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'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
1,481 backers pledged $25,599 to help bring this project to life.

Ligatures & Cake & Webfonts

Posted by Harald Geisler and R. Keller (Creator)

Dear Backers,

WOW! Over 1400 Backers! With 20 hours to go, the campaign is an overwhelming succes. 

Today on Fast Company (Co.Design), Mark Wilson wrote a wonderful article about the project. It starts with: 'Just don't write your mother a letter with it' read it →here.

This Thursday (May 9th) I will send out a survey through Kickstarter, to get all the necessary information from you: Addresses for letters and letter sized "Thank you" cards, Posters, Messages to include, Ligatures, Words and Names you'd like to be drawn in to the Typeface, and cakes to select! The work in Vienna will start on 14th of May. 


Ligatures are a combination of two or more letters in a typeface. A popular ligature in fonts is 'fi'.

Over 100 fellow backers optioned for the Ligature reward tier or higher. This includes the final font, an immortalization of your name in the fonts credits and you get to pick a Ligature and or Word (or Name) that I will draw into the font. The great feature of this reward is that it enriches the entire font - So all backers from all levels will gain from that! More Ligatures make a handwriting Font look more like handwriting, because they alter how a text is rendered.

Now how does this work? Let's say a backer called 'Steve Zissou' optioned the Ligature reward and likes to add the Ligature 'sou' to make the rendered version of his name look more vivid. This will also affect all words with 'sou' in it. Like sou-p, sou-fflé, sou-nd, sou-rce, sou-l, sou-th, sou-venir, etc.

If Backer Zissou optioned the Word reward he could option the Word 'Zissou' and the Ligature 'St' for his first name Steve.

Another Option would be the Signature Level reward, here Backer Zissou can choose his intire Name (first name, middle name, surname) and a Word and Ligature.

How to avoid that two backers pick the same Ligature?

I can't. But I like to make the process as transparent as possible. In case two backers pick the same ligature, word or name, I will ask the later one to pick a new one. 

Also I like to invite you to post your choice of Ligature and Word in the comments! This way all backers get to see the ligatures and we avoid double occupancy.

Post your choice - now. 

Also I wanted to inform all backers about the Ligatures that I am going to include to the Font. 

In handwriting, when a word ends, usually the final letter looks different than a letter in between letters. The Sigmund Freud Typeface will render alternates for every final letter. (These are 26 Letter_Space Ligatures). 

Further the font will include all vowel pairs aa, oo, uu, ii, ee. In the project description you can find research about how often certain letter pairs occur in different languages. I will include ten of the most used letter pairs from English, German, Spanish and French (a total of 40). 

These are: (for english) he th in er nd at ou ng ed ha (for Spanish) ue de en qu es os ra an do as (for French) le nt re on ur eu ai me la is (for German) ch ei ie ic st ne ge te un sch.

Since all four languages derive from latin, some letter combinations like the 'er' occur often in all four languages. All ligatures are available writing in all languages. Please check if the ligature you decided for is already in this list. If so simply pick another one!

If there should be double occupancy I will contact you directly through Kickstarter.


Following up to the last update: I promissed a Viennese cake report. 9 Backers optioned to become "Cake Level Backer". Cake Level Backers will not only pick a Ligature, Word and Name, receive a "Thank you" card, a signed Poster but most of all they get cake! Either we meet in person and have a nice chat about typography in Vienna, Frankfurt or Berlin and I will treat you to Coffee and as much cake as you can eat (Yes, an all you can eat event!) OR I will send you an original Viennese cake to you!

On my last visit to Vienna I made a little research on cakes and I picked the seven best cakes, you can choose from:

#1 The Imperial Cake

From the Hotel Imperial comes my favorite and very masculine cake. Two rather small pieces in cubic form, individually packaged together in a wooden box. A perfect start for the emperor's morning, goes good together with coffee. Pick either the traditional edition, the Mozart edition or mix both.

#2 The Demel Cake

The fancy Star. For hundreds of years Demel is the royal bakery. Their store is legendary, you can actually see how they bake cake! The taste is almost christmassy, but just almost… The packaging is outstanding. They used to have an agency in NYC.

#3 The Sacher Cake / #4 Gewürzgugelhupf

The all time favorite. Honestly - I am not a fan of it. It's chocolaty - It's a classic. But too heavy for my taste. But the Hotel Sacher offers a Gewürzgugelhupf  - and yes the Gewürzgugelhupf I can recommend. Not only does it come in the biggest wooden case ever, the cake is also covered in white chocolate! It tastes great!

#5 Girly Aida

Aida is a bakery in Vienna. There I found this pink cake. I had to buy it. It is the only cake that does not come in a wooden box. The cake is dense and not too sweet. In the middle is an almond filling (I guess) Most of all it is pink.

#6 The Heiner Cake

Heiner, like Demel is royal bakery. The cake is rather small but rich in taste. Covered in delicate chocolate.

