Knite & The Ghost Lights - Wii U - PC - Mac - Linux

by Mobot Studios

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    1. Tiffin Filion on

      Thanks for the heads up! And I'll be happy just to get anything with Lex & Tisha's amazing work. :)

    2. Daniel Rowen on

      Good luck with everything, maybe a Switch release would make more sense compared to WiiU at this point, especially since it'll have a dearth of indie content initially.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Marks on

      True, this isn't what I originally backed. I won't be asking for a refund, though, and will hold out hope for a PC version. You have been upfront and honest throughout the entirety of this process, which is more than I can say for some other projects I've backed ("Sorry guyz, used all money for my divorce, lol, check out my youtube channel"). So keep my small donation and good luck with the mobile version.

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      Emilie Lessard on

      This is a sad & happy update. I am sad for you that things didn't work out as expected, but happy that you finally found the strength to move on. Congrats !

      The only part that deeply, deeply make me sad is the part where you offer refunds. KickStarter is not a shop, and you did the best you could. Years later, after setback and working so hard with the world against you, you are still willing to work on that game so you don't disappoint us : most people would have just quit without looking back and without any goodbyes.

      I truly hope that people here would have the common sense to not ask for a refund. You tried the best you could, and even if the end result is not what we expected, it's still something.

      I didn't pledge to get a video game : I pledge because I wanted this project to become reality. I doesn't ? Whatever. I didn't buy a game, I backed a project. Big difference. I knew the risk.

      So to all backers here, please be understanding. He worked hard, he cares. What is a couple of bucks to you is thousands of dollars for him. Be kind.

    5. 8 Bit Pxl Games on

      I totally feel your pain and frustration. I've had nothing but obstacles with my production and had to put my project on hold to try to work on something else. Don't give up yet, this is in your blood.

    6. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Emilie Lessard do get asked for refunds from time to time. Which, I understand.

      @Sean Marks - For sure. Regardless if there is an official release on steam. I can't imagine not at least pumping out a PC release for backers.

      @Daniel Rowen It's just hard to say. I can't mention any specifics due to NDA but developing for Nintendo is not a cheap investment for an indie. I can't imagine switch is any different.

    7. Wilson Shawn-Rodriguez Canivilo on

      I don't want to be that guy, but I'm not entirely happy with this outcome.

      I backed significantly more than others here and I haven't received any rewards from my higher pledged tier.

      If there's nothing to come from this, I would like to talk about a refund.

      I'm sorry, but this isn't what I set out to back.

    8. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Also there was just a post over in the main comments regarding rewards.
      I really have to finish the game first, step back, take a breath and then tackle that on it's own. I have to stay focused on this first.

    9. Jan Ivar Jonstad on

      Thanks and good luck

    10. Missing avatar

      Olaf on

      Thank you for you clear statements. My condolences on the passing of mobot. I can't put it any better than Emilie did. Kickstarter is not a store or some shareholder ring-around-the-rosie. A refund would be a big misunderstanding on both sides. Although I appreciate the notion, I think it really does not matter and may even cost more of your energy. All the best!

    11. Jesse R. Wind on

      Although Mobot has closed this update was really informative. I appreciate it. This project has been something I've rooted for even at the lowest of times & I am happy to hear you've thought of a clever way to work with what you have.

      I backed this to support someone trying something risky and I definitely don't want a refund. I am proud of you for sticking it out this far & not just closing shop on the whole game.

      Keep up the hard work, thanks for the updates, and I look forward to seeing whatever you create.

      P.S. If at all possible consider a PC port please. �

    12. No Face Press, LLC. on

      Very nice to here. I will go on record as saying I will not be asking for a refund no matter what.

    13. Amerisun on

      Appreciate the candid nature of your post, and your want to still get this game out. I won't ask for refund but will be happy to be able to play this game when it comes out on Mobile or Wii U or PC!! Good luck and keep up the attitude and that will get you further in life than anything.

    14. Missing avatar

      JinHansson on

      Looking forward to the mobile version. Hopefully it can keep you afloat.

    15. Qaantar

      I backed at one of the higher levels, and I won't be asking for a refund -- I just request that you do what you can to make what you can! And if at one point you can fulfill the tier, that's icing on the cake. Best of luck!

    16. Jesse R. Wind on

      Just saw your comment to Sean about the backer pc-port. So scratch that.

