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Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
Knite & the Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love, with handcrafted feel.
1,774 backers pledged $43,768 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Debra Meister on

      Why not just send out whatever rewards you do have... Like the props!

    2. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @j The short answer is there's no money and the company is out of business. Everyone is gone. I'm working off and on when i have time but i'mm just freelancing to pay the bills these days.
      If there was some sort of guarantee, I'd sacrifice about everything to just finish it as soon as possible but the reality today is that "indie" games are so competitive right now, I'd be surprised if this game made 20k in the first 6 months. My last game when i was with Mobot Studios amde about 1200 bucks regardless of pretty good press coverage and good reviews.

    3. Jared

      Why not just do refunds

    4. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Still PC.
      All that's changed is the uncertainty of Wii U since it's passing it's prime. Targeting mobile now in addition is all.

    5. JDTX88

      Is this game no longer on PC?

    6. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Wing and a prayer. That sounds about right.
      It's just hard finding time and still trying get paid (to stay alive and all). Things seem to come in waves so hopefully something will work out soon so I can focus 100% on this for a month or two again.

      For anyone wanting a refund there's not much I can do until he game makes some revenue.

    7. MannyLaMancha on

      Mobin, the money is gone and the team is gone - Knite is a one-person show now that will hopefully come in on a wing and a prayer. Honestly, all we can do is wait.

    8. Mobin Mobeen on

      What if i wanted refunds not because of game being mobile or w/e but for my own reason. I just no longer wanna to wait too long for game that hasn't being made and i just lost all hope in all of kickstarter games project or no longer wanna to be involved in this kickstarter project anymore.

      So can i still get refunds because once i get the refund and i can move on with my life so i no longer have to come back here and move past it.

    9. MannyLaMancha on

      Ditto what Ahmed said.

    10. Ahmed on

      I'm happy to have backed this project and the creator's hopes to turn his vision into a game. Not going to ask for a refund no matter what happens. You've been nothing but awesome and transparent all the way through.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Golden on

      I want to thank you for all of your transparency. You have my support and my patience. I am confident on your ability to deliver a quality product, even if it is not what was originally intended.

      Thanks for your dedication and hard work to still make this happen!

    12. Jared Stovell

      No WiiU version!?!? This is sad. About 25 dollar difference sad. Lol. I know kickstarter is a learning curve.... I know people want a complete game... I just want something not on a mobile phone. (Which I know is ironic because I'm typing this from a phone.) can't say I'm not let down. Thanks for being honest though. Just feel kind of taken advantage since people who paid 10 bucks are getting exactly the same thing as people who backed at 35. I feel even worst for those who backed even higher than that. Guh so many feels so lil time. Guess I'll just say I gave 35 to help people with their dreams and my dreams can go on the back burner even longer. Wooo! Yay smart investing! (To a longer delay in paying off student loans. LOL)

    13. Missing avatar

      a123slonky on

      Honestly, I would be willing to pledge additional money to this game simply due to you being honest about everything. I would love to see it become what it was originally planned to be.

    14. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Debra Meister Yes - I just dont know yet. I really have to finish the game first, step back, take a breath and then tackle that on it's own. I have to stay focused on this first, get everyone a computer copy and then I can sort it all out.

    15. Debra Meister on

      Any idea about when the other (non-game) rewards might be sent out?

    16. Mobot Studios Creator on

      I agree.
      I'm just about done sorting things out with Mobot and will have something of a plan to announce in the next day or so.
      This week for sure.

    17. MannyLaMancha on

      I agree with Stephanie - even if this was just walking storybook without gameplay mechanics I'd still be interested.

    18. Stephanie Beach on

      I understand how things can get all Higgledee Piggledee.
      I'm very happy that you are still committed to this beautiful project.
      Even if you could simply 'tell the story', that would be something.
      We have waiting quite a while for this "Gem". I'm hoping that
      something will happen for you that will allow you to at least tell us
      Knite's and his companions story even if it is a 'walk through' game
      or just the story board.

    19. Qaantar

      I still have my fingers crossed for you... all the best for getting stuff rolling!

    20. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I still believe this project will rise in the future! Time will tell us...

