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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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Kevin explains Linking - a new AE mechanic, you get to name a card and lots more stretch goals!

Posted by Travis (Creator)

Good afternoon, backers!  Lots to cover today! We start with a bit more about what we've added in War Eternal, as Kevin talks about about the new Link keyword.  Then we we are giving you a chance to name one of the spells and finally we talk about the stretch goals we've unlocked and how you can help us get more attention.

Kevin's Designer Post!

Aeon's End designer Kevin Riley has written something for our backers. As we mentioned in our Man Vs. Meeple interview, we introduced a new keyword mechanic to the game in The Void expansion called LINK. Here's what Kevin has to say about this new keyword:

Breaches in Aeon’s End create interesting economic decisions. In order to maximize your deck’s potential, you have to carefully balance your economy, spells, and breaches. Up until War Eternal, there have only been two types of spells with regards to breaches: spells that occupy one breach or spells that occupy two adjacent breaches. Monstrous Inferno is a great example of an extra powerful card that requires more economic support than its high (7 aether) price tag would suggest because it also occupies two adjacent breaches.

In The Void, we introduce Link spells. Two spells with Link may be prepped to the same breach. This simple mechanic introduces a way for players to build their decks in a very different way. Like Monstrous Inferno (an other two breach spells), there is a subtle cost associated with using Link spells; your deck has to have a lot of them in order to maximize use.  This means economic buying power and flexibility of your deck will be greatly diminished. The trade-off is that you do not need to invest in breaches nearly as much. Link spells often go very well with early damage strategies because of how cheap it is to gain a few early on.


Another really fun part of Link spells is mixing multiple different ones together. As long as both spells have Link, they can be prepped to the same breach, even if they’re different spells. With multiple Link spells in the market, there’s a lot of potential to create different Link-heavy decks while still fully utilizing their Link potential. For example, Inner Fire, a 2 aether Link spell, can be used early to ward off threats. Then in future turns, more expensive Link spells such as Conflagration or Thermal Dart can be added to give additional utility in the mid game. If there aren’t a lot of threats out at the time, players can also easily ‘store’ a lot of potential in very few breaches. Having four prepped spells between just two breaches creates a lot of burst damage that will help deal with surprise threats.

Overall, Link adds a new dimension to deck management and strategy to Aeon’s End while keeping the core gameplay you know and enjoy.



Today we launched a backer challenge on BGG. Akin to our last campaign, we are asking our backers to help us name a spell. You can participate and post your suggestions by clicking THIS LINK!

We look forward to getting your ideas and look forward to a couple more challenges like this going forward in the project.

Stretch Goals!!!

In the past days we have unlocked two more goals, and we've  we also have posted a number of goals that lie ahead of us --including an all-new nemesis! Let's take a look at what's been unlocked since our last update! 

First we have a brand new gem, Alien Element!

Like many cards in War Eternal, Alien Element introduces a variable power - interconnecting the different mechanics in the game more closely.  At a glance, you may mistake Alien Element for being weak, but like all things from the void, it is not what it seems. For mages like Jian and Garu, this is a powerful tool in tandem with their abundance of starting spells.

We have also unlocked three Kickstarter Exclusive basic nemesis cards - a new attack, minion, and power card, each from a different tier!  Since release, players and fans have asked that we have more basic cards for more variety. The above cards do just that! In particular, Gallowskulk makes for a very formidable tier 3 threat!

And we've announced our next three stretch goals to unlock, a component upgrade and two more sets of promos including a very exciting Nemesis to battle!



And we know that you want these stretch goals and more - "Sharing" this project on the main project page or on Kicktraq, participating in our Name This Spell challenge or just checking out our latest BGG images here & here, and giving us a thumbs up if you like what you see, will all help us get closer to our next goal.  I know that more than 40 of you like what you are seeing - make it known by your shares & thumbs!

That's all for today's update! Expect more updates, more new stretch goals, and more interactive challenges with our backers in the coming days and weeks! Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for this great game.

Be sure to check our FAQs for more info to common questions about this project - we keep adding more content as question come up.

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    1. Sean Wheeler

      Hi just a quick message for everyone who has not done this?
      Can every backer please check out Aeons End: WE on KickTraq at
      and like this game, the more who like it the more who will see this game and hopefully back it as well and more stretch goals will get it. It has dropped to number 16 and the game needs to be in the top ten to be seen from the homepage.
      Thank you all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rafael on

      Pleasantly surprised by the new icky Nemesis.

    3. Ben Hansen on

      I got to play test Conflagration and Thermal Darts. They were so much fun! It opens up some more options in playing the game. My favorite was Conflagration. It deals damage, it gives you aether, and you can link two of them to cast off one open breach. I found it helped me a great deal; I don't have to worry about opening my breaches as early, cause I am casting two spells as one, and the aether that I would have spent on the breaches, I spend on other cards, or canceling nemesis cards. Plus whatever rather the spell gives me.

      Having two spells, always together in your deck order, ensures for some ease of mind