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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nedeljkovic on

      Out of curiosity (if it's not a secret): how many copies (circa) of the original Aeon's End have you sold? I would like to compare that to the number of votes on BGG.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ruduen on

      I think that 'additional damage' is generally a smoother wording, though it can be reordered a little bit. Splitting things into explicit instances of damages brings up questions of whether or not something counts as individual or separate items, or if they're 'subdivided' hits.

    3. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      Thanks for your feedback on Garu's ability's wording. We'll look into making this more clear.

    4. Ethan Furman

      Possibly better wording: Deal 2 damage. Deal 4 damage for each spell discarded this way. All damage may be split however you choose.

    5. Kevin John on

      @Dylan Part of the game is deciding which mage you will play and what market you will use. When we were playtesting him we chose spells that cost 2, 3, and 4. This let him buy multiple spells easily and quick. Honestly I don't think it would ever be a good idea to exclusively have expensive spells :P

      @Raz Yeah I agreed it was needed. Personally we never got that high, our best was 26 points of damage, which is still OP... but way fun :D

    6. Dylan Thurston

      @weidox, do you have a suggestion? The wording is pretty clear that the initial 2 damage can be divided. It's a little less clear that the additional 4 damage/spell discarded can also be discarded.

      @Kevin John, it looks like he can now keep some spells if he wants?

      It looks to me like Garu would have trouble if there aren't any cheap spells in the market, right?

    7. Razoupaf on

      @Kevin that sounds a bit overpowered with Link lying around :)

    8. Kevin John on

      Oh man, Garu got nerfed :(
      I suppose it was needed, doing a potential 34 targeted damage in a turn was a bit much.
      (He used to be 'discard all prepped spells, doing 4 damage each'. With link spells you could theoretically get 8 spells prepped. Then you could divide that damage however you wished.)

    9. Missing avatar

      weidox on

      By first reading mage mat I assumed that additional damage cannot be divided as wished. This needs better wording.