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After many years of work, Scott Morris needs a final shot at his novel, Gaines Green, before it goes to publishers.
After many years of work, Scott Morris needs a final shot at his novel, Gaines Green, before it goes to publishers.
98 backers pledged $12,700 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Gaines Is Going Great

Hello, all. I am happy to report the revision is going wonderfully. Throughout the summer I stewed and stewed, considering the novel from the first sentence to the last, thinking of its structure, forcing myself to be willing to get radical with it if need be. By August, clarity came, and I found exactly what I needed to do with the first chapter, which is really the essential piece when doing a re-write like this.

I believe I have the first chapter ready, and now am plunging ahead. The work is inspired and rapid. Enormous momentum and confidence. This is a special story, and my efforts are matching up with the potential.

I'll post updates from time to time. By the end of October, I may post the first two or three chapters for y'all to have a look.

Mightily fueled by gratitude. Last night, I told one of my patrons, a very fine poet from Ireland who is in the MFA program with me—David McLoghlin, Google him and check his work out—that I am working with such a happy sense of responsibility. I want to make good on the promise of Gaines, and to make everyone who donated feel that their money was well-spent. Y'all have made the work possible. 


THANKS!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

In the essay I wrote to launch this project, I stated that the only way I would be able to really show my gratitude, aside from rewards, was to write the best book I could write. That means something more to me now.

I am humbled by your support. Some of you who made this happen are folks I do not even know. Some of you are friends who put money into this, and I know very well that you didn't have extra cash to just toss around. Some of you are friends of friends of friends. Some of did you learn about this project?

It will take some time, but let me be clear, I will be thanking each and every one of you personally. In the essay, I made mention of the fact that Kickstarter seemed to me a vehicle for what I termed the democratization of patronage. Your support proved the worth of that coinage. We had no super wealthy patrons (that I know of); what we did have was an enormous number of patrons with a lot of heart.

This was, in short, an effort made successful not by wealthy folks who have money to spare, but by folks who care enough to give, even when money is tight.

That is why I say thank you, knowing a simple thank you is not good enough—again, that essay proved prescient. Gaines Green was already a fine book, but with your help, I will go after it with renewed inspiration, and with a sense of joyful duty.

I want every one of you to continue to be a part of this. I hope to have a website up by the end of the summer, through which I can keep you posted on what’s happening, plus I’ll be writing about my goings and doings, as in, lots of humor.

In the meantime, look me up on Facebook, and we can get started like that.

It would be impossible to express how much this has meant to me.

Well, there is one way…


Scott Morris

UPDATE ALERT! from Scott morris

With 11 days to go, we are at $6,860.00! That means we are 57% funded. So many people have become a part of this. 64 backers!

That means basically we need a little more than five grand to meet the target!

Confession: When I taught at Ole Miss, it was always a struggle to get students to quit using exclamation marks after every sentence. “Kafka wrote important books! He was awesome! His most famous story was about a large human bug who thought about a lot of things very deeply!”

Etc. But I find myself caught up in exactly that variety of unruly euphoria! I am so grateful for everyone who has chipped in!

We have a ways to go, but we’ve come a long way. Many people who you might have already emailed are ready for a reminder email, and in order to give you a good reason to do this—and to provide you with a chunk of hot laughter—we are now presenting a masterpiece directed by Kris and Armie and Elizabeth, starring Kris, Armie, Julianne and, of course, international sensation JUDE! 

A warning for this one: if you are needing to use the restroom, do so before watching this video. Do not watch this video with while eating or drinking. Do not watch while wearing barbed-wire gloves. Or while plucking nose hairs. Your own nose hairs or anyone else’s.

So laugh and get the word out! It’s time to pull out all the stops! 

Get Ready To Laugh!

I am so appreciative of the support I've received. This new video post is a small way of saying thanks, and keeping things fun. If you wanna share this it may brighten someone's day. Or not. This is what happens when my brother-in-law, Kristoffer Polaha, formerly a star of the CW TV show, Life Unexpected, and now staring in the new TV show Ringers, opposite Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and my LA running buddy, Armie Hammer, who played the twins in The Social Network, and is starring opposite Leonardo DeCaprio in the coming Clint Eastwood film about J. Edger Hoover, and soon to be filming a movie staring opposite Johnny Depp (Armie is the Lone Ranger, Depp is Tonto), anyway, as I say, this is what happens when those two gentlemen are asked to come up with a video to help me with my Kickstarter project.

I mention their success as actors, because what follows is their directorial debut.

This video is a snack. Coming in one week we will post their more sustained effort. Staring Julianne Morris Polahah, Kristoffer, Armie, and introducing Jude Polaha, a shockingly gifted new-comer. Some have already seen in this first performance some of the raw emotion of Mickie Rourke. 

For the second video will have this warning: Do Not Watch While Holding Beverage. 

Or a baby.

I Am Taken Aback

Which is a kind of precious, writerly way of saying, blown away!

What generosity! Some of you are old friends, and some of you are old friends I haven't seen in years. My Ole Miss/South people. Some of you are friends of Julianne's and Kristoffer's, which is amazing. One of you gave just because you believed if Scott Jones believed in me, you would, too! All of you have been so danged generous! 

So the skinny is this: I know money is tough right now--do I ever!--and I do not take these donations lightly. What I said in my essay, that is just it. The best way to show my gratitude is to make Gaines Green the best that it can be. Those of you who know me know very well that I am tenacious. That I do not give up. And watching these donations come in makes me realize that in addition to the funding, I'm being inspired.

I'll keep updating every few days. I think this is going to happen.