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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
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Ghostlights on Steam and reward info


Hi everyone. This is just a quick info update. We'll get back to the regular dev diary stuff next update. 

Knite on Steam - LINK IS HERE - We have set up a green light community page to get some momentum going. We clearly have a ton of development to do before we can post a true "up vote" page. This is what Valve refers to as a Greenlight concept page but, your support is still appreciated. Please feel free to spread the word if you are a steamer! 

As a side note, we were recently "Greenlighted" for our other game Paper Monsters. This will be the same Recut version coming to Wii U this winter (not the smaller original mobile version). There always seems to be unanswered questions floating around Kickstarters as to how steam keys work along with other inside stuff. This should give us some good experience with Steam and help us to be better informed on how things work when it's time to get Knite on there! (so it sort of relates)

Your Rewards We will be sending surveys probably sometime around february to collect info. We will make sure there is plenty spaces to fill in all the details for the more personal rewards!

Again thanks and please never hesitate to ask any questions. 

Developer Diary #2


Hey everyone! This time around we are sharing a couple ghouly baddies.

#1 - Name Pending

Background: This is a character based on Russian mythology. These are ghouls that once were mothers but lost their children in the woods (or occasionally killed them). Now they roam around the forest and try to find their babies. When they find someone, they mistake them for their children and try to catch them, kiss and embrace with cold hands until their victims choke and die. WE KNOW it's kind of creepy when you read it, but keep in mind we take for granted just how terrifying the real background of common kids tales are (Original Three little pigs, Big bad wolf, etc). So, the background is more of some inside information for you guys!

Mechanic (Conceptual): They can be fooled if someone throws them a stone or a small log or anything else resembling a baby. This will distracted allowing passage.

#2 Crow Charmer

Background: Here's a baddie that can be met at our field level (still conceptual, Lucerian Fields - Wiki ) - Comes in two types and will use a "stealth" mechanic gameplay.

Mechanic: 1. A stationary scarecrow that begins to claw and scratch when you come near and then rests a couple moments so you can pass by without taking damage.

2. A stationary scarecrow that mostly sleeps but if it spots you while it's awake then it releases crows that come out of its robe and attack you.\

One last thing: Found a really cool project that could use some help! 

As you know we are pretty big Nintendo enthusiasts. I'm not typically into the whole retro thing either, but this game really hits home and takes me back to high school. It also oozes attention to detail and charm. They also have  pretty modest goal and could use some attention. Please check it out!

Developer Diary #1 It Begins


It has begun. 

Welcome to the first of many entries into our developer diary.

What to expect?

We are very thankful for your support. We don't have any plans on simply disappearing while we develop the game. We plan to blog regularly and keep everyone in the loop. 

Sure, there is always gonna be that one person who gets a little too emotionally invested and wants to burn the village in protest  when we make a sea monster green instead of blue, but despite any of those issues we feel this is gonna be a great way to keep the sense of community alive throughout the process. Plus it's just fun to share!

Who's gonna be posting?

I (James) tend to rush things and post way too many typos. We will try to get the other guys involved as much as we can. Jon handles all of our press and fields our emails, so you will likely be hearing a lot from Jon.

First Actual Entry - Pre-production.

Preproduction is where we are gonna be for many months. With a game like this, where we need to build thousands of items, we can't just go all willy nilly and start slapping stuff together. In many cases (and given how fast Lex works with clay) it can take longer to build a concept than the actual set or piece. We will also be running more play tests on the programming end to start refining gameplay and controls. 

First up, we have to start brainstorming new locals, characters, baddies along with  stories, quests, and puzzles to to tie it all together. Below is a sketch of one of the new areas called "knitemire".  It's a swampy area full of lost secrets. You can probably tell just by looking at the back "Hubble" that you will need to do some manipulation to be able to use him to cross certain areas. Im sure some melodies will be involved!

 Thanks for reading and we will see you all soon!

Halloween Rewards Pack


Timing seemed perfect! We have our digital thank you pack and it's Halloween!

Well, we did say that we would get everyone a bonus pack within the first week if we hit our first mini stretch goal! We are here to deliver. We actually fired up the fog machine and made a new "mini scene" just to get you guys a brand new halloween shot! 

OK -  so here's what is in the pack. (.zip format further below - about 30mb)

1. "Halloween in Mistland" - new audio track (mp3)

2. New avatar pack with a cool ANIMATED gif avatar.

3. Wallpapers - Reg and Hi res 

4. Mobile Wallpapers - Tall 

Here are a few samples.There are a lot more in the zip, so be sure to grab the full pack in .zip format at the bottom.


Get the full pack right here in .zip format:

mobile wall paper sample
mobile wall paper sample

Be sure to check out some other cool kickstarts. 

Brand New Boogerman right here! I personally backed this and am really excited about it!

Since I'm something of a tech nerd, I'm also really excited by this cool documentary about Nikola Tesla. I have always been fascinated by mystery surrounding him and some of his discoveries that never saw the light of day. I'd love to see this happen so give it a consideration.

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Rewards, steam and more


Some info and upcoming stuff....

Again a quick thanks to everyone! 

Be sure to follow us and/or or our youtube channel


- Thanks you pack for everyone - We will getting the mini stretch goal thank you out before the end of the week. It will contain Some backgrounds, new avatars, mobile wallpapers and whatever else we can think of.

 - Tier Level Rewards - We did list the rewards as April 2014 BUT.... With the exception of the game and soundtrack related prizes we will get everything out much earlier than that. Once we are past pre-productiona and start building we are just gonna get all the rewards done first so, probably sometime around the fist of the year. We'll be collecting info pretty soon.

Steam - Greenlight progress will be our next update.

Not to much to cover here. We will have it up and running hopefully before the end of the week. If we get approved and onto steam, you (EVERY BACKER) will get a steam key in addition to everything else on your tiers. Any and every pledge level.

Still want to upgrade to the cool custom and physical rewards? 

Just go here. We are taking orders for the uppper tiers for a limited time:!knite/c1wlt 

Our Timeline

First, We are just finishing up a brand new paper monsters for Wii U. 

We've laid a pretty solid foundation of about 3 or 4 months of work already but we will start official pre-production and writing for Knite in just a couple weeks once paper monsters is done. We're really close and lex is already working on some new set idea.

Around Jan we will move from pre-production and writing and start building some sets. If everything goes right we should hit our deadline. 

Realase Date.

EVERY SINGLE CENT of our funding goes to help make this game. We wont make a penny until we release the game HOWEVER, we will always put quality over a deadline! We can't stress this enough. A good game is not about rushing. If the smallest thing adds a month, then it ads a month. This doesn't mean we will delay it until 2015 or anything crazy. We're not that fussy but we do want to do it right and I know you guys want a quality game. 

Most important is that you all we be a part of the process, we will blog here regularly and make sure everyone gets to see the game come alive!

Since we are getting tons of emails asking about Paper Monsters Recut for Wii U:

I dont want to take up to much space here,  but it will be out this winter. It's a brand new Paper Monsters with all new graphics. A trailer should be in circulation next week. Here are a couple images, one of which has not been seen yet.

Again, we don't wanna use up much space for Paper Monsters here so if you're into it be sure to follow us

Thanks again