Knite & The Ghost Lights - Wii U - PC - Mac - Linux

by Mobot Studios

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      Robert Lane on

      Keep on truckin'!

    2. Cory DeVore on

      Respect, man. I wish I lived near, because I'd help!

    3. Connor Greeley on

      If the game is somewhat playable, have you considered going early access on Steam? This could bring in some money to finish the game.

    4. Sterling Treadwell

      Ahh so the project is on life support. thats scary to hear.. means this game will likely go dormant for a long period as you pick away at it as best you can. I wish you the best but things look grim. I'll hope for the best and keep an eye on you with loads of well wishes.

    5. Stephen Staver on

      It's not a surprise that there's no news. It's been pretty obvious that the project is barely alive.
      I don't have hope for the game at this point. (I hate saying that, but it's realistic).
      I don't think Kickstarter funds should have had anything to do with any of the immigration whatever stuff though.

      Either way, making a game for such a small budget that you originally asked for was already pretty unrealistic.

      At this point, I just hope that things work out for you.

    6. drmandarin

      Thanks for being straight up. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    7. Jesse R. Wind on

      It takes guts to be honest and we all appreciate it. I don't think any of us are under the impression we've been bamboozled.

      Honestly you asked for very little money to produce a videogame. I for one would be happy to throw a little more support your way if you started an IndieGoGo. I just think transparency would be key. Outline in more detail everything you've said in this post about working on outside projects, explain where the Kickstarter money ended up, and then show a new realistic budget/timeline.

      I don't mind being patient, you have a life to live, and most of us didn't donate very much money.

      Keep working hard on your dreams. I wish you all the best.

      -Jesse W.

    8. Jesse R. Wind on

      P.S. It's genuinely obvious most people don't understand how hard it is to create anything, work on a team, and produce a finish product. With that in mind please forgive the ignorance of most supporters. Making a videogame is EXPENSIVE and HARD. I sympathize with life throwing you a curveball.

    9. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @steven staved
      No the Kickstarter had nothing to do with immigration issues. I just mean when it all adds up we didn't have much funding left. The timing just meant the tax year ended pretty quickly after we were funded meaning we had to pay taxes on almost the full amount.
      At the time and for about another 8 months Mobot was profitable. We never expected Mobot to slow to we didn't feel like we would need much from KS.

    10. Lars Westergren

      Sorry to hear that. I can't speak for the other backers, but don't make your life miserable for my sake. I'm fine with you cancelling the game and no refunds, if the workload and financial situation is unbearable.

    11. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, and I'm sorry to hear that this project has been so difficult. Even with Mobot having to take on other projects to support this one, and Knite & the Ghost Lights taking longer than intended, I didn't realize things were on such shaky ground that you're not even getting a paycheck for all the work you've done.

    12. Marcel Schoen on

      I'm sorry to hear that. It would be a shame if this game would die before it's done. If there is already something playable, maybe you could put up a Paypal backer page to get more funds, or use Steam early access.

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      António C on

      Well, I don't mind backing the game again in Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or in another form.
      The least I hope for when backing a game is that the developers tries hard to delivers and you do, so even if the game is canceled I don't demand a refund.

      When the time comes for translating the game in other languages, count me in for the Portuguese translation.

      Best of luck

    14. Owen Swerkstrom on

      Thank you for your honesty, and best of luck moving forward!

      I've been buying up every title Mobot releases to try and do my part to help you along. Someone mentioned Steam early access, a great idea if you've got at least some areas and mechanics playable. I bet a lot of us would buy an extra copy that way to help nudge things ahead.

    15. MannyLaMancha on

      Thank you. I respect your honesty and efforts. As Robert said, keep on truckin'.

    16. Missing avatar

      Argyle Sox on

      Thank you for being so honest. I really do wish your team the best; don't wreck your life making something meant to create joy and wonder.

    17. Dan Kapusta on

      Sorry for the sad news. I had kind of figured this was the reason we hadn't heard from you. :(

      Don't kill yourself over this. We'll all still be here when you've completed the project! Keep your physical/mental health as top priority. I've waited this long for Knite! I can wait another few years if I need to!

    18. mousewings

      Thank you for the honest update as to what's going on.

      Please don't over-exert yourself on this project. You're giving it your all already. I wish you the best. Keep us updated and take care.

    19. Jim Carpenter on

      Thanks again for the honesty and transparency. Feel free to look to your backers for assistance in other ways too. We have already given financially, so I am not talking about that, but I for one, am a full time Technical Director for a Marketing Agency.

