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Enable children to learn music early with an engaging, creative and educational introduction to music.
Enable children to learn music early with an engaging, creative and educational introduction to music.
Enable children to learn music early with an engaging, creative and educational introduction to music.
412 backers pledged £51,202 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      rebecca about 6 hours ago

      Thank you for the response on the number of songs.

      The survey tells me I get an additional 10 credit if i use my credit for add-ons. However, it does not appear that the additional 10 pound credit is being added to my total available credit. How do I get/use the additional credit? Thanks!

    2. Soundbops Creator 2 days ago

      Thanks for all the great questions!

      Each book (Starter, Advanced, Expert) will each come with at least 10 songs appropriate for the number of bops. The starter songs will start will basic music notation and each pack will increase in complexity moving towards full music notation.

      For the add on songs we will have 60 songs (you can add all the add ons to get all the songs).

      We will ask our backers for their children's favourite songs to build up the 60 songs. Each person can then select their favourites for the number of songs they have bought.

      Each one of the add on songs will be come in the various stages of music notation.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      I really appreciate the comments, please keep them coming!!

    3. Benjamin Chua
      2 days ago

      @Soundbops appreciate if you would answer my query.. I have not complete the backerkit survey yet because you have yet to answer it.. thanks..

    4. Missing avatar

      rebecca 4 days ago

      How many songs are in the music books that come with board? Do we have to purchase additional songs?

    5. Missing avatar

      Tris Blackall
      5 days ago

      Hi, I would also like to know the answer to the question about the uniqueness of each song package, before I complete my survey. Thanks.

    6. Benjamin Chua

      @Soundbops the add-ons extra 30songs are they new songs and different from those within the pledges..? Also if they are different, total how many songs would there be cause the description state that we would need to select the songs later on.. want to see if possible to get all available songs for example if the extra songs and different from the pledges and there are like 50more songs then I would want to add-on till I get all of them..
      Please advise..

    7. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Zach,

      We are very sorry to have left you disappointed. We fully understand.

      Just to confirm, we are crediting you the £70 difference + the extra £10.

      We are very sorry for the price drop and the delay in delivery. We know you were expecting it for Christmas. Both of these issues have been caused by taking the time to improve the design, we want to deliver the best Soundbops experience possible.

      Would gladly answer more questions via email.


    8. Zach Hartley on

      I just read the update. I am so disappointed. You've been making promises for months that you'd take care of the Kickstarter backers that paid so much more than the IndieGoGo backers. Your offer of a £10 amounts to a pittance. At my backing level, I paid about £70 more than the IndieGoGo backers. This, coupled with the fact that the item is not even going to be available for delivery by Christmas as originally expected makes you look like an unreliable creator. This is fast becoming my worst Kickstarter experience. I'm at the point now where I really wish I hadn't backed this project. I'm going to send you a separate email with some questions.

    9. Soundbops Creator on

      Thanks Agnieszka!

    10. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander on

      Thx for the update Michael! Keep the good work!

    11. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Agnieszka and Karen,

      We have just posted an update :)


    12. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander on

      How are things going? How about production timeline? Is Soundbops ready for production? How about the survey?:)

    13. Karen Robertson-Burge on

      Hi, just wondering if the surveys have been sent yet?

    14. Soundbops Creator on

      Hey Tom, thanks for the comment!
      We are sorry for the delay in the survey , we want to make sure we write the best survey we can.
      We will let you know when it will be sent out. Thank you for your patience.
      We have a few other exciting announcements coming up, we will keep you in the loop!

    15. Tom Arana-Wolfe

      I just read your April 2018 update. I did not see a survey sent. Did you send them out yet?

    16. Soundbops Creator on

      @Mary thank you very much for your comment. Completely understand your feelings, we are sorry that you had to pay more even though you were one of our first backers. As @Agnieszka has said we will be offering refunds/credit/donation in our upcoming survey. (Thank you @Agnieszka)

      We are sorry that it has worked out this way. We are constantly trying to improve the product and make it cheaper so Soundbops is accessible to more children. We have make a technical breakthrough which has lowered the price. We will reveal more very soon. We are very excited to show you all!! Thank you all for your patience and understanding

    17. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander on

      @Mary: I understood, we will get something like a refund or you will be able to spend the money for people/organization, that cannot afford the buy. It will be offered in the survey, that should come soon. Lets wait, what happens;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      Why are you offering this same product even cheaper than kickstarter earlybird prices on indiegogo right now?

      ... Not feeling very valued as an early adopter...

