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An action/adv. game where prisoners run through a maze of deathtraps trying to win their freedom and a new life on a hot new game show.

We are working on an action/adventure game for Android tablets and mobile devices; expansion to Apple, PC, and other consoles will follow after the initial release on android. The title of the project is DKS’s Reality Death Maze. It’s a third person, 3D adventure game that features single player action packed with fun and comical violence.

DKS's Reality Death Maze is a game show that gives prisoners a chance at freedom and a new life; given that they survive a maze of uncertainly deceiving deathtraps. Five prisoners each episode will try their luck and skill to make it to the end of the maze.

There will be a number of venues available for prisoners to press their luck. These include: a damp dark cave; a high-orbiting space station; an exciting deadly island adventure; a frozen arctic pass, and many more to come.

Many deathtraps that will impede the prisoner’s journey to freedom; and with each new episode of the show the placement of deathtraps and safe-paths through the deathtraps will change to keep the challenge fresh for new groups of adventuring prisoners.

Each prisoner, during the intro, will share a bit information regarding why they were sent to prison. All of them having unique and rewarding end stories; some are happy, some are sad, and others leave you to scratch your head in wonder.

The prototype and video for this project is taken from the damp, dark cave level on the easy setting; we initially are showing 6 different deathtraps for this level: falling rocks, buzz saws, spike pit, ceiling smasher, flame fountain, and a puzzle door. More deathtraps are being built and on the way for your enjoyment and your love of challenges.

To finish this project, I foresee a 6 month schedule to fully develop to the game (which includes 4 levels and progressive difficulty), building each level (includes the level, the deathtraps, the intro & ending, the rewards, and the characters), coding, and testing.

Stretch Goals:

If Dimensional Key Studios can reach $120,000 backing, we will make the anticipated second installment free to all of our backers. This installment will include a much requested multiplayer feature.


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Production delays, personnel injury, and hardware failure are the primary obstacles facing our team at Dimensional Key Studios. These can, however, be avoided with a clean and focused work environment, frequent soft-ware back-ups, and a strict time schedule.


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    Do you feel sympathy for prisoners? You won't feel that for these prisoners. You will receive the digital 3D models of the characters and their background information. See what they look like and know what they did.

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    Prisoners will be poised to let you know what month it is, and when they'll be released. You will recieve a printed 12 month calendar

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