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A touch sensitive smartphone case that shortcuts almost anything on your phone, from a dedicated camera button to full music control. Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 18, 2014.

A touch sensitive smartphone case that shortcuts almost anything on your phone, from a dedicated camera button to full music control.

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Cliq is designed to save you precious time. Making sure the things you need most are always at the tip of your fingers.

Simplify your smartphone experience. Put the people you love one click away, never miss a photo opportunity, and manage battery life without going into the dreaded settings menu.

No compromise. Cliq is a high quality case for an affordable price. Who would’ve thought this was possible.

We believe that people should get more from their cases than just protection. Smartphones are so technologically advanced it's almost crazy that cases are still just an overpriced piece of plastic.

Here are a few things you should know about Cliq:

Cliq comes in five great colours to match your style:


For those who like their phones naked, we've designed a line of thin and sleek skins. They work exactly in the same way as our cases do and come in two colour options, black and white.


Our kick ass app will get you using your case in a few simple steps. It's so easy, your grandma could use it. And, it will be free for all our supporters. 

Once Cliq is setup, the app will run in the background. What if you want to change your setup? No problem, you can change your buttons at any time by using the app.

Here are some of the things you can do with Cliq:



Do you like customizing your phone and making it perfect for your life? We got your back, it's Android after all! The openness of the OS and adoption of NFC has allowed us to do some really cool stuff. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to take Cliq to the next level is able to have the same freedom.

Cliq will be reprogrammable so it can be used with TaskerAutomateit, and many other great IFTTT style apps. Now you can make contextual buttons and take customizing your phone to the next level.

We wish we could make cases for every phone. But, it's important to focus on delivering high quality cases for a few phones before expanding our range. Our first superheroes will be the major Android flagship smartphones.

 Don't see your phone? We want to hear from you! Please fill in this quick SURVEY to let us know what phone you want us to cover next!

What if I change my phone during the campaign? We'll try our best to support new Android flagship phones when they are released. The survey asking for your phone model will be sent out as late as possible in case you change your phone during the campaign.

We kept our secret sauce, well, secret for a long time. It's time to reveal the recipe. We use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to wirelessly connect with your phone. But, this is not your average NFC technology, this is more like NFC 2.0. All wrapped up in a patent pending NFC module small enough to allow Cliq to look like any other case.

The technology inside is pretty clever, but once seen, copycats will follow. We really want our backers to be the first to use a case like this, so we're trying to protect our IP. We are happy to provide as many demo's of the product as necessary to answer questions you may have! 

Somewhere along the line we saw the opportunity to improve the user experience of smartphones beyond just touch screens. Instead of talking to our phones or doing gestures, we thought why not turn to the natural intuitive feel of a physical button. 

It took us a lot of time, effort and creative thinking to bring Cliq from an idea to where it is now. Check out the journey below:

We built a lot of prototypes and tested, tested, tested. Cliq had to be a great case and a cool piece of technology.

Suppliers are the key to deliver our promise on time and at the highest quality. 

Our supplier search was an absolutely mammoth task. It began like many manufacturing searches do these days, on Alibaba: 380 suppliers with over 1,000+ product listings each. At times it felt like trying to find a needle in a haystack without ever really knowing how big the haystack was. After weeks of searching, we prioritised a few suppliers who are both reliable and uphold our high quality standards.

But our technology suppliers are not entirely from the Far East. We have been working with extremely talented technology companies both in the US and UK to make Cliq a reality.  This has required talking to companies at  GMT -5 hours to +8 hours, but as a bootstrapped startup sleep is a luxury anyway.


Our components require large minimum orders from our suppliers. We need all your support and enthusiasm to bring Cliq to life. We want to go on this journey with you!



At the beginning, it was just two of us. Carson and Bobz met each other at school almost a decade ago and started working on Cliq late last year. After working on the project for a couple months we met Martin, a talented developer, who has brought our app a long way.

As a team we have a variety of complementary skills, including formal qualifications in engineering, accounting, and computer science. Also, as a bootstrapped startup, we've added a few new skills along the way. 

Carson takes care of hardware development, suppliers, product and graphic design. Bobz runs operations and keeps everything ticking over, from accounts to PR and even photography. Martin works closely with us building out the app, optimising the way the software works to deliver the best possible experience for our backers.

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with pretty cool people along our journey. Some gave us a hand, others shared their wisdom and provided a lot of constructive feedback.

Massive thanks to...

Alex from Designswarm and IOT Watch - Kickstarter and hardware advice

Haje from TriggerTrap -  fantastic marketing advice

David and Fabiano from Hardware Startup - great product advice

Solaris2 - awesome video producers

Andy and Reijo from Wayra UK - giving us a cool space to shoot our video

Frank from Popcord - sharing their Kickstarter wisdom

Richard from Flomio - A major NFC pioneer sharing their secrets

Seye - helping with materials choices and suppliers

Maciek - our chief equipment lender

Risks and challenges

We thought long and hard about ways to mitigate risks. But, as always, there could be road bumps along the way.

The key risk for hardware projects like ours is the high dependence on suppliers. We looked at hundreds of manufacturers to find ones that met our expectations on quality and professionalism. Unfortunately there is still a risk of being slowed down by our suppliers, but we will be monitoring this as closely as possible.

On the software side there are always bugs and issues in new applications. We will make sure to carry out as much testing as possible to catch them early. Thankfully, we have a good head start on this as our demo app is working well!

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