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The Flyway Film Festival is a truly outstanding exhibition of independent and international cinema.
The Flyway Film Festival is a truly outstanding exhibition of independent and international cinema.
65 backers pledged $5,601 to help bring this project to life.

A bonus gift for Flyway supporters from a fellow supporter

Below is a message from Flyway Supporter T Reed. Take advantage of the bonus offer and enjoy some free tunes!

Thanks again for your support!


TAO X Productions is offering a Halloween Bonus Reward for anyone who supported the Flyway Film Festival Kickstarter Campaign:
I gotta make you work for it a little bit, so leave a comment that includes the phrase "I supported the Flyway Film Festival on Kickstarter" under this Blog Post:
And send me an email to or follow & tweet me @TAOXproductions letting me know, so I can email or DM you a link & code to retrieve a FREE download of the DJ mix I created for The Flyway Film Festival "Death of the Dead" Special Kickstarter Backer Screening After Party!
Scary good music all from my studio for the scary holiday:)
I would also love it if anyone would choose to follow my Nightmare Sound Lab Blog!
Feel free if you like, but I won't make you do that to get your reward.

T. Reed - Composer/Producer
TAOX {The Art of X} Productions

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Less than 24 hours To Go and Our Sincere Thanks

First and foremost we'd like to express our thanks to all that supported Flyway through our Kickstarter. We look forward to meeting many of you in the next few weeks, and hope you'll all plan to be at the DEATH OF THE DEAD party at Flyway. It will be fun!

We have just under 24 hours to go as of this writing on Thursday morning, and it would be great to finish with a flurry.

Mostly though- this update is to thank and acknowledge all those that supported in what ever way your were able, from your financial support to the utilization of your persuasive powers. We thank you.

Flyway is grateful and we endeavor to be a better festival as a result.

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Our Gratitude, encouragement and threads

Did you all here that huge sigh of relief from along the Mississippi River yesterday at about 11am?

That was Flyway, breathing just a little easier.

Our gratitude is sincere, and we can't wait to hopefully see all of you in Pepin and Stockholm in October. If we haven't already met in real life- I'll be the one running around looking as if the sky is falling, and that the existence of the world depends on the next film starting on time... but seriously I'd love to take a few minutes to have a beer or coffee together and thank you properly for your support.

Our encouragement is- for you not to stop, we still need your support. Remember our backers are the only folks that will get tickets to the DEATH OF THE DEAD party and it's gonna be fun!
So if you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of the action become a backer, there are still 6 days left.

We'd also ask you to spread the word about Flyway, our facebook group has the up to date and complete film listing and ticket buying links. Our new and re-designed website should be up in the next couple of days and will include all the film and event information but also have links to purchase all the Flyway swag we have available- Posters, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and more.

..and now a bit about life's threads and a dedication of sorts...
Some of you may know friend of Flyway and a dear friend of mine Robert Subiaga. Robert is an exceptional writer (Flyway 2009- The Gnostic) and is one of the most loyal friends anyone can have. Robert was also good friend to Andrew Koenig, many of you will probably recall Andrew as an actor. Though he was also a talented writer, director and editor, in fact Andrew was the editor of The Gnostic, so we feel the tiniest bit connected to Andrew, his family, and his friends.

Andrew may be gone from this earth but his legacy lives on not only in the hearts and memories of those that knew and loved him but in the films he worked on, for all to see.

One of Andrew's final projects as editor, hits the screen soon- LAND OF THE RISING FASTBALL, a really wonderful looking documentary on the history of baseball in Japan... and personally, as a huge baseball fan, this is a film I really can't wait to see.

So I encourage to go see this film when it plays near you and tell others to go see it too... and honor the memory of Andrew Koenig. Robert will thank you, and so will we.

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One week left to get on the DEATH OF THE DEAD screening party guest list

Our Kickstarter Campaign begins it's final week today.

There are seven days left to raise $258.00 to meet our goal.

There are seven days left to get on the exclusive DEATH OF THE DEAD screening party list.
(Get 2 tix for a $50.00 pledge of support to our campaign, $25.00 gets a single ticket)

The outpouring of support for Flyway has been so awesome, we thank each and every one of you!

Can we get over the top today? Let's do it!

...and we leave you with an image of Christina Rose in her starring role in DEATH OF THE DEAD.

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$4000.00 threshold is just $135.00 away

Today has begun with another bang!

We are a mere $135.00 from our $4k threshold... and a Flyway swag bag for the person that gets us there.

Don't you just want to be here in October, see picture below- By Midge Bolt (Who is a backer by the way)

Christina Rose is also a backer now. Perhaps we can all ask Christina to re-enact some of her DEATH OF THE DEAD stunts during the exclusive backer only party... what do you think?

For now I leave you with Midge's photo of autumn in Pepin.

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