#7 The Black Camel 

This cake I have not tried myself. But a friend send me this photo and told me "best cake ever" From the store Schwarzes Kamel which literally means black camel.


Great news! Some backers specifically requested about webfonts usage. This is interesting for Backers that would like to use the Font to i.e. build a website or use it to render text on their Blog. To process this I am working together with MyFonts and their service. 

"Everything You Need • MyFonts webfonts will work in almost all browsers, including: Firefox 3.5+, IE 5+, Opera 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 3.1+, iOS Mobile Safari, Android 2.2+ and BlackBerry OS 6. 

When you purchase a webfont from MyFonts you’ll get a Webfont Kit that includes:

  • The font files in the following formats to make sure your font works in different browsers: WOFF, EOT, web-only TTF, and optionally SVG (Hint: using the Webfont Kit Builder, you can add an SVG file to your Kit as well.)
  • CSS stylesheet with the @font-face rule already written for you."

Read more details on Webfonts on their →website.

Regularly Webfonts are calculated by page views. To additionally get a Sigmund Freud Typeface Webfont license with unlimited page views simply add $5 to your personal license or $10 to your commercial license.

Stretchgoal - will the campaign exceed 1500 Backers: the Webfonts feature will be free for all backers! So if you are interested in getting this feature for free - write all your friends about the campaign!

Thank you very much for your support! I am looking forward to deliver an awesome Project and amazing Font to you.



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    1. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @Andreas Neustifter, :) noted.

    2. Andreas Neustifter on

      The ligature "er" please. Maybe as a word-ending? Its really common in German and my surname ends in it :)

    3. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @ Mark Martin, 'ar' noted
      @ Alberta Weinberg, Yes 'al' would be useful like in 'al dente' always, all, aluminum etc. :)
      @ Jeffrey, Thanks! ;) "ese" and "rey"noted.
      @ Giles, 'gl' noted.
      @ Richard Riley: 'ley'
      @ lemonlightning, 'll' noted

    4. Mark Martin on

      Hello, Harald,

      Excellent news regarding your project! For my ligature I would like "a + r = ar" (egotist that I am).

      Thanks again and congratulations!


    5. Missing avatar

      albertaweinberg on

      Dear Harald, Your energy and creativity are like a living force that overcomes distance and the mechanics of technology. I am overwhelmed by all my choices. The cakes are divine. I wonder if a+l would be a useful ligature? Please advise. Alberta Weinberg

    6. Jeffrey Price on

      Ron, buddy, chill out. This is supposed to be fun and you're bummin my gig. Let's do a light for Ron: "dude".

    7. Giles Littleford on

      My choice of ligature is 'gl' (g+l).


    8. Missing avatar

      Ron Janssen on

      This is getting pretty annoying. It sounds like one of those late night tv scams for knives that stay sharp forever. I paid to support your Freud project, not a bakery. Just send me the font, please.

      Ron Janssen

    9. lemonlightning on

      Congrats on the project. my choice is "ll" (LL)!

    10. Jeffrey Price on

      my choice of ligatures: "ese" and "rey"

      ligature I believe would be helpful: "Mac" and/or "Mc"

    11. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @ Eric Iffland: ff noted. (very useful :) )
      @ Howard T. Calb: oe in German is usually printed as 'ö' :) but it appears sometimes. So you have to pick again…
      About the Box - I love them too! - usually the cakes are send in the boxes - hit me up again after the font is finished and maybe there is a spare one - would that then be a viennese pinhole camera?

    12. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @ Jeanne: all double vowels are already included in the basic set that I provide. I could offer you the combination of 'capital' O and 'lower case' o → Oo - would this be useful to you? otherwise please pick again ;)

    13. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @ Stuart Hall and Jason Lee: This is very generous of you! Thank you - I will note that.

    14. Howard T. Calb on

      Is it possible to include "oe" as a vowel pair as well? It is very often used in Dutch (and also sometimes in German??).

      BTW: if you have a spare/empty wooden box of the "Gewürzgugelhupf" or the "The Imperial Cake" please don't throw it away but send it to me (I'll pay postage) and I will make a lovely pinhole camera out of it.
      Bert from Holland

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Iffland on

      I'd like the ligature for "ff" please :)
      Glad to see the webfonts added.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeanne on

      I am not sure if this is right.

      But I would like the double vowel "oo" for Ootie. Or "ee" in Peek-O

      Is this right?

    17. Jay

      I think Stuart's suggestion is great - so great that I have increased my pledge to help this happen! :-)

    18. Stuart Hall

      Can people at the ligature level just allow you to choose whatever ligature you want? There might be something you think the font needs but no one picks . . . That's what I choose!

    19. Harald Geisler and R. Keller Creator on

      @ K. David Woolley: Yes indeed it was very tasty.

    20. K. David Woolley on

      The research for what cakes to offer must have been tasty :) 70 people to go for the stretch goal, w00t!