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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
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A little more on gameplay and light mechanics

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

We are getting some questions about more on the gameplay and how the will light mechanic work.

First, I went into a little more detail on why we dont show a ton of gameplay in the comments. But there is some gameplay in the main video.

Light mechanics:

The world is full of lost souls that are trapped (Ghost lights). Knite is a ghost piper (explained more on the main KS page and ). While the game is an action adventure, the gameplay is deeply based on exploaration (along the lines of a Metroid or Castlevania). 

Learning new songs and interacting with new lights serves as your "upgrade system". However we arent upgrading a weapon system we are upgrading his ability to interact with different types of lost souls and even control them. Learning a new song will help him interact with differnt types of ghost lights and in turn help discover new things. 

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Adding art book

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

The art is a large part of this world and the game. It was suggested that we do a book of art. Great suggestion and thank you. We have added a digital book of hi res photography. The book will detail the lives of the characters and include some really cool behind the scenes stuff. This will be included at the $20 level. This reward is also of course retro active. We will be sure to get it out to anyone who has already pledged $20 or more. Thanks!

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Linux support

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

We are getting a lot of people asking about Linux. Linux will be supported and will be part of the first reward tier. So anyone at $5 or more will have a Linux version of the game along with WindowsPC and Mac