pledge Manager

We are not using a pledge manager. That means you’ll have to add to your pledge amount for all the add-ons that you want, before the project is completed at 10pm pacific, April 20th. To change you pledge amount, click the “Manage your Pledge” button on the top of this page.

Then click “Change your Pledge”, enter the new pledge amount and click “Continue”. The tricky part is that you’ll need to calculate the total pledge amount on your own (see details below to help) and won’t get an immediate confirmation of what you have added. This has to be done before the project ends (10pm pacific, Thursday April 20th). We will get all the details we need from you when we send the project surveys out, that will be done the week of April 24th (we need to get the information quickly in order to send the right number of games and add-ons to their fulfillment centers).

War Eternal Add-ons

Two add-ons that have been part of the project from the beginning are 1) Accessory Pack and 2) Update Pack. All the details for those two add-ons can be found on the main project page, and in the FAQ.

As a special note and new news– we’ve asked the factory to make a mold for “spin down” dice, so all the accessory packs will include spin down dice that are much easier to use as life counters!

If you want the Accessory Pack, add $20 to your pledge amount.


If you want the Upgrade Pack and did not back the original Aeon’s End Kickstarter project (or pre-order directly from Action Phase Games), add $10 to your pledge amount. See the FAQ for more details.

Player Mat

Last year we partnered with to have a really cool neoprene player surface be made available. A lot of people got these mats from them, but I know shipping outside of the US has been costly and we’ve had a number of requests for these to be made available through this project – so we are going to make them available.

This player mat isn’t necessary – but it is very functional! If you want the player mat sent with your rewards, add $25 to your pledge. You can add more than one copy.


Extra copies of rewards

We know that some backers want more than one copy of a reward level. To do this, you will need to 1) pledge at the highest level from which you want the rewards, and 2) add to your pledge amount based on the chart below. The numbers in the two leftmost columns in chart below are inclusive of shipping (ie, you don’t have to add shipping cost for each item, just the first which Kickstarter does automatically).


New Game add-ons

In addition to War Eternal, we are planning on releasing two new games at GenCon this year. Both of these games are in a similar vein as Coup; light, fun, high player interaction, and definitely more strategy to them than is apparent on the first play. Pirate 21, by Jeremy Commandeur & Franklin Kenter, is a trashing talking, special power using, and deductive (but no bluffing) variation of 21. It’s a game that we first played at BGG Con in 2015 and have been tweaking it since then. Witching Hour, by first time designer Bruce Baskir, is a very clever hand management game that we first played at Geekway 2016 and have been playing and thinking about it ever since.

These are great games, but we aren’t running Kickstarter projects for either of them. They are just such tight and well-designed games that don’t have a lot of the promos/stretch goals needed to make exciting Kickstarter projects. As backers of War Eternal project, we’d like to give you a special price on these games. If you are a fan of past games from IBC & APG like Coup, Kodama, Resistance and Scoundrel Society – then you should take a chance and add them on!

Click here for Pirate 21 rules.

Click here for Witching Hour rules.

If you want Pirate 21, add $10 to your pledge amount. You can add more than one copy.

If you want Witching Hour, add $10 to your pledge amount. You can add more than one copy.



Lots of information, so some examples might help clear up any confusion.

Example 1 – US backer wants Enlightened Exile ($65), Accessory Pack, Update Pack & Witching Hour:

Select the $65 pledge level and change the pledge amount to $109 - $65 pledge level, $20 Accessory Pack, $10 Update Pack, $14 Witching Hour. Note the Update Pack will require a photographic proof of purchase, see the FAQ for more details.

Example 2 – Canadian Backer wants Voidwalker ($130), two Enlighted Exile ($65) and 3 player mats:

Select the $130 pledge level and change the pledge amount to $340 - $130 pledge level, $15 shipping, 2x$60 add-on Enlighted Exile (from chart above) and 3x $25 Player Mats.

Note – Add-ons are only available at the $65 and higher pledge reward levels. Add-ons are not available on the $1 or no reward levels.

Broken Token Offer

And finally – we are excited to announce that we’ve been working with Broken Token on a special organizer for your Aeon’s End Collection. It’s designed to fit everything Aeon’s End (base game, War Eternal, all the expansions & Stretch goals with sleeves), and the Accessory Pack.

You can get this via the Broken Token website by clicking here, and as a special pre-order offer from us & Broken Token you can save $5 by using the promo code: AEONSEND5. Check it out, a really great design!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick Labrie on

      Ah I'm sad, didn't read my email in time to add the accessory pack :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Rafael on

      Wow, I didn't expect the pledges to reach the Nether Conduit Spell. Good job, y'all!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonas Hjelmar on

      Thank you for posting the rules for the addon games. A bit late, but better late then never. Read the rules and they do sound interesting. I think I might add them.

    4. Red L

      Also Example 1 is wrong now here and on the main page since Witching Hour's cost has been decreased.

    5. Red L

      What were the changes to Witching Hour?

    6. Missing avatar

      SciencePiggy on

      I'm pretty sure this was addressed in the main comments but there's still a conflict between the shipping table and Example #2: $20 vs $15 for Canadian shipping on a Voidwalker pledge.

    7. Razoupaf on

      @Garcia anything between 1 hp (husks) to 28 hp if you're unlucky (Carapace Queen tier 3 minion)

    8. Garcia JDA

      what's the general average hp of the minions? coz i have a ton of d6s and i'd only buy the accessory pack just for the dice.

    9. Jonathan Venezian

      (link in this update, the one on the main page works)

    10. Jonathan Venezian

      The link to the Witching Hour rules comes up broken from me. Have tried it several times...

    11. Miroslav - Board Gamer Weekly

      Nice update, I was looking forward to some info about the game add-ons. However, the link to the Witching Hour rules is broken.