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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Travis 32-time creator on

      @Dylan This was the third draft.

      @Razoupaf A lot of card with Yan in the flavor talk about this. Her bio talks about reaching into a spiral of light and plucking one out, not realizing, she destroys an entire world in doing so.

      Working with Kevin is great. He is a smart guy, but we are about as opposite as you could get :)

      @ Sean Wheeler Xaxos was always a bit on the darker side. If you read his bio and cards that feature him, he talks about being able to learn from The Nameless. He thinks their salvation is in The Void. When he begins to suspect a former ally was turned into one of The Nameless, he decides to start his cabal of acolytes, which brings about Hollow Crown.

      Dark stuff and a dark future awaits him.

    2. Dylan Thurston

      How many stories have been released about the world? This one is titled "Short Story 3"; is there any information about the others?

    3. Razoupaf on

      I would love to hear more about what the Void is.
      But not about what the Nameless are. I was disappointed when I learned what the Titans in Attack on Titan really were. Mystery is better sometimes.

      Also, on a scale of 2 to 7, how awesome is working with Kevin?

    4. Sean Wheeler

      I don't want Xaxos to be a traitor he is awesome, is his mind invaded by a Nemesis or something. The plot thickens dun dun duhhhh.

    5. Missing avatar


      As someone who has read every single piece of flavor text I could find, I have to say great job on the world building. Normally boardgames are more about mechanic than theme it is so cool to see one that does both well. Great job! I particularly enjoyed reading the backstory of each breach mage I played as, very immersive and well written.

    6. Immanuel Aquino on

      Wow. Xaxos was my favorite from the Aeon's End... and he is a traitor?! :-o

    7. Travis 32-time creator on

      Travis C here! Thanks for reading, every one! While I would love to write something more substantial for the game, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Without Denise, I would have taken twice as long with this--she also helped to write a number of the bios for this content.

      I definitely have more great story ideas for our characters for future content. And, who knows, maybe we can have another short story to bridge this expansion to the next ;)

    8. Johnny Freedom

      Great work! I look forward to more stories from this world as the War Eternal unfolds!

    9. Walter H. Hunt on

      @Major Havoc, I commend the enthusiasm; but as a novelist myself (7 published, most recently with Baen), let me suggest that it's a major undertaking. I'd rather Travis work with Kevin to make AE:WE and future projects a reality, and not place the work of executing a novel in the way of delivering the product.

      That being said, it would be cool :)

    10. Azilut on

      Just curious, how does Catalyst interact with Jian's ability to cast the same spell twice? If you destroy it the first time, would his second casting "fizzle" (since it's no longer there), or can he "destroy" a second virtual copy of it?

    11. Major Havoc

      Travis, any chance you can package up all the stories into a collection and make it an add on, or a stretch goal? How about writing a full fledged novel as a backdrop for the games?

    12. Phillip Martin on

      Will the accessory pack have card dividers for promo/KS cards unlocked through stretch goals like this new Mage?