      Marketing and Computer Programming are my strengths, and I would love to lend a hand to help this project be successful if I can, not to be paid, but to help a project that I believe in come to life. There may be others who feel the same as I do, or I may be on my own here, but either way, feel free to reach out to me if you have interest in discusing this further.

      Either way, keep on keeping on!
      You have a great project here. But anything worth doing is bound to have some bumps along the way.

    20. Pogopuschel on

      Thanks for the update and for still working on it! Take your time and do not overexert yourself. Wish you the best!

    21. Crashs on

      why did you pay to have people move when you could have just teleconferenced like a normal person?

    22. Missing avatar

      FH on

      I can't pretend not to be saddened by the news, but I appreciate your honesty and your continued effort. I hope something will come up soon so you can either focus on Knite more or get the help you need.

    23. Mobot Studios Creator on

      ill try to answer some of the questions here.

      Why didn't we just teleconference like normal people? That is what we ended up having to do. Personally, I have always worked a lot people remotely both with Mobot and larger companies as a contractor. The problem with knite is that there so much hands on work that you lose a lot of efficiency and personal touch not being in the same room.

      As far as all the advice on getting into something like early access, that would be great. A main goal is to get something pretty playable to be able to show people and potential investors.
      We have had a good amount of interest but ultimately we just hear "cool, let me see it when it's done"

      Some of the larger more well known companies have just straight up said"It's too risky" and "There just isn't any money in artsy platformers anymore". Which, i can understand. For every success there are a ton of failures and even some of the larger success were still failures by investors standards. It's not professional to bring up names but some of the "failures" were some of more well reviewed indie platformers that just didn't make enough profit. Investors look at numbers. I've even wasted money on travel trying to pitch to people that seemed really excited but, in the end just didn't wanna jump.

      I've also had a lot of people offer to help and work for free. I just can't ask anyone to do that. Even with the best of intentions, I can't expect anyone to help for free there's a lot of to do and the demand is too high for someone just helping out.

      I really think the best plan is to just keep working towards getting some people can actually play while continuing to try to get back to the point where i can pay someone a real salary for a few months to help with some of the real work.

    24. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Sorry if that last one was sloppy - I'm on a plane typing on a phone.

    25. John Keifer Distefano-Bell on

      No matter what happens, thank you very much for trying so hard.

    26. Kristen on

      Thanks for the update, and hang in there. I bet there are backers who may have talents that can be lent to help you move things along as well. We are rooting for you!

    27. Timothy Roller

      Updates are always appreciated, no matter what they are. I've had Kickstarters run into the ground and I've had Kickstarters disappear off the map. I'll let you guess which group I'm angry with. You're trying your hardest in a hard situation.It's always good to hear, and remember you have a lot of fans out here ready to give you an ego boost if you need it, so don't take too much of the bad, focus on the good. Nobody wants you to fail. Everyone is rooting for you, even if they're angry about the situation.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand von Schenk

      Thank you for your honesty.
      I still hope this game will come out in the future and that you can find some investors to help you and your company to continue making games.
      I don't want a refund - I believed in this game and reality hit hard - sadly that happens.
      I would be very grateful and happy if you could create some more wallpapers with the Knite set pieces and characters - they are just to beatiful to be hidden!
      I don't know if this is possible and if you even have the photo equipment and hand made gorgeous puppets etc left, but as I backed for a personalized grave stone I would be deeply thankful if I could have a nice scenic photo with a blank grave stone in the beautiful Knite landscape and I will photoshop the name I want into it by hand.
      Perhaps it is possible for you to do this - as some kind of advertising - and to make me happy (I don't know about other backers but probably they'd like this as well).

    29. Stephanie

      Thank you for the honesty and all your effort. It would be wonderful to see the game in the future, even if it takes a couple more years.

    30. BigD on

      Thank you for the honest update. It is hard today. Adventure games are a very small niche in today's gaming world and something as artistic and unique as this; well I see why the big studios are terrified. You have a fantastic vision and while it would be a shame to see the game not finished, every penny I pledged was worth tenfold if it helps creative talent like yours. I got into this whole Kickstarter thing to give back a little of what I got out. While I might be a minority opinion here; I'm far more interested in helping the creators than I am ever seeing the game! Best of luck to you as you move forward.

    31. Keyan Shokraie on

      As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand this sentiment and I'm grateful for your efforts - I love deer god - and I'll support you in demongeon :D Keep pressing on!

