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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
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Update 63

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

Not a lot to update but, I didn't want everyone to think i forgot.

Not a lot has changed thus no updates. Last time I posted I mentioned I was trying to get some work to be able to afford to continue this adventure. I did manage to get some freelance work. For the last few months, I have been working on a game as lead game designer and programmer for Crescent Moon Games. My fingers are really crossed that it will do well and I can put everything back into this game.

I thought I'd answer the most common question I get emailed:

Q: Why don't you just finish this game before doing anything else?

A: The simple answer is I just can't afford to. It takes a lot of time and resources to pull off a game like this off. Even though there is already a lot of the game completed, there is still a lot more to do. When working on a game for a larger publisher or game house,  they cover the costs of making the game. :)  One of those costs being me. Basically, I have to work on something with more of a guarantee so I can afford to get back to Knite. The reality is Knite probably isn't going to make much money unless i can get a publisher on board which won't happen until it's farther along. Real indie games just can't afford to compete with large companies anymore. Yes, there are surprise hits but, it's like winning the lottery.  Here's a scary stat: My last Wii U game despite a lot of press and good reviews made about 1,200 bucks. Yes 1,200 and that was still before the switch came out. Competition is insane. This is why you see hundreds of games on sale for less than a buck on steam. The best shot these days is to give your game away and hope it's a surprise runaway hit or just be one of the big guys who can afford to play the game. 

Even now, games especially, on kickstarter are more finished products here to promote. Nothing against that but, When we started, Kickstarter still felt more about funding a dream. They even put a warning to crowdfunders that not all projects come to fruition.

Anyways, sorry to sound like a downer. Just been a rough time trying to keep the dream alive.

 I will update you all on the project I am working on when I am allowed to say more. Fingers crossed it does well. Oh yeah, the one thing I can say is that we are likely targeting Switch through another publisher. If that works out well, it could be a great door to open for this project.

Knite update 62 sorta meh

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

Not a lot to report but, i wanted to post something so you know I'm still here.

Things are moving pretty slow the last few months but moving. It's been hard to find time lately but ,there are a few small good things to share. 

After Mobot studios went out of business, I have just been working from my living room as time allows. However, I am almost done building a new studio at home.  Its not huge news buts, it's exciting and should help focus at least a bit. I'm still sort of figuring out what the next move is after the death of mobot studios. But a good studio with a door is a start. 

Been toying with PS4 a little with some degree of success so, that could be an option. Could be a good fit with enough power to keep everything super hi res. I know i've mentioned mobile as a initial release (along side PC/mac/linux for backers of course). That's still an option but I want to remind everyone that I'm not making a mobile game or turning it into a bunch of ads. People hear mobile and freak out but, there is a slight surge in premium non free games again. This reminds us that mobile is just a platform and not a genre :)

Anyways just remind to remind people I'm still moving along. 


But moving.


First Post reboot update

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

Hi everyone. 

There isn't a lot of major news since the last update but, I wanted to be sure to keep the updates coming since the "reboot" and closing of Mobot Studios.

First I just wanna say thanks for the support. Without continued support I don't think I could salvage this project.

Due to the number of questions and messages,  I mostly just wanna give a little more info  on the decision to target mobile devices.

- Mobile Clarification

Immediately after the last update I received messages of people wanting refunds because they didn't "sign up for a mobile game".  I want to make sure everyone understands that the intention is not to turn Knite into dumbed down mobile game. I simply meant that I plan to target mobile for initial release for the sake of maybe making some money back that I've lost. Mobile systems are very capable so mobile does not necessarily mean we're making Knite into Flappy Bird.

Talking with other devs and just having just barely cracked the top 10 myself, can say there  just isn't much of an opportunity  to succeed on Nintendo without solid investment and a serious hit. The game industry is not the same as it was when we launched. Competition is high and quality does not equal revenue anymore. I just have to keep the options open and mobile is much less costly to get to market than Nintendo. I will never rule anything out though. If the game can do well I will be happy invest back into  as many systems as makes sense. Computers are of course still priority as well. Everyone will still get their DRM free copy.

- Refunds

There is no refund plan at this point. First, there isn't any money to refund. Second, The project is not even canceled. I am by no means obligated to refund anything but, I do 100% stand by what I said in the last update about offering refunds. I want everyone to be happy when this is done. 

