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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Scott Large

      So, Dezmodia, having sigiled (is that the correct term?) both of another page's breaches, having spent her spare aether on Temporal Helix can now cast Monsterous Inferno from Reeve's breaches for 11 damage? That Nemesis is toast!

    2. Razoupaf on

      @Josh N. I have intense dreams about playing Z'hana and Dezmodia with Monstrous Inferno :)
      Prep Inferno on sigiled I and II and copy-cast it with Eternal Ember -from breach IV of course) =
      1 + 7+2+2 + 7+2+2 = 23 damage :D

    3. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Josh There will be 8 sigil breaches included so in a 4p game you could give 2 to every player

    4. Josh N. on

      How many sigil breaches will you guys include? I'm guessing the problem from your side is that an ability that affects breaches needs a lot more components to implement! Regardless, I'm excited to try her out. Her sigil breaches when combined with some of the effects that let you double-cast a spell will also be great.