    19. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Christina,
      Sorry for the very late reply.
      We are hoping to put out the surveys soon.
      We only want to send out the survey once and we want to ensure it has all the right questions and we are collecting all the right details.
      I will keep you updated.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christina Lundblad on

      When will the backerkit surveys be sent out?

    21. Missing avatar

      Christina Lundblad on

      Have the backer surveys been sent out yet?

    22. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Felix,

      Sorry, it is quite confusing at times. Thank you very much for backing!

      Thank you,

    23. Missing avatar

      Felix S Klock II on

      Oh I see now, the £120 *includes* shipping!

    24. Missing avatar

      Felix S Klock II on

      Oh but then when I hit “Manage my pledge” it then says £106. Super weird.

    25. Missing avatar

      Felix S Klock II on

      Odd, I have Advanced Early Bird as my pledge and Kickstarter’s UI (in iOS app) says £120.

    26. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Felix,

      We have the Advanced Pack Early Bird at £106 and the Advanced Pack as £120.


    27. Missing avatar

      Felix S Klock II on

      Why do the Advanced Pack and the Advanced Pack Early Bird have the same price?

    28. Soundbops Creator on

      We will see what we can do!!

    29. Michael D. Hensley

      I'm still hoping you'll add bagpipes, but I admit adding a "bop" for each embellishment would be expensive!

    30. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for your support! We really appreciate it


    31. Michael D. Hensley

      Congratulations on meeting your funding goal! I think this is a really interesting project. I backed a the "Expert" level, even though my kids are all grown. I want to see what it can do, and will likely give it away at Christmas.

    32. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Nadezhda thank you for reaching out! Yes, the product will be delivered the first half of December we will keep you updated!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nadezhda on

      In what period do you plan to deliver our orders? 1st half of December?

    34. Soundbops Creator on

      HI Nadezhda!,

      Unfortunately we have not had any other interest from Russia. If you have some friends in other countries we can definitely deliver there!

      Let me know :)

    35. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for pointing that out! We were slightly too ambitious with 2000! The post needs to be shared 100 times. I will update it.


    36. Missing avatar

      Nadezhda on

      Hi, guys!!!

      Do we have other backers from Russia to make delivery for us?
      Or do I need to check my friends from certain countries for making delivery to one of their addresses?

    37. Missing avatar

      rebecca on

      Hi. In update #4 it mentions sharing the post 200 times. On the Campaign page under Upgrade your Soundbops it says to share 1000 and 2000 times. Just checking if it needs to be shared 200 or 2000. Thanks! :)

    38. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Amy,
      Good question. It will be different for each child.
      A rough guide is:
      Age 3-5: Starter
      Age 6-9: Advanced
      Age 10+ Expert


    39. Missing avatar

      Amy Yonekawa

      What is the suggested age range for each of the levels? I don't want something that my 6 year old son may outgrow in only a few years due to the expense. Thanks :)

    40. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Ledioron,

      Thanks for the question! We are focusing on Apple products at the moment.
      You will be able to connect through MIDI Bluetooth to 3rd party Andriod apps and computer programs.

      Unfortunately there are not that many on Andriod as Andriod is not great for MIDI. As Andriod improves we will improve our presence on it.

      Thank you,

    41. Missing avatar

      Ledioron on


      Your software is only for apple or maybe for android too?

      Thx for this amazing idea btw

    42. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander on

      Thx for the answer:) happy to be in:)

    43. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Michael D. Hensley,
      Your welcome!
      As a Scotsman I will see what we can do to add the bagpipes!

    44. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Agnieszka,
      Thanks for the question!
      The campaign is EU friendly, you will not have to pay tax.
      We are a VAT registered UK company.


    45. Michael D. Hensley

      Thanks for the clarification! That makes sense - two sets for each of two octaves.

      Speaking as a piper, I have one more question: any chance of adding bagpipes to the mix? :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander on

      Hi, I have just joined:) is the campaign UE friendly or will I have to pay tax for a delivery to Germany?

    47. Soundbops Creator on

      Also we will be selling extra books and song books after the campaign.
      We have the capability of adding extra octaves if there is enough demand.

    48. Soundbops Creator on

      Hi Danielle,

      If you increase your pledge amount by adding the value of the other pack(s) that you would like, we will send you the extra packs as well.

      Just message me to say which ones you would like.

    49. Soundbops Creator on

      That is great Ron, glad it worked!

    50. Missing avatar

      Ron Smelser on


      Thank you for your comment to increase the pledge for two sets of Soundbops. It appears to be successful. Thank you.


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