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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival for 1-4 players.
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Posted by Travis (Creator)

We welcomed you back to The World That Was, showed you the dangers, enemies, and hazards of the underground city of Gravehold and you showed up with so much love and support! It took us only 38 minutes to fund and we couldn’t have done this without you! Aeon’s End is such a passion project for the team at Indie Boards & Card and for designer Kevin Riley – and all of you, our fans, make it worth every moment!

Kevin and the team have had so much fun bringing this universe to life, and your passion and drive only helps their creative fuel! This expansion has received a lot of love from you already, but we’ve seen first hand across over 800 unique playtests what this expansion has to offer; and this overwhelming support from you fills all of us who put in so much hard work and love with amazing feelings. Thank you.

If you haven’t seen, The New Age isn’t the only thing we’re making here. The promos in our stretch goals will be grouped together and put in a package for our backers. Marza is a new Mage that will be in The Ancients pack containing 10 starter cards, a player mat, and 1 Breach. Mazra focuses on dealing damage, but also helping out allies with Mazra’s Wisdom and cleaning up her hand with cards like Mazra’s Inferno which have versatility so that they’re great early on or in the late game.

You have three treasures unlocked, as well as the new relic for The Ancients Polyphase Turbine. Keep an eye out for more Treasures and Spells, as well as the Upgraded Nemesis Cards for The Ancients

Mark your calendars!

Thursday Feb 21st at 1 pm EST Kevin will be hosting a Reddit AMA. Please join and bring your questions!

We have many more stretch goals and expansions that we want to give to you, and the best way for that to happen is for you to share this campaign with your friends and playgroups. Another way is to participate on BGG! How? Thumb and comment on our images on BGG (we'll be adding more regularly) and join in on the forums.  

Here are our newest images:

For Gravehold!


Travis, Indie Boards and Cards


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      Denver Phillips on

      Thank you for Aeon's End! Was excited to play a Breach Mage the moment I first saw the game. Seeing this new addition brought goose bumps! Love the idea of Expedition mode. We want to defeat all of the Aeon's End and Eternal nemeses before the first of us to go through Legacy. The edge this game brings because of the increased difficulty of the nemeses during the game and random turn order really sets your nerves on edge. We have all agreed, just thinking of playing Aeon's End makes us nervous about being defeated and the fall of Gravehold. Keep up the great work!

    2. Sean Wheeler

      Please design a bigger box for an add-on if you have to. Many have been asking for a box that fits everything and has room for more. I do not want lots of boxes taking up room I do not have, I have been a backer from the first Aeons End (even Legacy and I hate legacy games and I have no intention of playing legacy - I just wanted the normal extra cards). Every other collectible game I have is all in one big box designed to fit everything and future releases. If you do it as an add-on and charge shipping that is fine, but please at least look in to this.