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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Justin Boehm

      @Travis cool thanks! Do you know what time you are launching in March 9th? Need to set my alarm to be there right on time!

      Good to know about the leaders, means I won't have any inclination to leave my leader somewhere to defend haha!

    2. Travis 31-time creator on

      @JUSTIN Our launch date is May 9th. We are extremely excited after two years of work on this game.

      Your leader allows you to conquer your current province, but it has nothing to do with defense. You have to be in a province to attempt to conquer, but cards with defend can be used to bolster your provinces against rival attacks, regardless of where you leader is.

    3. Justin Boehm

      @Travis thanks, do you have a time for the launch yet? I want to put it in my calendar :)

      Also, does combat change if you try to conquer a location where an opponent's leader is? As in I move my leader onto the same space they are in?

    4. Justin Boehm

      @Kevin I think Tory was referencing how Indira works with spells that say "does 1 additional damage for each adjacent prepped spell" etc, or effects for multiple spells on one breach. My guess would be, she can't get any of those benefits because she casts mostly from her hand and has a max of one breach.

    5. Abel Kim on

      @Bradford That reminds me of a certain explosion-loving girl in an anime called Konosuba. Of course, Indira is definitely more useful than a one trick.

    6. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Bradford - That is definitely a thing that has happened especially when she is paired with some specific other mages.

    7. Bradford Lounsberry on

      I see Indira sitting off to the side while the battle is going on. Just doing her thing until a pivotal moment when stands up and walks quietly to the front line. Then you cut away to an aerial shot and all you see is a giant mushroom cloud rising from where the battle once was.

    8. Razoupaf on

      @Dylan you can discard spells to cards that allow you to discard stuff, such as Adelheim's starting card.
      @Tory the spells don't cycle through breaches so anything that relates to those spells being prepped (occupying multiple breaches, beneficial effects such as Sage's Brand +1 draw at the end of the turn) are irrelevant and ignored. You can cast Monstrous Inferno from hand without caring that it takes two breaches. Twin Opals allow you to cast from hand so Link is ignored. Something that allows you to cast another prepped spell won't let you cast it from your hand so it is ignored unless you have a spell prepped in her breach.

    9. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Nate - Sure, you can choose to hold spells in your hand for a future cast, but then you're losing out on the ability to draw cards and develop your deck each turn you do it.

      @Tory - Her ability and starting card cast spells from her hand. I'm not sure I understand your question.

    10. Anthony Hennig on

      @Dylan. Nate didn't say discard cards without using them, just not playing the cards. In the rules, you don't have to play all the cards in your hand each turn, and save some for the next round if needed.

    11. Dylan Thurston

      @Nate, I believe that's incorrect. Nothing allows you to discard a card for no effect. Gems can be played to generate aether that you don't need to use, but unwanted spells (like Sparks) are another matter.

    12. Chris Webb on

      Twin Opel casts the spell all reference to breaches will be ignored is my reading. Linked spells wont be stacked in a breach so will not be linkable but can still be cast as a standalone spell.

    13. Travis 31-time creator on

      @JUSTIN: May 9th. Do go and check out the BGG page, the articles, and first look video.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tory Middlebrooks

      Rules question : how does her ability work when the new spells reference being in two breaches or multiple spells in a single breach?
      Do we just assume that she has infinite breaches when she uses her special?
      Can twin opals cast these same multiple/stacked breach spells?

    15. Justin Boehm

      So when's Path of Light and Shadow having its KS?

    16. Pianandrill on

      Nice! I wish that more Braxton Mages ;) had this ”not so obvious” way to play.

    17. Nate Fowler on

      Her design seems simply amazing! What an inspired character! I can't wait to fail to competently use her! XD

      I did have one rules-related question: you said "...but timing is crucial as she doesn’t have a good way to save this potential for future turns due to her limited breaches." I was under the impression that you can always set aside (and not use) any cards in hand that you don't want to play during the current turn, and save them for the next turn instead. Is that an incorrect reading of the rules? :)