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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
1,774 backers pledged $43,768 to help bring this project to life.

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Some Ones


Good morning, starshine... Mistland says hello!

In today's update we will get more familiar with some of those who make Mistland not so deserted place. Despite the fact that Mistland was severely devasted during a series of wars, and during the time of Knite it looks more like a post-apocalyptic wilderness, there is still a lot of living creatures of various levels of intelligence and friendliness, who either live in seclusion or set up settlements scattered all over the continent.

Well, here are two to start with.

Fen Gazers

Fen gazers, or simply gazers, are quite common creatures that can be found mainly throughout marshlands and wet regions. They got their name after their strange habit of climbing out of a swamp upon hearing someone's presence and unceremoniously staring at whoever it is until they lose them out of sight or get distracted.

One of the early concepts of a fen gazer.
One of the early concepts of a fen gazer.

How could such stupid and careless beings survive after years of wars, famine and mass migrations? In fact, they never were the object of hunting for anyone. Gazers are extremely poisonous and their skin glands produce paralytic toxins that make every sane Mistlander avoid any contact with them.

Two gazers apparently have a staring contest against each other.
Two gazers apparently have a staring contest against each other.

Good news is that gazers are non-aggressive at all and quite easy to kill if you have a weapon long enough to hit them without touching. And, of course, enough cruelty to murder a helpless animal.


The Gardener is a creature of unknown origin settled in Blackwoods in days gone by. Besides shadowy silent beings called lunars he is the sole inhabitant of the Garden. It is uncertain whether the Garden already existed before the Gardener came, or the Gardener was, in fact, the one who created the Garden. Anyway, at the current time the Gardener and the Garden are almost synonyms, as no one has ever seen the Gardener outside his domain and, actually, no one around would be happy to bump into the Gardener even in a bad dream.

The Gardener concept.
The Gardener concept.

Nobody has ever seen the face of the Gardener as well, yet there are some claims that he is leper or even an undead and therefore never takes off his mask. The latter is doubtful as the undead don't breath, while the Gardener sometimes sighs and coughs disturbingly noticeable. He also doesn't feel any fear against the Sun or anything else. Quite the contrary. All other beings, even dark creatures of Blackwoods desperately try to keep out of the Garden and its owner. His rare guests usually come during new moons and look as terrifying as the host. The sentinel trees around the Garden seem to be far more agile than ordinary Blackwoods trees, so it's very hard to sneak into the Garden and oversee what happens inside. Some daring adventurers claim to have seen wonderful orchards full of gleaming fruits and strange flowers, though.

The Gardener and his fireplant.
The Gardener and his fireplant.

The voice of the Gadener himself is low and enthralling, it's usually heard when he sings one of his strange songs while working in the Garden. It is unknown how old he is, whence he came and what his business in Mistland is. However, he was once heard to say to one of his late night visitors, "The mystery of life is something I am yet to figure out. I spent centuries trying to unravel it, and it's still not enough."

Nevertheless, the Gardener did figure out something important during his long fruitful life. If you manage to break through the dangers of Blackwoods, deadly traps and vigilant sentinels, you will have a chance to have a chat with an old man.

Ok, I think that's quite all for today, see you in the next update!

Summer ends. Soon the autumn winds will blow. The fall is at the gates. Not so much time left for those who forgot to unearth the cursed treasure. Grab your shovels, take your maps and waste no time while the soil is still soft!

 ~ Team Mistland ~ Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Knite and the Ghost Lights: Official Game Trailer



So, it's #50. And this is definitely the update we have been waiting for. I think, this is, actually, the most desired update right now.

It's quite hard to say something new and clever about the thing you were worked on for long sleepless months. All I can tell you is that we tried to do our best to to make it look awesome.

Hope you love it as much we do.

Official Game Trailer

And that's not all for today. We know that not everyone likes it loud. We made another trailer for those who prefer more romantic and mysterious side of things. This video is so charming and intimate that you can use it as a lullaby for your little ones. Here it is!

Through Hardships to the Stars

See you soon. Enjoy the mist and always listen to the echoes.

There might be monsters in there...

~ Team Mistland ~ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Team Mistland


Hello everyone,

After a series of major changes and setbacks that you all are aware of we had to reorganize our plans in order to finish what had been started.

Mobot Studios could no longer develop Knite and the Ghost Lights, so we had no other choice but to start a new facility in order to make the game happen.

We simply called this new company of developers Team Mistland. You can read more about us on our new website

We will, of course, cooperate with Mobot Studios, as we still need to do a lot of things together, such as properly implementing everything that was promised to our backers into the game, delivering the rewards, etc.

This page will still be updated, but I don't think that maintaining the developer's blog on Kickstarter under the Mobot name is appropriate. So only important news will appear here.

As for more specific updates from the world of Mistland, you're welcome to visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

!!! The big update is coming out in 24 hours. Stay tuned!

Other Worlds


Hello everyone!

When we talk about Mistland we don't always mean magnificent woodlands and mountains hiding in clouds of fog. Yeah, there are, for sure, many places that lie in four directions of it, but there is also a number of pretty unusual and mysterious worlds that can be discovered right here. They don't belong to Mistland, and yet they can be seen and visited if you're properly prepared and aware of how to get there.