- Paper Monsters Recut Tech

Even though it's a completely different game, I have been able to adapt quite a bit of the coding from PMR to save time. Just a reminder that regardless of being a kids game, PMR really pushed the limits on mobile at the time with realtime shadows, Real time Lighting, Reflective surfaces, Antialiasing etc. I have been able to use some of the tech and the way the player interacts and transitions through levels with a playable overworld. This probably wont really translate much into what you'll see or feel but, the stuff under the hood should shave off weeks or more. 

Whats next. 

Knite is running and jumping around so, I should have some new footage next update.

Feel free to hit me up with questions in the comments below. I will do my best to respond at least daily. 

Thanks again. 

Finally some real news

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

Hi everyone.

I can finally say with some certainty where things are at. First, let me give you a brief update on whats been going on for the last 6 months or so. Here we go...

Mobot is no more

While it is sad, it is also sort of good news.  For the past 6 months or so, most my time has been spent trying to wrap everything up and officially shut Mobot down. It just doesn't make sense for a one man team to spend so much time and money running a full corporation. 

Unfortunately, I have had to keep some of what i was dealing with on the down-low. The video game industry can be fun and amazing but there is a lot of money involved and it can be brutal. I just I just can't afford to hire a lawyer every time someone decides to take legal action over something as stupid as using a word like jump!  

Finally a new plan

I get a lot of advice. I do listen to all of it and I take it seriously. The one thing that i hear the most in messages and emails about is  "just release something - anything"! 

So thats the plan. 

Smaller initial release

There is a lot of really stunning work already done. I plan to just spend the next few months consolidated everything into a smaller game. While the game will be smaller it should still look gorgeous thanks to the initial hard work of Lex and Tisha. 

By many standards it should still really stand out. I am a game designer first so, I plan to focus on the game and less on cut scenes and that sort of stuff. I think there is more than enough material for a really solid platformer with plenty gameplay and a little less story. My plan is to get something out on mobile first.  Modern tablets, phones and TV boxes are more than capable of running this. So, I will start there. 

In nerd terms, a little less Zelda and a little more Mario. I think it will look great and be fun.

Money, Refunds and the future

I want to be very upfront and say that I know this isn't' exactly what some people signed up for but ,I plan to make everyone happy. If you can't tell by now, I'm not in this for the money. Once the game comes out on mobile I don't plan to take any profit until and if everyone is happy. The terms have changed but, when Mobot started this project, Kickstarter was about funding a dream and it even stated not all projects will happen. However, i don't wanna screw anyone either. I clearly can't refund anyone now because A) I'm not done and B) I'm out of money and still paying down some Mobot Losses. 

However, I plan to set all the money From Knite aside and take refunds from anyone that isn't happy on a first come first served basis. I will go into this in more detail when I get closer to a release. I hope people are happy with the game and i wont have to issue many refunds though!  :)

What about Wii U

In all honesty a Wii U release probably wont happen. I (mobot) have even cracked the Wii U eShop top 10 and it just wasn't worth while.  It would make nice side money as a hobby but, there just wasn't enough money to even pay rent after taxes and expenses. Again, this is not 100% for sure but, I just want to be as up front as possible. Also, when Mobot closed all the  WIi U games were turned over to Crescent Moon Games. So, if you own any of those, they are still available for download.


With a fresh start I plan to update a couple times a month and show actual progress now that i can focus on  - actual progress!

A lot of info - Lets Summarize

  • Mobot Studios is closed
  • Laser focused on a smaller Knite game
  • Smaller game will still look pretty sweet and target Mobile first
  • ALL profit will be set aside to cover potential refunds before i take a dime
  • Super excited to finally focus on actual progress rather than legal and financial issues on the daily. 
  • There's probably some typos in here

Thanks, Any questions hit me up in the comments. I'll try to answer stuff when I get back home tonight!


Where things are

Posted by Mobot Studios (Creator)

Not much has changed since the last updated but I wanted to do a quick post to answer some questions I've been getting. 

When I last posted I was still working part time on the project but very much focusing on getting Mobot back on its feet after being hit so hard. Unfortunately things haven't turned around and it's not looking good for Mobot. It's sort of a sinking ship and it's currently costing more money to operate than it makes. It might be time to focus on a fresh start rather than putting so much effort into Mobot as a whole. Regardless of how long it takes or what I have to do, I stand by what I said. No one is gonna be left high and dry even if I have to l have to leave Mobot Studios behind and take this on myself. 

The good news is that there is still interest in the project from other studios and potential partners. So, that option is always there if needed. 

Hopefully 2017 will be much better and this thing can get going again. 

Stay tuned....