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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Ron Hatch

      The stretch goal I really want to see is components that use the new designs for everything in the original set. Being able to get replacements for most of it is certainly better than nothing, but I already know that having even one card or mat that doesn't match will/would be a constant irritant for me. (This is why you really need to get the graphical design right the first time. No take backs.)

    2. Razoupaf on

      @Brendan that looks crazy. Is there no end to Kevin's inspiration? :)

    3. Brendan on

      Thrice Dead Prophet is a very unique nemesis. He starts with lower life, but quickly gains life with no max life. Once he gets to 99 life, he becomes a God and wins. Also, if his deck runs out he completes his ritual and wins. I think we beat him around 25% of the time.

    4. K on

      Very much looking forward to the nemesis, but it looks like the accessories pack makes half of the dividers goal pointless to those getting it.

    5. Nate Fowler on

      Remnant's abilities look DOPE!! He and Garu both look to be early favorites of mine from the new batch of mages. Can't wait to hear more details on the other new mages!