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'A Letter to your shrink' is about creating a font based on Sigmund Freud's handwritten letters.
1,481 backers pledged $25,599 to help bring this project to life.

Albert Einstein is on the way, and Sigmund Freud soon on the iPhone & iPad.


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New Updated Version ready for download, …and why it takes so long to send letters from Vienna.


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Hands on Sigmund Freud

Dear Backers, 

I wanted to keep you updated and share this article I wrote for Smashing Magazine about the creation of a handwriting font exemplary on the Sigmund Freud typeface. I thought some of you might be interested in this and I would love to hear your feedback about this. This is actually the first article I ever published and I am very excited about it! 

Please comment here or directly on Smashing Magazine. 

Looking at my desk you can see that I am working on shipping out the handwritten Thank You cards, which were included with some rewards. It was a great joy (and a lot more work than expected) to create them. Here you can see a video of Thank You #72 in the making:

 The Posters and Letters from Vienna are still in the making (sorry for that delay). 

 Stay tuned, 


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Happy Holidays!

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Dear Backers,

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to keep you updated on the latest news and next steps of the project.

Hooray! On the 23rd December the Sigmund Freud Typeface was officially released on MyFonts:

What does that mean for me as a Backer of this project? Some backers were interested in using the Sigmund Freud Typeface on your website or blog. This is possible through WebFonts and the cooperation with MyFonts. WebFont is not jet available, but I was told it should be in the first half of January. Further the font will be available as a server and app license – so developers and designers can license the font to use the Sigmund Freud Typeface in apps. Exciting!

I will update you on the progress. If you are interested in using the font on your website but have not optioned for the WebFont — don't worry — I will think of something ;)


Until the second half of January I will be happy and busy with my current typographic Kickstarter campaign

It is about creating a huge wall calendar made of 2014 used keyboard keys that I dreamed of. Below you will find some pictures of the rewards and read more about it here:

After the second half of January I will continue to work on the Sigmund Freud Typeface and deliver the promised rewards. Here is an overview of the next steps ahead:

  • Kickstart (done) 
  • Alpha Version (done) 
  • Beta Version (done) 
  • 2nd Alphabet (done) 
  • 3rd Alphabet (done) 
  • 4th Alphabet (done)
  • Official release (done)
  • Integrate Ligatures and Uppercase variants. (starting @ 2nd half of January)
  • Send out Letters form Vienna / Request eventual Text & Address changes. (starting @ 2nd half of January)
  • Send out Posters and Thank you Cards 
  • Digital Journal

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment. I will reply as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays!



From the Typographic Wall Calendar 2014 :

SATOR Square
SATOR Square
Space In Writing
Space In Writing

Six fonts for you!


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