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The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, June 13 2017 5:55 PM UTC +00:00


Navigating your way through life's clutter is hard, let alone hopping on one leg. The accident did to me what homelessness could not do; it made me afraid of the unknown.
Navigating your way through life's clutter is hard, let alone hopping on one leg. The accident did to me what homelessness could not do; it made me afraid of the unknown.

November 29, 2015 was a day like any other; the skies were blue, the weather was comfortable to the feel. I'm an early riser; I woke up early to go to work. My day at work that day was a pleasant one. Everyone around was in a can do attitude. The weather was changing rapidly though. I drove a short distance to FedEx after work, to pick up my daughter when the hit-and-run accident happened!

Everything I had grown to know and gotten accustomed to changed in a flash. 

Everything I was familiar with (working hard, indepence, do it all attitude, etc) ... changed in an instant. The drunk motorist  has yet to be found to this day. Which means more debt, more struggle, more pain for me, especially since I'm still not in the clear to return to work? I'm left alone to pick up the bits together as a result. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

When I woke up three weeks later I was told I had been in a comma, and nothing was the same anymore. I broke my forehead, my bottom jaw, my left leg, I fractured my pelvis and sustained extensive nerve damage in my right eye. To undergo corrective surgery, I'll have to pay out-of-pocket. My health insurance company on the one hand says, "we won't pay for it, it's the result of a car accident," I'm told. My auto insurance company on another hand says, "we've reached maximum paid." With my ability to work at a crawl, it's near impossible to come up with large sums of money to pay my medical bill. And, paying out-of-pocket for corrective surgery in my right eye is a surmountable challenge. My medical bills were in excess of $400, 000, $20, 000 of that amount is something no one wants to take responsibility for.

I have thus written many e-books and three paperbacks: The Numbers Game, 12 Hour Work Days-Helicopter Parents, Why it is Easy to Control People When They Are Afraid and Why I Smuggled for a Living. All ... can be found here: - on Amazon ... and all are on life support. To make my writing career a successful one, I must: Hire editors, proofreaders, interior formatting experts, book cover creators, advertisers. Buying bubble wraps and shipping expenses are among other costs to consider. All of this requires money, which I don't have. I need your support!

 Project name: NEdless PAin

My Aim: NEedless PAin is a book based on my real life experiences. We are disposable! World governments can harvest what in humans is usable and dispose of what in us is useless!

The book will be published in Seattle, WA, as I feel strongly about partnering and supporting local industry. It will be printed on high quality black and white paper, with a high-resolution cover. Its carefully considered high-quality production and design will ensure that the book fits comfortably both in your hand and on your bookshelf.

Who am I: My name is Viora Mayobo - writer and published author - mother of five children. Much of my time with the father of my children was spent on guesswork, trying to figure out what made him happy, falling into a trap thus - a trap most women in abusive relationships fall into so often. This problem started small but grew bigger with each passing day. In most instances, I blamed myself for not doing enough, but nothing I ever did was. You can manipulate what you see with your eyes, not what you feel.

I would have enjoyed sitting after the accident, doing nothing, but it hurts to watch my baby girl, only 22, grapple so much to take care of me and my small boys - her little brothers. She's gone through too much already ... and anything I can do to help will make me feel accomplished and happy and worthwhile. Although I'm now characterized as disabled, there are many things I can do, and writing is just one of them.

 Homelessness drew my kids closer to me as they watch me wrestle with day-to-day festivities. My daughter graduated from high school in 2013 and is now in her second year studying engineering, and my boys are doing exceptionally well at school, well behaved. Glory be to God!

Your individual pledges will go directly towards the cost - of producing the product and shipping it to my backers. To make this project a success, my target includes content crafted by me, hire: editors, proofreaders, designers, printing, and shipping. If successful, NEedless PAin will be shipped to my backers in August 2017.

My initial aim is to raise $8,000, which will enable me to produce 500 copies and pay for my eye surgery. Although ... if I raise $8,000, that would enable me to print another 100 copies, making the second production my unofficial target. I am being extremely dollar savvy to keep costs as low as is humanely possible to ensure that my publication is affordable and readily available to a worldwide audience. If you live outside of the United States you will be given an option to get an e-book, which you can download online or I will send a link directly to your email. Once the book becomes available links will be provided.


I am currently in the final stage of pre-production. I am working tirelessly to complete the manuscript on July 5th, and send it to the editors. The editing process will be done on July 19th, on the same day, the edited manuscript will be sent to proofreaders, who'll be done on July 30th. In early August (as early as the 5th) ... the book (NEedless PAin) will begin to ship. 

I believe that original storytelling is power ... and I want to put this book in as many hands as is possible. And you can help make that a possibility. My backers will be kept in the loop as this project matures.

Thank you for your support.

Risks and challenges

I carefully assessed any challenges and risks I may encounter throughout this project before deciding to launch this Kickstarter. Aside from having to struggle with pain in my body, completing my day-to-day festivities, scribbling those words to produce a finished product, will not be of concern. I will wake up every day - through my pain - to write. Yes, I'm broken, but my needs do not wait for me to recover completely. I must keep going forward, regardless of the challenges I am prone to meet.

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