      The New Year and Christmas is coming... it's time of magic and surprises! :)

    21. MannyLaMancha on

      Thank you for not giving up. :-)

    22. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @neo Thanks!
      There's no way I could with a good conscience, do a second kickstarter with Mobot in it's current state. It's not completely about the money. The team is gone. Mobot is gone. It's just me slowly working on Knite while spending most the time on projects that can get some revenue going. We just had a successful Wii U sale and have a couple smaller projects so i'm hopeful I'll be able to dedicate more time in the near future. I'll probably do an update fairly soon to let people know what some of the options are looking like.

    23. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I don't want refund. Just wish you to find a way to finish this little awesome gem! :)

      I know people will hate me... but what about second KS? You'll be able to finish game.

    24. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Wilson Shawn-Rodriguez Canivilo

      I totoaly get that. I would feel the same in your shoes. What I can tell you though, is no one will get ripped off or wall away with nothing.
      I think a lot of people in my situation would have walked away and said "well, it's Kickstarter there's no guarantee". Our team is gone but, I won't screw anyone out of their money, I don't have it in me to do that even if it takes some time to rebuild.

    25. Wilson Shawn-Rodriguez Canivilo on

      Seeing that I spent $200 in supporting this 'dream' I'm disappointed that I've received nothing.

    26. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @edward culbreath

      Not much to update. Still around the same as the last update. The team is still down to just one guy (me). I'm still mostly focused on getting Mobot running so I can get back into this full time again.

    27. Edward Culbreath


    28. Tink on

      Any word at all??? Update??? Are you still alive??? Hello???

    29. Brandon Strader on

      Any word on a PS4 version?

    30. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Yep. We've got some stuff to share.
      Update is coming asap.
      Will do my best to get it out in the morning.

      Thanks. :)

    31. Zach Stone on

      That's still content we want to see! It would be incredible if you could go back to monthly 'dev diaries' like in the beginning. It doesn't have to be much, it doesn't need pictures or videos or songs (but if they have 'em that's great, too), it can just be a few bullet points about what's going on, what's changed since the last update, and maybe what we can expect to come. Screenshots of gameplay or a sample menu screen or something would be grand but even just a few sentences with a few specifics so that we know not just that you are working on it still but even a bit about what you're working on. 15 minutes of your time once a month. Thanks.

    32. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Just not a lot to show since we did all the art first. these last few months have been nothing but programming.
      I'll see what I can come up with for a status update though just so people know we're alive!
      Maybe by this weekend.


    33. Jason Croft on

      Yes, update please!

    34. Daljit Chandi

      Any news/progress you can share with us? I hope, based on the last comments here, that things are coming along well, but a quick "proof of life" update would be appreciated. Thanks!

    35. Mobot Studios Creator on

      @Zach Stone
      You are 100% right.

    36. Zach Stone on

      Hoping the reason there hasn't been an update in more than two weeks since the "we're probably due for an update" comment below is because there is no time to make updates when you are working overtime every day in full crunch mode. Mobot, please tell me I'm right...I mean, heck, just tell me anything!

    37. Mobot Studios Creator on

      Thanks - Yeah, we're probably due for an update.

    38. Christina Osman on

      It's been a long time since funding ending but I'm still rooting for you guys!!

    39. Bradley Jerome Walker on

      Hope it's coming along well guys. Keep up with the hard work. Wish you all well for the holidays!!!

    40. Tiffin Filion on

      Any update on the non-game rewards?

    41. Missing avatar

      Harald Dewitz on

      The music is great :) !

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. Anibal on

      Just dropped in to say the updates are much appreciated. And that the game is looking pretty kick ass.

    44. Al Romaithi

      appreciate the update, keep it comming and keep us in the loop, thanks! :)

    45. No Face Press, LLC. on

      Glad this project is still moving forward. I am still excited about this concept and methodology.

    46. Missing avatar

      David D. on

      'The Dream, the Ghosts, and the Postman' was fantastic! I'm really looking forward to the game.

    47. Missing avatar


      I think you got their attention
      Last login: June 25th, 2015

    48. MannyLaMancha on

      Last login: April 22nd, 2015 :-/

    49. Jason Croft on

      So there has been dead silence since MARCH. What is going on? Any kind of update would be nice. Anything!

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