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Built-in waist bag, rain hood for the owner and a lifetime warranty make HURU a smart and reliable companion for city and travel
Built-in waist bag, rain hood for the owner and a lifetime warranty make HURU a smart and reliable companion for city and travel
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HURU Kickstarter campaign is almost over, and here are our results!

Posted by HURU (Creator)

Hi guys!

Our campaign is almost over, we have reached great results and gathered almost $50 000! This would not have been possible without your amazing support and trust in us.

We assure you that you will get your HURU backpacks on time – we’ve decided not to wait until the campaign end and we’ve launched production already.

In the meantime, there are some more great projects now live on Kickstarter, which you may like. Please find info about them below.

Oleg Vlasenko, HURU founder

1. GOTOKY. Most advanced 100% off-grid communication network

GOTOKY - World’s most advanced secure 100% off-grid communication device that enables smartphones to operate and create your-own private off-grid network in areas where service is either nonexistent, unstable or excessively expensive.

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 2. CardGear Duo: Thinnest SD card and mini-USB holder

Our friends at Solidfirst launched this amazing gadget called CardGear Duo. It is a card size SD Card and USB holder, perfect for photographers and minimalist. The early bird is only $3. Click here (add project link) to check them out!

Find out more here 


3. Dash 5.0 | Bold Wallets for Everyday Use

For this Collection, Dash Wallets is bringing some new, modern colorways to spice things up! The Early Bird’s start at $15, so grab one while you can! CLICK HERE

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4. The new SPARK Connect 2.0 change everything

SPARK 2.0 is not just a simple accessory, it is an useful companion in all situations. It is a truly high tech device which comprises a highly resistant, flexible, customizable cord, anodized aluminium tips, a magnetic fastening system, and an NEW NFC tag MODULE To support this project please click here! 


5. FA VO Notebook - Dotted Version

Check out a brand that we support and appreciate, FA VO , a product design label that´s introducing their new Dotted Version of 100% recycled notebooks, made of environmental friendly materials. Their concept focuses essentially on the use of environmentally sustainable materials throughout the entire creative process. Help them achieve their goal and BACK THEM NOW. 

6. Weed Snatcher, The Ultimate Crack & Crevice Weeding Tool

The Weed Snatcher extends 3-6 feet at the push of a button and has an interchangeable tip, so you can easily switch from bigger jobs like driveways and sidewalks, to weeding jobs that require a bit more finesse like patios. The Weed Snatcher is the first in a line of tools that will be introduced down the road which will become a key part of your garden tool arsenal. You deserve to weed in less time, and spend more time with your family! Find out more here.


7. HEX: The Ultimate Keychain Gadget.

The perfect balance between fun and functionality, HEX is simply the most sophisticated EDC keychain ever made. HEX is subtly integrated with the best bottle-opening mechanism on the market along with an extremely precise spinner, making it the perfect EDC essential. And with a beautifully machined stainless steel finish, HEX truly redefines the everyday carry market as one of luxury and style. Differentiate yourself with a carabiner that’s a notch above. CLICK HERE 


8. PAXTER - Smart Travel / Gym Container For Hygiene Products

The World's First Multifunctional container to keep your bathroom essentials while on-the-go! Find out more here 



9. ONO: Relaxation in the palm of your hand

ONO is a tool to effortlessly entertain your hand and help focus your mind- but not at all like all the other fidget tools that you've seen in the market. We wanted to create a professional device that you could use to keep your hand busy without looking like you're playing with a toy. Something that you can use while reading or doing work and that would not be a distraction. Click HERE to check out the campaign!



A portable fan that clips onto the backpack and comfortably sits at the base at the backpack, it will facilitate air flow between the wearer’s back and their backpack to reduce sweat and overheating.

More info here.

11. Kaizen Planner: Make Tomorrow Your New Personal Best. 

Discover your priorities and passions. Achieve your goals and organise your life. Make 2018 your Best Year Yet.

Find out more here. 



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