Hell (Navia)

Yes, there is Hell in the Mistland universe. More precisely, beyond the Mistland universe. And, just like the Hell we all know (and that some already have a reservation at 3:-) it's stuffed to the gills with fire, suffering, madness and demon hordes.

Hell wasn't discovered until the end of the Great Hermetical World that devastated the Colony of Luceria several centuries ago. Before that time Hell was just a myth and legendary forbidden place that necromancers used to summon demons from.

But, after demonologists of the past created Dimensional Hammers and started bombing their enemies with their new weapon, they left many holes in the reality that turned out to be passages into Hell.

Later some of these holes closed, but a number of the deepest ones remained until now. Most of these passages are located in the southern part of Mistland and known under the name of Hell Wells.

This is how they usually look.

There are always tons of wandering demons near these wells, so I wouldn't recommend anyone to hang around Hell Wells as it's dangerous, pardon me, as hell! At least until you're cool enough to kill a couple of hell brats.

Going down there is even more risky business, so... you know. Gather some awesome abilities if you're not much into painfully burning alive. A helluva work to do for a little marsh imp...

In fact, there are so much things I could tell you about how Hell is constructed, how souls get trapped in Hell and expelled from it, how infernal energy plants power Hell, how demons can be killed, how to use Hell as a shortcut to distant places, etc. But it's probably too much for an update, and not everyone is always interested in getting into so much details. So, maybe someday. Or, probably, you will find it out by playing the game.

At this point let's just say that Mistland does have Hell. And it's a really dangerous place. Never go there! ... Yeah, who am I kidding?

Heaven (Iria)

Heaven in Mistland is definitely not so exciting place as Hell, but those of us, who like to spend some time on the coast of the glowing Rivers of New Life and gaze upon the endless flow of lives yet to be born, will be quite pleased.

Contrary to Hell there is no Heaven Wells. Demonologists never made Heaven Bombs, so the only way to Heaven is passing through the mysterious Creephole that may be found somewhere in Mistland.

It is little known about how to enter it, but some ancient books say that the Creephole opens occassionally, so you just need to know when and where such occassions happen. A lot to learn for a curious marsh imp...

What actually to do in Iria? Get some rest, read some words of ancient wisdom, know secrets of the past, get a glimpse into someone's memory... who knows.


Giants are stone creatures inhabiting northern regions of the continent. Giants are neither friendly nor hostile, they never express interest in what happens around them and it seems that they simply don't notice any other creatures.

They almost never appear in Mistland and usually wander through Northern Wastelands covering many miles at a time. Peoples of the North sometimes build houses and even small villages on the back of sleeping giants and travel with them.

It always was a mystery how giants were born and how the existed being so immense. Until one scientist came up with an idea of the so-called 'world of no gravity' that she named Monumenta.

According to her words giants somehow exist in two worlds, our reality and this mysterious world of Monumenta. Rocks float there, time changes and enormous life forms are able to exist. The door to this strange world can probably be found right inside the giants of the North.

But how to get inside a colossal stone creature? And why? More questions with no answers for a daring marsh imp.

So, this is it!

Hope, it wasn't too tricky for you to read this. I though it would be cool to give you some info about these not-so-Mistland places, although I must admit that it may be quite hard to read, especially for those who care more about action than story. Don't worry, I'll try to be less fancy next time. ;-)

Have a nice weekend and good luck to all of you! Take care!

If you meet a suspicious garden gnome, shoot straight! They may be quite malicious during waxing gibbous.

See you soon!

P.S. We created a production blog dedicated to Knite and Mistland. For those who want to read more big and small updates I'd recommend to add it to their favorites. Here it is! The Kickstarter page won't be forgotten, but only big news will be posted here.

Saturday 11


Sounds not scary enough, I guess. :-\

Let's repeat it using some old school technology.

Seems just right this time!

Ok, this is not a huge update, but you will like it. Why?

Because everybody loves graveyards! Bones, skulls, tombstones, zombies, gargoyles, mossy stones, coffins, etc. Calmness, cleanness, no annoying kids around...

The Old Graveyard of Mistland is all of this and even more. You won't ever find anything like this in any other video game that has a graveyard. Need I mention that it's even more impossible to try games that don't have any?

Yeah, the Mistland graveyard is cool. And, what's even more important, it is real! Not just a bunch of pixels.

No way.
No way.

But some real masterpieces. Both Real and Masterpieces! Wanna see some? Enough talk, here you are!

Friends forever
Friends forever
Here lies the Queen of Tulips
Here lies the Queen of Tulips
Once they were white...
Once they were white...
These are how most of our bakers' graves look like. Of course there will be more unique tombstones. A beautifully decorated classical grave... What can be cooler than that?
These are how most of our bakers' graves look like. Of course there will be more unique tombstones. A beautifully decorated classical grave... What can be cooler than that?
A closer look.
A closer look.
Another one
Another one
Yeah, how could we forget about these guys? Say hello to a freaky creepy gargoyle. Three gargoyles.
Yeah, how could we forget about these guys? Say hello to a freaky creepy gargoyle. Three gargoyles.
Tammy, Snooty, Chichi. The ugly, the ugly and... the ugly.
Tammy, Snooty, Chichi. The ugly, the ugly and... the ugly.

Hope you enjoyed this little spooky update. B-) 

Rest in... whatever you like and beware the moor in the dark hours when goblins are drunk.