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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
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Finally some real news


Hi everyone.

I can finally say with some certainty where things are at. First, let me give you a brief update on whats been going on for the last 6 months or so. Here we go...

Mobot is no more

While it is sad, it is also sort of good news.  For the past 6 months or so, most my time has been spent trying to wrap everything up and officially shut Mobot down. It just doesn't make sense for a one man team to spend so much time and money running a full corporation. 

Unfortunately, I have had to keep some of what i was dealing with on the down-low. The video game industry can be fun and amazing but there is a lot of money involved and it can be brutal. I just I just can't afford to hire a lawyer every time someone decides to take legal action over something as stupid as using a word like jump!  

Finally a new plan

I get a lot of advice. I do listen to all of it and I take it seriously. The one thing that i hear the most in messages and emails about is  "just release something - anything"! 

So thats the plan. 

Smaller initial release

There is a lot of really stunning work already done. I plan to just spend the next few months consolidated everything into a smaller game. While the game will be smaller it should still look gorgeous thanks to the initial hard work of Lex and Tisha. 

By many standards it should still really stand out. I am a game designer first so, I plan to focus on the game and less on cut scenes and that sort of stuff. I think there is more than enough material for a really solid platformer with plenty gameplay and a little less story. My plan is to get something out on mobile first.  Modern tablets, phones and TV boxes are more than capable of running this. So, I will start there. 

In nerd terms, a little less Zelda and a little more Mario. I think it will look great and be fun.

Money, Refunds and the future

I want to be very upfront and say that I know this isn't' exactly what some people signed up for but ,I plan to make everyone happy. If you can't tell by now, I'm not in this for the money. Once the game comes out on mobile I don't plan to take any profit until and if everyone is happy. The terms have changed but, when Mobot started this project, Kickstarter was about funding a dream and it even stated not all projects will happen. However, i don't wanna screw anyone either. I clearly can't refund anyone now because A) I'm not done and B) I'm out of money and still paying down some Mobot Losses. 

However, I plan to set all the money From Knite aside and take refunds from anyone that isn't happy on a first come first served basis. I will go into this in more detail when I get closer to a release. I hope people are happy with the game and i wont have to issue many refunds though!  :)

What about Wii U

In all honesty a Wii U release probably wont happen. I (mobot) have even cracked the Wii U eShop top 10 and it just wasn't worth while.  It would make nice side money as a hobby but, there just wasn't enough money to even pay rent after taxes and expenses. Again, this is not 100% for sure but, I just want to be as up front as possible. Also, when Mobot closed all the  WIi U games were turned over to Crescent Moon Games. So, if you own any of those, they are still available for download.


With a fresh start I plan to update a couple times a month and show actual progress now that i can focus on  - actual progress!

A lot of info - Lets Summarize

  • Mobot Studios is closed
  • Laser focused on a smaller Knite game
  • Smaller game will still look pretty sweet and target Mobile first
  • ALL profit will be set aside to cover potential refunds before i take a dime
  • Super excited to finally focus on actual progress rather than legal and financial issues on the daily. 
  • There's probably some typos in here

Thanks, Any questions hit me up in the comments. I'll try to answer stuff when I get back home tonight!


Where things are


Not much has changed since the last updated but I wanted to do a quick post to answer some questions I've been getting. 

When I last posted I was still working part time on the project but very much focusing on getting Mobot back on its feet after being hit so hard. Unfortunately things haven't turned around and it's not looking good for Mobot. It's sort of a sinking ship and it's currently costing more money to operate than it makes. It might be time to focus on a fresh start rather than putting so much effort into Mobot as a whole. Regardless of how long it takes or what I have to do, I stand by what I said. No one is gonna be left high and dry even if I have to l have to leave Mobot Studios behind and take this on myself. 

The good news is that there is still interest in the project from other studios and potential partners. So, that option is always there if needed. 

Hopefully 2017 will be much better and this thing can get going again. 

Stay tuned....

Why no news anymore?


Just wanna apologize for the lack of updates. 

I think the biggest reason is just simply it's not fun for anyone when there isn't any good news. 

Anyone following from the beginning knows we were initially hit pretty hard right when we started. Taxes, immigration legal fees and relocating our amazing artists pretty much burned through our funds within the first few months. The scary part is the first $15k+ of $43k goes right to the US government, KS, and Amazon. (The KS part is of course fair)

Anyways my point is over the last couple years we've been trying to keep this project alive and fund everything ourselves.  However, as the game industry gets more and more competitive it's been harder for Mobot to be very profitable. This is a major reason we've been moving so slow. We've been trying to balance bringing in some cash flow from other projects and work on Knite at the same time.  I know obvious question is, why not just only work on Knite and finish it so you can get paid that way? The short answer is there is just too much to do to have people work for free until completion. We need cash flow.  There's thousands of hours done but, still a lot left. 

So here's the news I've been putting off: At this point I'm the only one left working on the project. People just can't work for free and I understand that.

However, as slow as things are moving, I am still working and will keep this alive. For all of 2016, all Mobot revenue (outside taxes and stuff) has gone right to this project. I pay myself 0. ZERO! This includes all revenue from everything. Blocky Bot, Paper Monsters, Deer God, upcoming Demongeon, etc. The hope is that I'll be able get some help in the near future. For now I'm able to work part time and am actively pursuing options. 

I want to be as clear as possible. I will not leave our backers high and dry. 

My lack of updates doesn't mean I don't care. There's just not much fun to share right now.  Please Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. 

I really do appreciate each and every one of you and I look forward to getting things moving at a more positive pace soon.


Our supporting game


Hey everyone!

As we mentioned in our last update we are not only working on Knite but also doing some other smaller projects to keep the lights on so we can keep going!

I had said we had a new game to announce and that we would announce it here first.

The game is called Demongeon and is tied to the Mistland lore. You may remember this from quite a few updates ago. It is sort of a side story. Although there isn't much story to it, Just old school platforming. The game is something we started around 2012 and just got sidetracked. It seemed like a good fit for Wii U and the perfect project to easily pick up and finish.  It should be out this summer.

If it does well we may try to bring it to Steam as well. We'll keep you in the loop!

Here is the gameplay trailer. 

Thanks and back to Knite.

2 of 2 - State of the project


(be sure to check out our last update from earlier today! It's more fun and has a video)

State of the project

Despite the lack of updates we are still working very hard to both make Knite happen this year. But we are also working to keep some revenue coming so I, personally can work on knite as much as possible. As many of you know from a past updates we've had some pretty major setbacks. But all that is behind us and we’ve been back at it and moving steady for a quite some time now.

 The Deer God

We’ve been working about 75% of the time on Knite while also doing some part time stuff to keep revenue coming in to pay the bills. We recently did the Wii U port for “The Deer God”. It was a game some of our friends made that started here on Kickstarter. It ended up being pretty successful as Xbox One Gold Free game of the month. Reviews have been mixed - people either love it or hate but given our experience on Wii U, it was an easy opportunity for us to make some quick funds. It comes out on Wii U at the end of the month and of is already available on about everything else.  

Other Projects. TOP SECRET (sort of)

We also have another mystery game hitting Wii U (and maybe steam) very soon too. It’s something we started and just didn’t finish a couple years ago – and It’s gonna be awesome! I can’t say anything yet but, I will announce here first just for you guys in the next two weeks.

Knite timeline 

We've been feeling great about the pace and we are still planning on a 2016. 

Thanks everyone and we'll have more for soon. Much much sooner this time!