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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
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Welcome to Week Two!

Posted by Kira (Collaborator)

The New Age is upon us and with your help, we’ve knocked out several more stretch goals over the long weekend. We hope you had a good time playing Aeon’s End. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know how your game went or share some pictures with us. 

We got the Deluge of Power and Illuminating Flame that each includes 5 new spells, as well as six new Treasures for The Ancients including the Brooch of Attunement and Gem Encrusted Anklet. 

We also want to thank our friends at the Dice Tower for the promo they helped with: Thieving Spirit which you helped unlock!

Soon we’ll be looking at the new Into the Wild expansion with more Expeditions and beyond that will be new Nemeses and Mages. If you’re hungry for more Aeon’s End share this Kickstarter with your friends and let us know what you want to see on our BGG page, or social media (Facebook and Twitter). 

New Images to Thumb:

Follow along and we hope to see you victorious against your Nemesis!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      Rhia is... rather different aesthetically than the rest of the mages.

    2. Martin on

      More Expeditions sounds like just what the game needs! (I also hope that the spelling of "attunement" can be corrected before printing.)

    3. Missing avatar

      Esker on

      Brooch of "Attunment"? ;)

    4. Zac on

      Bad ass. I hope we get to unlock the whole 3rd expansion!

    5. Sputang on

      You can expect a pretty big surge once the add on is announced.

    6. Francois LC on

      Cool!!! A 3rd expansion.

    7. Dean on

      From designer Kevin Riley:
      into the wilds will be an add-on containing a second narrative driven expedition, new mages and a new nemesis
      We ended up designing more content than usual because reasons

    8. Missing avatar

      Will on

      @Douglas Into the Wild is a third small expansion for this Kickstarter, which I presume will be an add on.

    9. Bean Álainn on

      I hope we can continue the current momentum (nearly $10k/day is pretty nice) until the last 48 hours. I expect several more stretch goals to be unlocked, but the promise of a third expansion is, forgive me, wild. And good.

    10. Douglas Raymond SIano on

      Into the Wild? That is gonna be a separate Kickstarter?

    11. Bob Fish Bartlett on

      Wait?!? Another expansion?!? Awesome!!!