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Apocalypse Not aims to bring the genres of Survival Horror, RPG, RTS, and FPS all together in one awesome game and not suck.

What is Apocalypse Not?
Apocalypse Not is a very ambitious game. It aims to bring FPS/RTS/RPG and survival horror elements all into one game… And to well, actually not have it suck.

Well (insert game here) sucked!
I know typically games that try to do everything generally fail at all of them, so what makes this different? Well this is made as a labor of love and my own desire to play an awesome game. My goal is to make something I want to play, not just something to make money like most companies.

So what is object of the game?
The basic concept is that you are a survivor in a randomly generated city trying to rebuild civilization or to just survive long enough to escape it. To rebuild you’ll need to find and recruit survivors in order to defend your territory and fortify new areas.

What does fortifying do?
Each area you fortify will provide different bonuses. For example a power plant will activate the power grid providing light during the night hours along with other added bonuses. Capturing houses will provide places for your survivors to live and allow you to recruit more. Farms provide food and the police station will have some weapons and ammunition. Every building will contain something different for you to scavenge and everything is randomly generated so you will never have the same experience twice.

How long does the game last?
The length of the game will depend on how big a map you have selected and how fast you can get what you need safely. There is a smooth day and night system that will play into build and research times. Fortifying and researching times will depend on how many survivors are working on a particular item, and each one will require at least 1 day of game time which is approximately 5 minutes long.

How hard is this game?
I aim to bring difficulty back to games by not rewarding you for failing. Meaning, if you die there won’t be any check points, you start over. It might seem unforgiving but it adds to the suspense and fear of death in the game.

What kind of zombies are they?
These are not the Romero type of zombies that move slowly and only care about brains. These are the fast pounding on you relentlessly type of zombies that will run up on you the second you turn your back.

What will the money you raise go to?
Currently I'm using the free version of Unity3d to develop my game. The Pro version gives me more access to the engine for more interesting game modes such as multiplayer. It will also allow me to put more detail into the game without sacrificing overall stability and rendering speed. All excess money will be placed into setting up a distribution pipeline and outsourcing artwork for faster and better looking development.

Where can I get more information and download the game?
You can find the latest information and download the alpha of the game here at You can also check out the official dev journal on YouTube here

Finally here is a video showing the progress from version .01 to the more recent .20.

And here is a picture of the most recent update.


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