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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
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More Treasures Unlocked + Chornal Arc!

Posted by Travis (Creator)

The New Age has shown us a lot of what’s possible with New Gravehold and with Aeon’s End. Into the Wild has continued that trend and brought to life new Mages in the $15 add-on. We’ve stuffed The Ancients full of new promos that will be sent out with each pledge, but if you need more Aeon’s End, make sure you grab that add-on with new Expeditions and more Nemeses.

But we’re still on the train to unlock more stretch goals with plenty more cards. We’ve unleashed the newest batch of spells, so we’ll introduce the Chronal Arc!

And you've just unlocked two new Treasures for The Ancients; Blighted Root Clump and True Sight Monocle.

Don’t forget to follow Indie Boards & Cards on Facebook and Twitter, but if you want to become part of the Aeon’s End community, join our Discord with designer Kevin or jump onto our BGG page and come chat with the team. Let us know what cards you’re looking forward to using, what Mages you love, and what Nemeses you can’t wait to clobber!



Travis, Indie Boards and Cards

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    1. Blake Curry on

      You can do it in the pledge manager. Doing it now will help unlock additional stretch goals but both methods are fine.

    2. Dáithi English on

      I'm at tide master tier. Just so I'm clear, is Into the Wild a separate add-on that I will have to pay an additional $15 for? Will I be able to buy that using the pledge manager once the campaign is complete, or do I need to add an additional $15 to my pledge now?

    3. Sean Wheeler

      @Shai. Just the The Additional Accessory pack for $10 and the expansion for $15. If you have everything from the legacy you will not need anything else.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ingebrigt Megård

      If breach III and IV have +1 damage, then it will do an additional 2 damage each turn when placed there.

    5. Shai Loufton

      Can anyone help me understand all the addons? I want one of each (and already have everything - that was bought with the Legacy KS. I went all-in on Legacy). I am on the first tier and what else to add? Just not sure what I already have and what not.

    6. Eric Robertson on

      Ugh. Nevermind. I went back and reread the card; took it to be "back on top of your deck" for some reason. It's late; I should be in bed :)

    7. Eric Robertson on

      I was thinking about this too; wouldn't it be eight damage every other turn? One turn to prep, one to use?

      I still agree with the value from cycling other cards, generating charges and having time to focus on other plays.

    8. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on

      @Jeremy That is a really good strategy for the card. I see the value of it now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Miller

      @Edward Terwilliger Guaranteed 4 damage a turn without affecting card draw is pretty powerfully. It seems like a good spell for one character with a powerful ability to focus on. Stick to getting gems to crack open your breaches as fast as possible, grab two Chronal Arcs, and then just deal 8 damage and build up charges every turn.

    10. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on

      I am trying to figure out how this new spell is worth using. It takes up 2 breaches and only does 4 damage. You get to put it back in your hand so you can keep doing it each turn since it always goes back in your hand once used. Lots of spells do 4 damage so would you just be better off playing two of those than even bothering with the new spell ? I am just trying to see the value in ever using it.

    11. Missing avatar

      JMFD on

      Nemeses? That's definitely plural... Typo or something else to come? (the Wanderer is going I to the Ancients according to the last update).