    32. Richard S. Hetley on

      I'll join the rest of these backers in thanking you for updating us. The problems in moving people internationally were concerning when you posted about them in 2014. I didn't know whether to expect the project to continue at all, and certainly I wasn't going to expect the impossible (if it became impossible).

      If it's gone crazy, then I look to what has been accomplished. You released that Mistland-themed album: the biggest thing that attracted me to this project was the music, so I count Knite as having given me some fulfillment on my pledge.

      There are plenty of independent videogames out there that are developed slowly over the years in "free time." No funding and no rush to "satisfy backers." Done for fun and for the love of it. If Knite becomes one of those, then perhaps that's just the way it is.

      But if there's only one person working on it, sitting under the weight of Kickstarter expectations, then is it even fun anymore? That sounds like punishment, not game development. Is that even healthy? (Either in terms of financial health or physical/mental health.) You don't GET amazing single-person-made games unless life gives you the perfect conditions to make the next Braid. Losing your support system, taking on maximum stress, and giving up career/financial advancement in pursuit of something that was never supposed to be a solo job sounds like the exact opposite.

      So just in case someone needs to say this, I'll say it: yes, you can "keep truckin'" if that works for you. You also have permission to stop. Maybe you can even revive the project in the future if and when a team comes back together: run a new funding campaign, as has been suggested as well. But that's up to you.

    33. Missing avatar

      JinHansson on

      Some people sum it up pretty well. "Thanks for the update," "thank you for trying hard," and "you also have permission to stop." I think that Early Access on Steam subjects the unfinished game to a very demanding and critical audience and fear that it may result in overall negative feedback (then again, call me cynical). Putting this project to undefined hiatus is fine and justified, all the drawbacks concidered. Not many of us would mind, am I right?

    34. Mobot Studios Creator on

      I appreciate all the friendly feedback. Just more evidence that KS is one of the few truly awesome places on the Internet.
      I also understand that there are people that are super annoyed at this project which, I totally understand.

      However, please don't worry about my health or anything like. I'm trucking along. I stil take a lot of pleasure in this project so it's not torture by any means. It's just really slow going until I get it over the next Hump where I can put something in people's hands.

    35. Ryan Dunnison on

      If you haven't already, you should put this on indiegogo and set up a paypal account to try and get funding to finish it.

    36. David Tucker on

      You tried to make a company to do it at the same time and it didn't work out. The important thing is your pursuing your passion. When you finish it the game will be awesome so don't sweat it man.Even if you have to take on side projects and whatever its cool just finish it one day :)

    37. Missing avatar

      euleah on

      I'd like to echo the other backers, and say, we do understand. Many projects have certainly died from far fewer hardships. I understand that you do not feel comfortable expecting assistance for free, but know that there would be people willing and able should you ask. :-)

      Please take care of yourself and keep us posted! We will continue to support you and this little gem.

    38. Edward Petersen

      I love that you're still willing to work at it. I'd still love to play it. But please don't go hungry over it!

    39. Venron

      With over 900 projects backed, I have some experience with this sort of thing. I would rather see a project late and of good quality than badly done or dropped completely. At least you are still here, unlike some other projects I have had the misfortune of backing.

    40. Patricia Fetner on

      So sorry it did not work out. Your artwork is just beautiful and I hope it can still see life in one way or another. Best wishes!

    41. Ahmed on

      I'm a student who wants the experience and an opportunity to learn. If there's anything I can help with - website or anything - I would love to, simply to help myself by getting some purposeful practice in!

    42. Stephanie Beach on

      Perhaps you should just release a smaller version of the project.
      It seems that 'things got higgledy piggeldied" and what would be
      fine for me (and maybe 'us') is a smaller modified release on Windows
      and iMac.
      Also you do have supporters with talents.
      Besides being a magician I'm also a QA Manager and Engineer and
      would be very willing to help troubleshoot and "QA" the game stage by stage.

      I believe we still all love your project.
      And I betcha there are others who would be willing to help.
      Feel free to reach out to me and then see whom else can give you
      a hand.

      Best of luck
      Stephanie Beach Magic

    43. Greg Blundell on

      Keep at it, but don't ruin yourself over it, look forward to seeing some progress even if it's slow ... gonna be a great little game when it's done!

    44. Guido Jossels on

      I hope you're OK, and I hope you're still fond of the project. But don't destroy yourself over it; know your limits. Choose a pace that you're comfortable with and one that lets you keep your sanity (Cthulhu is greedy enough as he is already) ;) It's dangerous to be out there alone, so take these awesome backers with you! We're here for ya...