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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
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Our supporting game


Hey everyone!

As we mentioned in our last update we are not only working on Knite but also doing some other smaller projects to keep the lights on so we can keep going!

I had said we had a new game to announce and that we would announce it here first.

The game is called Demongeon and is tied to the Mistland lore. You may remember this from quite a few updates ago. It is sort of a side story. Although there isn't much story to it, Just old school platforming. The game is something we started around 2012 and just got sidetracked. It seemed like a good fit for Wii U and the perfect project to easily pick up and finish.  It should be out this summer.

If it does well we may try to bring it to Steam as well. We'll keep you in the loop!

Here is the gameplay trailer. 

Thanks and back to Knite.

2 of 2 - State of the project


(be sure to check out our last update from earlier today! It's more fun and has a video)

State of the project

Despite the lack of updates we are still working very hard to both make Knite happen this year. But we are also working to keep some revenue coming so I, personally can work on knite as much as possible. As many of you know from a past updates we've had some pretty major setbacks. But all that is behind us and we’ve been back at it and moving steady for a quite some time now.

 The Deer God

We’ve been working about 75% of the time on Knite while also doing some part time stuff to keep revenue coming in to pay the bills. We recently did the Wii U port for “The Deer God”. It was a game some of our friends made that started here on Kickstarter. It ended up being pretty successful as Xbox One Gold Free game of the month. Reviews have been mixed - people either love it or hate but given our experience on Wii U, it was an easy opportunity for us to make some quick funds. It comes out on Wii U at the end of the month and of is already available on about everything else.  

Other Projects. TOP SECRET (sort of)

We also have another mystery game hitting Wii U (and maybe steam) very soon too. It’s something we started and just didn’t finish a couple years ago – and It’s gonna be awesome! I can’t say anything yet but, I will announce here first just for you guys in the next two weeks.

Knite timeline 

We've been feeling great about the pace and we are still planning on a 2016. 

Thanks everyone and we'll have more for soon. Much much sooner this time!

1 of 2 - Stop motion and character control


Hi everyone! We’ve got a couple things to cover so, I will have a "state of project" coming in the next few hours as well! For now here is the more fun update!

A look at the dealing with the difficulty of stop motion and character control. 

We’ve touched on it a little before but only recently have we started implementing  it.

Stop motion vs Bone animation. We made a quick video at showing how both are combined. This video shows how the head sprite animates when you stop (more details below video)

One of the most difficult parts about a stop motion is that it’s “jerky”. This is also the beauty of stop motion. It's all about the imperfections but, when you are moving a character it actually just ends up feeling laggy - not matter how cool it looks. 

What we’ve done is combine a more modern bone animation with stop motion. When you move Knite around his body parts are all individual and can be animated freely and natural. However, each body part has been assigned it’s own sprite that contains individual stop motion information. In this video we take a look at the head. Notice how when he is stops moving his head turns and looks a little. When he is just standing still, the head had still cycles through many images to keep it from ever being static. Now take this effect and repeat for all his parts.

Kicking up the development


Quick update for everyone. Not much to show but some awesome news to hear!

We have our original lead dev back. Oh... That would be me! 

So what happened? It killed me but I hit a point where i could no longer support my family and work on Knite full time with no income. Well.. I sold out, worked on some commercial projects for about 6 months and saved up enough to be back full time - and am more committed than ever!

More good news. The first thing I did upon coming back was secure solid publishing deal for us which, we will announce soon. This is huge for us and we are super excited!

Even more awesome news is that all of the art is now finally 100% done and we are  into full-on dev mode only and it's coming along really nice.

Stay tuned... more news to come.

(oh and we're gonna get this done in 2016)


James ( @superfletcher64 )

Music of Mistland, Luceria, and the Ocean of Sunset



While the team is working hard on sculpting, photographing and programming, we've got a surprise for you.

Waiting is always easier when you have nice moody music to listen to.

So, here you are!

Please note that it's not background music from the game. It's an additional collection of musical pieces that can be rather described as 'Music based on and inspired by Mistland'. The game will feature other tracks. However, all music is written by the same composer, so you know what to expect.

Have a nice listen and stay tuned!

*** Listen to Music of Mistland, Luceria, and the Ocean of Sunset ***