      I don't think I have any place to comment much on your practices as a business but I think you've been as transparent as possible and that's all most people should ask for.

      I think Olaf is right that "A refund would be a big misunderstanding on both sides", but I think what you are doing is absolutely the most kind/honorable thing anyone could ask of you.

      I am not sure why I am telling you this exactly. I just want to offer a little perspective from a supporter. No one thinks you are evil, no one holds this against you, you're trying your hardest.

      Thanks for making the best of all of this. Keep up the drive to complete this new re-imagined Knite.

    17. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Thanks for the positive comments! It makes it all feel much more worthwhile.

    18. Martin O

      It would have been really sad if all the work was lost.
      I support your plan (and hope for a PC version :-).

    19. MannyLaMancha on

      Having backed over 100 projects, I respect the transparency and the fact you haven't given up. Don't work to your detriment, but I look forward to what you do create. :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      kyle r. ledington on

      You are a great person and I wish you nothing but success with this and all future endeavors.

    21. Missing avatar

      David D. on

      Best of luck going forward! I'm sure you will produce something great.

    22. Owen Swerkstrom on

      Thank you for the update and for all your efforts! I look forward to seeing what Knite is like on mobile. (and maybe someday on the big screen too, be it Steam or Switch or something :^)

      May Mobot rest in peace, though I have a funny feeling its ghost light may turn up somewhere...

    23. Mark De Verno on

      Thank you for the transparency, and too bad it wasn't a smoother ride. Wish you the best in getting something you are proud of out.

    24. Edward Petersen

      Thanks for the info. I'm really sorry it's been a tough ride. I look forward to what you produce. Even a short, yet beautiful (given what I've already seen, you're already there), will be wonderful. I just finished Tengami - it was short, not terribly challenging, but gorgeous. To me, it was totally worth it. I expect this experience will be similar.

    25. Marie-Andree Poisson

      What about Mac? When you say Mobile, you mean Android?

    26. Christopher Greenstein on

      Thanks for the update, and for not just giving up! I think a smaller game released for starters is great, and hopefully someday you'll be able to get the full game and story done. Hanging in there for the long haul. :-)

    27. kirk Gonzalez on

      Thanks for the update. I think getting anything out is awesome if it has the same look and feel that the game seemed it would project. I just loved the art and the mood. Good luck. Oh, and no, I will not be asking for a refund. Just do what you can do.

    28. Libby

      At what point can I ask for a refund? Because I'm not interested in a mobile release.

    29. Nick Evans on

      ugh.. I backed at the $100 level. So needless to say I am a little crushed at the thought of spending $100 on a mobile game that I might not even enjoy.

      I will give you the benefit of the doubt since you have been through a lot. But hopefully the end result is something that I can feel comfortable with spending that amount of money on.

      Can you at least clarify if any of the digital rewards will still be honored (ie the digital map, digital photography, etc)?

    30. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Nick Evans - Well whatever comes out will still be on PC/Mac too. I just mean i can't guarantee an official steam release or the likes. Plus, there is no plans to make a simple endless game or anything like that. We're still talking levels and all that stuff. And no, there are no plans to cut rewards. Especially Digital. I just have to get the game our first.

      @Libby - Nothing has changes yet since i posted this yesterday. Maybe give it quick reread. Unless you just wanted to let me know your not happy which, I understand. I tried to be as clear as i can. Im not just pumping out a junky mobile game. I'm just shortening some of the content and hitting mobile first to get things going. Wii U is the only thing that is most like but not 100% cut. Thanks! :)

    31. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Libby shorter answer for anyone else requesting refunds. Any profit from the mobile game is first to be set aside for refund requests. I will make an announcement so everyone has an opportunity. I can't guarantee a refund but I will do what I can continually on a first come first served basis.

      Hopefully that helps.

    32. Ahmed on

      I went back to school and have very little money of my own. I don't want a refund. You do you, and I hope my small contribution helps bring this to life.

      This project reminds me a bit of Neverending Nightmares, which was a short but beautiful experience. I paid for an experience, and I look forward to whatever that is. =)

    33. Samuel Gozlan on

      Thanks for the update! It's amazing you are spending all that time trying to satisfy us when you have so much on your plate. Good luck for the next step of your journey. Don't give up! Will be on the look out for your updates on Knite. :)