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'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
1,481 backers pledged $25,599 to help bring this project to life.

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Update on Kickstarter Gold

Dear Backer,

I wanted to update you on the follow-up project of the Sigmund Freud Typeface which is running now on Kickstarter. Yesterday "Pen Pals, Einstein & Freud Handwriting Font" was ♥ Project of the Day on Kickstarter! 

Now the project is 70% funded with 264 Backers!

In a nutshell: The project is about reenacting the letter exchange between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud that happened exactly 85 years ago in 1932. I think their thoughts are well worth to be read today - so I decided to send the letters from their original location (Vienna and near Berlin) and time of the Year (30. July and September) they were send in 1932 to backers of the project.

A couple of backers reached out to me and said that they would love to support the new project at a higher reward tier then the letters at 10€, but complained that I am not really offering anything interesting for backers who supported past campaigns like the Sigmund Freud Typeface and therefor already own the fonts. 

Wait a minute! 

Posters & Postcards!

I still have a couple of Sigmund Freud Typeface Posters I designed in 2013 and a Poster with 100 Einstein Quotes. They were originally send out only to backers at $100. Now I added them as rewards to the campaign and will send them out for 33€ together with the Einstein and Freud letters and free shipping. Sounds like a good deal?

Here is what the 2-sided Sigmund Freud Typeface poster looks like:

Both sides have the first chapter of Freud's "Interpretation of dreams" published in 1899. The side with the famous portrait shows the text in English on top, the other side is showing the text of the German version set in the Sigmund Freud "Kurrent" to be accurate.

It looks very beautiful when you hold the print against the light like I did in these images. Then both texts overlap. Of course: the artwork is printed on very heavy paper and when mounted in a frame or on a wall the backside does not shine through:



Here is what the complete poster 50 x 70 cm looks like:

There is a counterpart of the Freud poster that I made for the Albert Einstein campaign in 2015. It shows 50 quotes in English on one side and 50 quotes in German on the other side. Of course, all quotes are with reference. 

The Einstein poster is also available as a reward for 33€, or if you want both prints you can bundle them and choose the Pen Pals Plus reward which also includes postcards, the letters and much more for 59€. If you already have the font you can also receive Font Gift Cards instead of the personal license. Would that be interesting to you?


If you like to have more copies of the Freud Poster you can pick the Super Pen Pals reward which is available as an Early Bird special at 85€, this includes 3 copies of the Sigmund Freud Typeface Poster and much more:

Here you can back the campaign, be fast before the rewards are gone:

I would love to see you on board with this project. 

Have a beautiful ☀Sunday,

PS.: If you have any question about using or downloading the Sigmund Freud Typeface or other fonts from me let me know through a Kickstarter message or use this contact form:




New Project on Kickstarter Gold.


Dear Backer,

A few months ago Kickstarter invited me to develop a new project for their special anniversary, and I have put together one about the letter exchange between Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein on the topic WHY WAR, which happened exactly 85 years ago. 

Today I am proud to share this project with you:






While you already have the Sigmund Freud Typeface, perhaps you would like to follow this project, and receive copies of the letters? I could also use your help in spreading work about the project to others. So please feel free to forward this to others. Thanks once more for supporting the Sigmund Freud Typeface project. Without that, this new development would not be possible!




Re-download the Sigmund Freud Typeface again - Verification links work again!


Dear Backer,

A while ago I send out emails with account data and a verification link. This information allows you to login to and then re-download the Sigmund Freud Typeface font.

Unfortunately the verification links expired 24 hours after they were send out. This issue has now been solved. 

If you missed verifying your account within 24 hours simply follow these steps to manually verify your account and download the font:

1. Log into using the login name and password provided to you in the initial email from

2. Click on the link to send a fresh (24h valid) verification link.

3.  A green message will tell you if your action was successful:

4. Click the link in your verification email and you will reach this screen, then click view Details and Downloads 

5. Success use the links at the bottom to download the Sigmund Freud Typeface file to your desktop or iPhone / iPad. (The image shows the Albert Einstein font, your account will show the Sigmund Freud Typeface)

 I hope this information was helpful to you.


PS: The Sigmund Freud Typeface and Albert Einstein font are available as PDF Vouchers. The perfect gift for a typography loving friend or colleague. 

The vouchers are immediately available after purchase and can be printed or send through email to your presentee. 

Sigmund Freud Typeface:

Albert Einstein font:


Success! Account emails are send out.


Dear Backer,

Success! I just wanted to let you know that all emails regarding your login to re-download the Sigmund Freud Typeface are send out incl. verification links. 

If you have not received your log-in and verification email by now, please check your spam folder. Sometimes automated emails go there. 

If you can't find your information there either, please contact me through Kickstarter, send me a mail or use this contact form:

Thank you,


A small advertisement: if you're enjoying the font, maybe you are interested in gifting the Sigmund Freud Typeface or the latest Albert Einstein font to a colleague or friend? 

Font Gift Cards / Vouchers are 19€ (ca. US$20) at


Sorry :-(


Dear Backer,

In the last update I wrote about downloading the Sigmund Freud Typeface in the future. 

Unfortunately the future has not yet arrived fully. The 103 backers from the $20 reward tier have received their verification link and a link to reset their password. And I see that the first backers already activated their accounts. 

Also the emails are not as personally designed as I intended to, but rather uninspired like this:

To top that after verifying your account and setting your password you are redirected to a Wordpress backend - which is not the place to access the Sigmund Freud Typeface.

Instead on click that link in the Top Menu "Re-download a font"


…it seems my Server does not like to import more than 15 users at a time without crashing. So I need to clarify this during the week with my hosting company, because in total there should be 1481 accounts - one for each backer. So far 103 Accounts are created - 1378 are on my to-do list. 

Sorry about the delay, I hope to find a better way around this during the week. I will keep posted.

Stay tuned.

Have a nice Sunday,